What you think becomes part of your journey and defines the nature of your stay on this planet in your current physical body. Positive thinking and negative thinking both play a vital role in designing your journey.

The outcome can be defined as a frequency on which your thoughts vibrate because you attract the same frequency with the help of the law of attraction. If you are thinking good, the universe will give you several reasons to celebrate which is the outcome of your thinking.

The writer of your journey is none other than your thoughts, what you think you write and that becomes your destiny. The universe takes your thinking and arranges that for you in which you physically live. The life you are currently in is the outcome of your thinking process. However, most of the population is not aware of this power inside them due to ignorance or social/ geographical/religious conditioning.

Now this is the moment that you convince the subconscious to use this magical power and create a different experience which is the purpose of your presence. You are the creator of your journey and the creation is hidden in your manifestation which happens with your perception of the world around you.

Everything is interconnected with each other on this planet for good or bad because the source is one and acceptance can create miracles. The tool is thinking about every outcome you witness. Due to ignorance of how the universe works, thinking is on autopilot mode which brings different outcomes.

The awareness mode needs to be activated for the desired outcome where people are aware of their thinking process which is not possible in the autopilot mode…

.Create your journey with your thoughts to get the desired outcome…

You are a miracle.


Freedom is the acceptance of the universe/ creator, freedom is the surrender to that one energy, freedom is to activate your energy and align with the energy of the universe, freedom is to look in the mirror and see the heir of the universe, freedom is to fall in love with your presence on this planet, freedom is to lead your journey for yourself.

Apparently, freedom begins when your actions need no validation from others and your actions create the same environment for others too, so they can find their freedom.

The definition of freedom differs from one another and this is the time you find your freedom. This is no illusion, this is freedom. This is the time to take a pause for yourself and observe your journey closely.

The next step is the commitment that you need to make with yourself that no matter what, from this moment you will lead your journey with the grace of impressing yourself. There is a reason for everything and your presence is also for some specific purpose, you are part of a bigger plan. It is your duty to walk with your authentic self to accomplish your part of that bigger plan, which starts when you impress yourself till the time you are on this planet in your current physical body.

Allow yourself to lead the journey in an environment that is free from any validations. You have come from that one energy that is the truth and else everything is illusion.

Release yourself from the illusions and rise with the awareness of unlimited potential. Give me your faith and I will help you to unleash the potential you are born with. The universe is on your side, feel it and release every doubt.

This is your season, belief. Enter into the free world and create magic.


The magnificent moment in one’s journey is the meeting of dreams with the feelings which transform into manifestations. The people who have activated the mode of feeling their dreams before they become a part of their lives very well can understand.

All success stories started with this key ingredient which churns feelings with the dream to produce manifestations that vibrate at a certain frequency and send signals to the universe. The million-dollar question is; How to understand whether your emotions meet with your dreams or not?

The answer is very simple; if you can feel the goosebumps, sparkle in your eyes, and a different kind of current in your body while visualizing your dreams then your dreams have the back of your emotions, and the universe is working on your command for your dreams. Soon you will enter the life of your dreams which is totally different from your current placement.

The world will give you reasons to not believe in your dreams but your consistent faith in your dreams and the emotions will make that happen. Apparently, dreams and the embryo are similar, one needs a womb for 9 months to develop while others need your emotions before it physically appears in the world.

As an embryo can be felt by a mother who carries it inside her womb for a specific period, similarly, dream can be felt by the one who dares to hold it with the consistent faith that no matter what it will happen and there is no algebra which can make the faith weak.

If you are the one who can resonate with it, that’s wonderful, and if not, that too is fine. This is the time that you should be grateful to all the energies around you because you have diagnosed the problem in the light of awareness.

Diagnosis is the very crucial phase to treat any disease because no diagnosis can exaggerate the disease which can be life-threatening. Diagnosis is the window that opens to the life of your dreams, if there is any W stuck in your neurons reach me.

This is your season; unwind all your potential and let the world see the new you. Give your dreams the wings of your emotions….

I am always here to help you!


Feelings as well as emotions are magnetic and both reside in your heart. This piece is not something to read and forget, it can change your story. If you are willing to achieve something really big, not imaginary, then this is for you only. The voice of the heart is magnetic and home to all your feelings and emotions.

Before we begin ask yourself and answer this, “Do you allow everyone in your house 247, is there any schedule you follow to keep your house clean or do you just wake up after days or months for the cleaning process”. There is a reason for the doors to every house, which signify that it is not for everyone and most importantly that is something where you belong which is your private space. So, how can anyone visit 247?

Hence, if you don’t allow anyone in your house all the time, people keep changing/ upgrading due to different reasons RIGHT… The heart is something that belongs to you only, till you are on this planet in your current physical and mind your body needs a healthy heart for smooth functioning which will make your stay pleasant on this planet. It also makes it easier for you to live the purpose of your presence.

I have often seen people stuck with one question “Why are they here/ They should live for whom/ Who needs them etc., all these questions are the result of some unwanted feelings and emotions which are like intruders in their hearts. Now answer if you don’t allow any intruders in your house.

However, you know that one can change the house n number of times, during one’s stay on this planet “Why are you allowing intruders in your heart when it is very clear that unwanted feelings and emotions are the biggest mountains which will not allow you to reach the purpose of your presence” because the whole process of vibration, law of attraction as well as sending signals to the universe will get affected.

Roll the sleeves of awareness and be the guard against all the feelings and emotions which try to knock your heart with the wish to stay there. Your heart is a sacred place and the most important thing in your physical body don’t consider it only a blood-pumping device. However, it is the connecting device that connects your energy to the energy of the universe, and the desires it holds will get fulfilled by the universe in no time.

There is no timeline for the universe to fulfill your desires. The desires are the transformed feelings and emotions.

If you find it hard to practice as well as believe, remember I am always here for you. Reach me any time!


Thoughts need the wings of your belief to fly high in the sky, they are dynamic. The thoughts you have are not ordinary, your thoughts are yours only and your thoughts are dynamic.

Your dynamic thoughts are beyond the boundaries of experiences, certification, validation, or practicality; they just need your belief and faith that no matter what it will happen because the universe is on your side.

There’s a very beautiful example that defines the power of dynamic thoughts of a slum girl MALEESHA KHARWA from Mumbai INDIA, just 14 years old who is today the face of a luxury brand FOREST ESSENTIALS and has 2 Hollywood movies on her side. So, if Maleesha can make it you can too, and believe me the universe is already halfway to making your story thrilling.

The second thought which comes into every mind is oh Maleesha is an exception, the fortunate one. Give your faith to the universe and walk with me then you will see the power of your existence. You are the fortune of unlimited potential.

The signals that the universe is working for your dynamic thoughts will be very clear when you walk in the direction of unwavering faith and trust. This is your universe, and you are a very important part of it.

The abundance of the universe is yours, you can ask anything, and you can create anything if you allow your dynamic thoughts to fly high. This is your season, and your thoughts are dynamic…

Let your dynamic thoughts vibrate at a certain frequency and the universe will arrange the same. You are precious and there is no one like you!

I am always here to help you.


The heart holds desires, which is the manifestation. This is the time to look in your heart and see what’s there because you are manifesting that feeling in your journey. Manifestation is not that you sit for x minutes, close your eyes and repeat a few things.

However, manifestation is what your heart holds while your mind is engaged in different tasks that vibrate at a certain frequency and reach the universe. So, it’s time you set an alarm for your heart and be aware of what comes inside that your heart desires.

If its victory; manifestation is for victory, sickness; manifestation is for sickness; opportunity; manifestation is for the opportunity, success; manifestation is for success, hardship; manifestation is for hardship; leisure; manifestation is for leisure, misery; manifestation is for misery; richness; manifestation is for richness; greatness; manifestation is for greatness, kindness; manifestation is for the kindness which can make you philanthropist see the power of kindness which attracts success, etc.

What is in your heart right now while reading this, you are manifesting that believe me. If there’s a doubt, reach me. We are fortunate that motivation, positivity, and inspiration knock our screen because of social media many times a day through different platforms but there’s a huge lock of doubt in your hearts that will send it back. That it’s not for you, there’s no reality in this and you live in the real world where these things are just an illusion.

Ask yourself how valid your fears are. An Illusion is a word for those who have no connection with the universe, once you give your unwavering faith in the universe everything will be on your side. The desires of your heart will illuminate the world around you and you will see yourself in a new thrilling chapter of your journey. Nothing is hard, everything is yours…

Manifest your desires in the light of awareness.

I am always here for you…


You are in the new chapter…Invest in yourself and change your story!


You complicate your neurons with your acceptance of things due to ignorance. Every moment, fear, pleasure, and feeling you accept, or reject is the manifestation.

The thoughts one generates are the seed of manifestation, however, if the focus is on being safe the manifestation is to attract the events which bring all danger. So, to understand the thoughts one needs to observe more closely the relation and impact of the inner world as well as the outer world on one’s feelings.

It is a deep concept the more you dig, the clearer the picture will be, or in easier words you should understand your current placement and match it to the past manifestation due to ignorance. You don’t need any specific knowledge or certification etc. for understanding the data of your manifestation and thought creation.

Accepting your being and aligning your energy with the energy of the universe, the thoughts which you create in the awareness of this new conditioning will manifest the best experiences and take your story to the purpose of your presence.

One must understand there is a reason for everything, the energy which controls the universe is your creator. When you have the light of this awareness in all your thoughts you manifest miracles and that changes your story.

Focus on what you are thinking in autopilot mode and take control of your thoughts to manifest your goal… I am always here to help you!

Taking help is a sign of power and growth…


The dream is the window that opens into the kingdom of higher possibilities to achieve anything, anytime and the price is belief. The window of dream is not time bound and it has abundance for everyone on this planet.

If you are the one, who is ready to pay the price of belief then this is your time. This moment you are entering into the thrilling season of your journey where every single step looks like a dream come true. It is perfectly okay if there are clouds near the window, your belief will change the direction of the winds, and in no time, winds blow clouds.

The power of belief can create anything. Your current positioning and the circumstances are the results of your belief. There is no other power that is working against or in your favor, but it is your belief system that is responsible for everything you receive in any form.

The richest person on the planet Earth is not the one who has the highest net worth, but it is the person who is ready to pay the price of belief at any cost in any favorable or unfavorable circumstances.

If you see that reflection in you, then you are going to be the next richest on this planet and first in your clan. This is not just to read and write, it is something to live, accept and implement. If you are reading this there’s a reason but not believing is the sign you are not ready which has nothing to do with the creator/ Universe/ God.

Give me your 6 months with the belief, your story will change. Get ready to pay the price because everything on this planet which needs change has a cost e.g., you have changed in every aspect from the day you were born till today, the transition from 2.5 kg to your current weight is just one example.

I can see you thriving in your new season, paying the price, and creating your new story.

An unwavering faith is the key factor in your belief system and perception is the focus…

Claim your new story and pay the price of belief!


The alignment of your energy with the energy of the universe raises your vibration and you feel the divine in you. When all your actions are for the upliftment of humanity then there is a divine in you and the vibration can be felt by everyone present on this planet. So raise your vibration to that level which is not difficult, however, that is the purpose of your presence.

The question is how to recognize the divine in you. The answer is very very simple; Find the focus of your actions, is it on you or on everyone including you?

The easiest way to feel the divine vibration in you. Hence you are aware of the focus of all your actions and the game is again on your side where you can raise your vibration to the divine and live the purpose of your presence in your current physical body.

In the raised divine vibration everyone is on your side, and if you see a different picture that is okay, you just need to pause your feelings and accept the picture as part of the universe’s plan which is possible with the new divine you. I have coached many people, and you will be surprised to know that all the time they are engaged in labeling the events, places, etc. divine.

Now, when you know that you are created by the universe and the divine is in you. You are divine with all your actions taken in the light of awareness. When you run from one place to another in search of the divine, that moment you deny the divine in you which is the sign of your rejection of the universe/ Higher power’s plan.

Accept the divine in you and reflect the divine in your actions with a new picture of seeing everything as one united. Raise your vibration to see the growth of every being with your actions. With divine energy, everyone grows and prospers together.

You are part of the divine and let everyone see the vibration of divine energy in your presence, the actions you take prosper everyone.

Feel it and if it looks difficult take help!


Belief creates magic, it is the seed of your authentic journey. The awareness of your beliefs plays a very significant role in one’s journey.

If you plant a seed of happiness; happiness grows, success; success grows, misery; misery grows, hard times; hard time grows, an opportunity; opportunity grows, blessings; blessings grow, love; love grows, hatred; hatred grows, faith; faith grows, trust; trust grows, abundance; abundance grows, etc.

So, everything is in your hands, you simply need to be mindful of the seed you sow because apples grow on apples and grapes grow on grapes.

The simple rule is to believe that the garden belongs to you, the soil is very fertile, the seed is in your hand and there is an ample amount of sunlight, the rest is taken care of by the universe. Get ready to bloom, everyone is working for your season with their full potential and the universe is engaged in micro-managing all the events

. Your duty and responsibility are to believe with unwavering faith in your upcoming season. Practice mindfulness in your way, there is no one rule to practice mindfulness because everyone is different, you will not find anyone who looks or thinks like you e.g., if you look at your hands; all fingers have different sizes.

So far what works best for you is your way to practice mindfulness and make that a ritual that needs to be followed without any W?

If you find it hard, taking help is perfectly okay…

If in any case, this message reaches you, believe; Your season has begun. Get ready to thrive because you have the light that this planet needs.

Universe wants to work through you, and you are on a mission…