The belief system is one of the important laws of our life and whole life runs around that belief system. Belief system depends upon many aspects like the place of birth, nationality, the religion followed by parents, religious belief, people surround, education system, social responsibility, etc. and many more. In short, we carry others belief knowingly or unknowingly but our belief is designed, passed to us and we started following without any intention to doubt, with a strong belief that’s the only truth and law of the universe and our belief system is designed by higher power/ universe/ God so no questions. Sometimes our beliefs hold our potential and not let us do what we are born for because there’s one more universal truth that every soul on this planet has a specific purpose. The responsibility of humans is to give every soul fair road to serve that purpose and not hold soul with their belief which they are following because others expect them to do so. Today the global economy is a victim of religious belief which is not the purpose of their existence. When universe/ higher power/God sends some soul on this beautiful planet there is a purpose and expect us to serve that purpose without any doubt and rest will be taken care of by the universe itself only. Sadly that purpose has been denied and replace with religious beliefs….. Together we can create a change while listening to our music with our lyrics and create our belief system….rest will be taken care by universe, I already started my journey with my belief…..lets spread this message and soon we will create globally connected beautiful planet with one feeling of love, happiness, success, and one religion HUMANITY….


Everyone has a dream but very few beliefs in their dreams and let their dreams flourish. A dream is the building stone of a new foundation for anyone’s new journey. All big things, achievements, inventions, discoveries are once a dream of someone on which dreamer believes without any judgment, facts, possibilities, etc. Responsibility of humans is to believe in their dreams and give power to them without the fear of failure which is easily possible after replacing the word failure with try again or this system didn’t try another. The ideology behind this is very simple to give positive power and energy to your dreams. I too have a dream while writing this blog and my positive energy and power will soon flourish my dream. I often heard people in my coaching sessions that dreams are only dreams they are not realistic but enjoyed when after few sessions their statement changes and start writing affirmations to connect with their dreams…….Get up own your dreams, dream big, dream anything and start believing that they are happening…..See the miracle


Growth and change are so interdependent on each other that no human can deny. When talking about the journey of an embryo in the mother’s womb which starts in the 11th week of pregnancy to the final stage of delivery all itself explains growth and change. A journey of seed to plant is another example of growth and change. Growth is going to bring change its universal law, if this will be explained to the human race globally we will have a happy world with happy people all around. Universe teaches us change always comes with growth so why it becomes difficult for a human to accept change in another human. If you are reading this try to spread the message of GROWTH and CHANGE….. Feel happiness around and enter the happy world with little arrangements and acceptance…


Human action is based upon a combination of many aspects and similar to the understanding of other actions. Everyone sees the world with their own lenses and guard their this believe that they carry the best lens because they got it with their expertise and careful selection but that all is a myth. Something is common but not all like for the survival of every living creature sun, air, water is must in the same way experiences, feelings, thoughts are must for any action taken by human and that is common among human race no matter they belong to which part of the world. All humans have different experiences of the same event that builds the feelings, thoughts, finally action. When everyone understands this equation of mankind we will see miracles happening all around and one thing will be extinct which is hatred, jealous. Together humans will evolve in the world’s progression period and every day we welcome so many Edison, Aryabhata, etc. Be a part of that world and take one small baby step in your convenience and feel the energy changing around you…Now embrace all actions that are happening around you because they have nothing to do with you and totally depends upon others own experiences…..No one can change anyone’s experience but always welcome their actions like anger of a newborn ….give them unlimited love in return….No one is good or bad, kind or cruel but all are responding to their own equations…..You have the power to change the world understand your power and be that change……


Thoughts and sea are similar, keep moving like a wave sometimes very slow and other times fast but no stillness. When the ocean is not moving, it still means dead sea and the same with the thoughts if no waves in the thoughts mean no hopes dead human. If you observe waves in the ocean which indicates movement, it is alive and similarly, thoughts make humans alive. Celebrate thoughts without thinking much about why these thoughts? Use thoughts as your fuel to enjoy them because you are living the life of your dreams where you embrace thoughts with happiness. Every great achievement or contribution in the life of great achievers or great contributors is once thought, to which they nourish every single moment with their strong belief in themselves and the power of their thoughts. Every human holds too much potential in them but the delay is because they don’t allow their thoughts to come with a tag of irrelevant thoughts and love to lead a life of no thoughts where no thoughts are no hopes and dead human. Kindly allow your thoughts and embrace them without any judgment.Your thoughts are precious and the gift of the universe acknowledges them and sees magic….


Living in the moment is the thumb rule to happiness and success.

Feelings help humans to be present at the moment when they engage themselves with feelings e.g focus to feel the weather, rain or drizzle, wind or storm, etc. When humans focus on the moment they release themselves from past experiences as well as future worries which is the sign that they are in the moment. To be present at the moment helps humans in increasing their concentration, resulting in them using all their available resources with their full potential, leading them to an unstoppable journey of success. Happiness also comes when the focus is on the moment rather than analyzing the graph of past accomplishments and failures. Smile, joy is an important ingredient to be present at the moment. When one is present in the moment indicates no past baggage and no worrying about the future. When one chooses to live in the past or future that selection robs the present which is a true living with the physical presence and only truth, not a myth. Wise selection can change everything and you will see yourself always happy enjoying every moment while being present in the moment with full concentration…..


Commitment or preference always can’t go together but important is to guard your commitments rest things will be taken care by universe/higher power /God what ever you call. Everything in the life is boomerang once you trained yourself to guard your commitments out of all preferences available then you see magic around you happening all the time, speed can be slow but you will feel the movement. Gradually you started living the life of your dreams, Yes your DREAM LIFE on which everyone laughs when ever you share with them but remember your strong commitment with your dream life, takes you closer and depending upon the strength of your commitments universe says granted and magic starts. Give yourself a moment look around and observe humans how they relate all events of their life with the good fortune or bad fortune depending upon the nature of events or their own perspective of looking at things. Fortune totally depends upon your commitment in day to day life. Stay committed and feel yourself in your dream life…..