Intuitions are based on the data collected in our subconscious. Humans have conscious and subconscious thoughts however intuitions are mostly driven by subconscious data available in the thought factory.

Intuitions don’t need any evidence but take vibration from the universe. This universe is made up of energy which constantly moves and keeps changing its position when it is aligned with our energy, it sends a vibration to our sub conscious and we call it intuition.

Intuition is real you all are aware of electromagnetic radiation and how it works similarly intuition too is the radiation controlled and managed by the universe. The way we have electromagnetic radiation everywhere, mobile phones, television, etc takes waves and convert them into picture and voice.

No one doubts electromagnetic radiation because that is science and there are proofs and intuition is imaginary, with no evidence.

Intuition is as real as any other science because of our existence on this planet, life on the planet everything is energy, a unique way of the universe working.

Intuitions are the vibration which travels from the universe to subconscious of the individual…Anyone can be intuitive and master the skill of receiving vibrations from the universe just with the understanding of the universe and everything in the universe is energy.

Intuitions are the waves and their transmission channel is the universe and receiving end is the subconscious of an individual. Responsibility of human is to believe in the intuitions because that is the channel through which higher power/ God/ Supreme power send messages to the subconscious of the individual at different stages of their journey.

Believe in the intuitions and go ahead in your journey….. Always follow your intuitions and rule your story…

You are God/ higher power/ supreme power’s favorite creation and your presence on this planet is designed for some purpose…

Listen to your intuitions at every step of your journey…

6 thoughts on “INTUTION IS REAL

  1. ♡ This is Great, I Agree and thank you for sharing; with due respect I Have some thoughts to share…there is more than One Type of “Intuition” for example Déjà Vu (Past Experience including Past Lives), Animal to Human such as Pets Giving Warnings that ARE Heeded, Premonition (ForeSight, Seeing The Future), Aura where Intuitive Energy is Exchanged between People even over Great Distances, Ethereal like Psychic and Telepathy to Name a Few; also I Do Question Superiority as I Think that The “Supreme” (Divine), The “Universe” and OurSelves have a Mutual, Symbiotic Relationship where Learning is a Two Way Street, just My Opinion as Blue Whales and Trees Communicate with Me 🐋🌳 🙃


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    1. ♡ I Believe I “Created” MySelf and ALL I NEED!!! is My Personal Proof and My Experiential Evidence; so, I Agree, with YOU!!! that “Science” is quite often very irrelevant especially as Scientists have got many things wrong even when they had ALL The “Data” and Empirical Evidence, quite often Scientists FAIL!!! to Agree


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      1. ♡ …and We reciprocate by “controlling and directing” the “supreme energy” with clear intention so it knows how to “controls and direct” our journey so as to manifest Our intention; so be careful what You wish for EveryOne, You may just get it


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