Karmas play a major role here it is not good people who are treated badly but it is the karmas of the people who treat good people badly.

When someone treats good people badly it is their karma and the reaction of the good people to other’s ill-treatment is the karma of good people. e.g when a goldsmith gives shape to the gold it has to cross so many stages of the heat in the process to reach the desired result.

Similarly, when good people meet the people of other nature it is not to blame anyone, those meetings in the journey are designed by the universe/ higher power/ God and are the transition phases of good people.

That bad treatment is part of the process to take good people on to another level. Where everything is different a new story, a new version just like a fairy tale…

Focus on karma and believe in one thing that nothing is happening wrong or right, however, everything is part of the universe/Supreme power’s plan…

Don’t let the unpleasant feeling come in your way because of other’s karma…Your existence is for some purpose and the law of attraction is working…


  1. ♡ I Totally Agree EveryOne with one tiny variation; as far as I AM concerned “Karma” is a Fluid Flexible Soul “Plan” and The “Supreme” yearns to Assist in its Successful Implementation but Free Will often Gets In The Way…so, given Laws of Attraction, if We ARE in The WRONG!!! Company We ARE Way off “Karma” (Soul Plan); ergo DisComfort is just One of Many Nudges to Help Edge Us Back on Plan (“Karma”) and, once again, On Track


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