Go easy on yourself is not difficult it is to treat yourself the way you treat others. In simple words, it is self-compassion and remembers what ever you are doing it is the best anyone could do is at your place.

Believe in one thing you are the best and all your actions are wonderful and designed by the universe/higher power/god. No need to be hard on you there are people to do that for you.

Simply fall in love with yourself passionately and be proud of all your actions even small movements that indicate that you are alive. You are fortunate enough that you can walk, talk, think and create any kind of life your heart desires.

The more you fall in love with yourself more easily you can create your life the way you want. Do not try to fit yourself in someone else’s mold be authentic you, universe/higher power/god has spent his precious time in your creation before sending you on this planet.

You are precious and one of your kind go easy on yourself. Stop forcing yourself and being hard on you to be someone else that you are not.

Love yourself the way you are okay let me explain this in another way which will make it interesting too: what about the huge aviation industry if the wright brothers would involve in fitting themselves in Edison’s mold and ignored all their dreams to fly like a bird in the sky.

How wise it is to expect and force fish to climb a tree. Go easy on yourself is the necessity for everyone’s life today which says avoid stress and accept yourself in every color and enjoy every color of yours…

Find ways for relaxing and spend some time every day doing the things which give you joy…

The day you start this practice religiously you will find yourself a new person and permanently delete the word stress from your system and give yourself a new life without any lifestyle diseases…


There’s a universal truth that all great achievers believe that you create your truth with your belief system.

They all follow the one simple golden rule that you can achieve what you can believe. Be mindful of your belief system and how your beliefs are shaping your life.

Follow one rule that you are what you believe. If you want some changes in your life then change your beliefs.

Every human is the reflection of their thinking process like what he thinks, why he thinks, what he thinks continuously.

There is a secret to living a happy life and all those who discovered it are leading their stories. No other power is shaping your world but your belief system is designing your world…

Live mindfully watch your beliefs…You see the world through your consciousness if you see a happy world, then the world inside you is happy and filled with all the opportunities and vice versa.

Change your beliefs if you want to change your world…


Stress and anxiety has nothing to do with the age, sex or religion. Stress and anxiety are not exactly same there’s a thin line which differentiates both.

Stress and anxiety both are the emotional responses of an individual but when we talk about stress triggers are mostly outside like situations, events etc.

However anxiety is continuous worry over some specific event/situation that never goes away and not depend upon the triggers.

Individuals who have stress and anxiety symptom’s are nearly similar like irritability, anger, sleep disorder, difficulty in digestion, fatigue, difficulty in concentrating etc.

Due to the current scenario of pandemic irritability and anger is the very common symptoms among people no matter there age, sex, caste or religion.

There is no word impossible your awareness can save you and people around you just add some physical activity and nutrious diet in your routine.

If you notice after practicing all health and fitness routine your stress and anxiety is not responding take help and save life….I am not writing this article to incorporate any fear but to create awareness about all the feelings and emotions one feels…

Everyone gets stress and anxiety these are the natural responses of the body feels danger, body reacts and chooses either to fight or flight response.

It is always good to know your triggers and create self awareness for emotional responses of your body…. There is no harm to talk someone for understanding your emotional triggers….


Your Subconscious is continuously fighting a battle inside you whether you agree or not. It is a war that is way hard to win but not impossible if one is ready and have taken the decision then it is winnable.

Sometimes there’s an argument between your heart and mind both are not the same, one says right and the other says wrong not only this but other times your self-beliefs and what others say are two different ends of the pole.

There is a continuous war that can not be seen from outside but not visible for the world never means any existence, it exists and very dangerous just like any dangerous explosive.

If you choose to ignore that inside war, you will never uncover the purpose of your existence on this planet. You can never feel the feeling of being alive and how grateful it is to be alive and living a very precious life.

Yes your life is very precious and it has been given to you by the universe/Supreme power/God call any name but energy is one.

We all have limited time and don’t waste more get up listen to your subconscious and conquer the inside battle to conquer the world.

Once you conquer inside battle then you are all ready to take anything like opportunity, threats, events, etc. whatever life throws at you and conquer it…


Unconditional love is love without any condition and where there is no limitation or expectation just affection.

To love unconditionally your child is very simple: just demands an acceptance of the child completely without any restrictions or the parent’s personal experience of the world.

Unconditional love never says love without condition but it says to offer love and let it move freely from you to other people/child without any condition.

Unconditional love is totally against the boomerang concept where you offer love without expecting the same or anything in return but sadly when I talk about parent-child relation there are prefix conditions whether spoken or unspoken from parents with a list of parents interest to make a child a better human and acceptable in the society.

Unconditional love is the most healing energy in the universe that can heal anything. Every relation, every interaction has conditions which say you have to give something to others if you expect them to do something for you. But unconditional love is different than this.

When I talk about the most sacred relation of the universe which is a mother and the child, the love of the mother too is condition-based where the child involves in all activities organically to serve the mother’s expectation.

So where is unconditional love in the most sacred relation but every day is a new beginning and let’s make a world beautiful with our one step and embrace all children with unconditional love rather than giving them a platform to make better humans.

As I already said the most powerful healing energy of the world is unconditional love. The moment you transfer this energy from you to your child/another person universe will take care of everything.

Unfortunately, there is no unconditional love that one can experience in daily lives regularly resultant in humans are becoming emotionally and spiritually ill.

You will be surprised to know that one can use the energy of unconditional love to animals, thoughts, emotions, and even to oneself.


Moment, day, hour, time, second is incredible because you are living the moment and grateful for everything around you.

You must have listened a thousand times that life is at this moment, be present and live your life. The past is gone, the future yet has to come and live your present fully.

But no one told you how to live in the present and this is very simple the more grateful you are, the more present you become.

Start practicing gratitude with the start and the end of the day, with this ritual you will change the energy around you. Your heart will be filled with love with a gratitude practice.

Happiness never brings gratitude but gratitude brings happiness in one’s life and changes the game.

The law of attraction also works for gratitude, when you pay attention to all the things around you be it tangible or nontangible you attract more of them.

Appreciate everything and practice gratitude during challenging times and if possible make a gratitude journal…and witness the new life with new game rules….this is a miracle..

. I am saying it because I know it is going to happen for you also and you are not different than others.

The universe/God/Higher power has created you for some purpose and your gratitude practice will take you to that purpose…

I am here to help you become your best self…Nothing is out of reach, let’s go and get it…

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Visualization is a technique used to manifest anything in your life, it can be your dream, goal, etc. Visualization is the most powerful tool of the law of attraction which is you attract your thoughts all the time.

The moment you start paying attention to your thoughts you took the first step to change your life. As you all know in another 2 days, we are entering 2021 and the game of resolutions will start.

Everyone welcome the new year in their ways with celebrations and happiness but one thing is common among human, no matter they are on what part of this planet earth. The thing is the new year resolution which everyone makes and most of the people love to float their new year resolutions on social media.

Here comes the million-dollar question for how long they follow their resolutions a day, few days, month, few months, etc. This is a very personal question every reader knows the answer to. So let this year do it a little differently and start visualizations and manifestations of your dreams, goals, milestones, etc. you want to achieve in 2021.

Practice your visualization and manifestations every day religiously and set alarm in your subconscious mind the moment you see the first sunshine of the day, you visualize and manifest your dreams, goals in your mind.

In a few days, you will receive the signals of accomplishments of your visual and manifested goals, dreams, etc. Sometimes it might take a little long but will happen to believe in the power of your visualizations and manifestations..

.Your mind can create any kind of reality for you and visualizations and manifestations are just the keys…

The Supreme power/God has sent you for a mission and some specific period on this planet, don’t waste a single day. You are special and have the powers to create any magic ….

2021 is a special year of your life and you will accomplish all your goals, practice visualizations, and manifestations every day with sunshine…

Magic has begun for you…