With a positive perspective, one attracts positive people and positive opportunities. Our mind is very powerful if you look around carefully and observe, everything exactly matches the images you created in your mind.

However if one is assertive then there is a possibility that one attracts people of a similar nature and creates opportunities. There is a very common phrase “Birds of the same feather flock together”.

This is equally true when nonassertive people come together because of their nature they misguide each other and attract negative results. When one is optimistic and their beliefs are unshakable then they transform themselves into a success magnet and create opportunities for everyone.

When you shift your perspective from negative to positive, you will see a miraculous change in your life and it will become very easy for you to avoid worries, stress, and negative thinking. As a result, you will become more constructive in all areas of your life and your focus is always on the positive side of the coin.

No matter if things are not going smoothly but your positive perspective is assured that it’s just a process and the result is going to be the same the way you desire.

Set your focus on the positive side of everything, initially start with a small small things and enjoy how you attract things with just a little shift of seeing the same things differently.

Eventually you will end up attracting the bigger things, opportunities etc…


The universe/Supreme power/God name can be any but energy is one and your presence on this planet is a part of the higher power’s plan. Your duty and responsibility on this planet are to be the best version of you and involve yourself in any activity where you serve humanity directly or indirectly.

The best version of you never says the match with others or be in the competition or do what other successful people have done or blindly follow your mentor etc. When you are living the life of your best version and serving the purpose of your presence, your light will automatically shine and you will become contagious.

As you all are aware that we can see our mirror image in the bright light and not in the darkness so be that light and let others see their potential in your light. The day your presence is enough to motivate, to show prosperity, people can feel happy and see their goals clearly…

then you are on the journey to be the best version of you…

I never said that overshadow everyone in all the interactions physical or virtual, however, these days mostly is virtual but my point is to be the light where others can see and feel their greatness in your presence.

Neither do I support the dominating personalities but I encourage you to be the light where everyone enjoys and feels the strength of their aura.

The day people will feel high and the greatness of their soul in your presence, that is the best version of you…

I am here to become your best self and live your best version…

Nothing is out of reach. Let’s go get it..


There is a misconception among humans and because of that misconception they spend their energy in the wrong direction.

Yes, the universe indeed has enough for everyone. No one needs to snatch anything from anybody, there’s no need to cheat, harm, or kill anyone.

To show the world your brightness and sunshine, you don’t need to be a cloud for others. No one is going to stay on this planet forever, everyone comes with an expiry date.

Reset your system and set your focus on the brightness of your energy because energy always flows to the focus. When your focus is on the sunshine and brightness, your thoughts vibrate at different frequencies and send signals to the universe. Here comes the law of attraction which arranges an experience of brightness and sunshine for your life even after your existence.

Universe has enough for everyone for some it’s hard to believe but let me explain to you differently; have you ever doubt the process that what happen if there will be no new life taking birth…think…think…think

Yes, the universe has enough for everyone you get when you ask and believe that you are going to receive….


The universe always has a unique way of sending messages and signals to us. You must have noticed in your life sometimes you see the same things again and again or hear the same conversation, then you convince yourself it’s just a coincidence. But let me correct you here, those are the messages the universe is sending you.

The messages of the universe are the result of the vibration your thoughts generate all the time. When the universe is sending you messages, signals in different ways the million-dollar question is are you ready to receive or how aware are you about your surroundings.

The universe has no arrangements that signals are coming to you in the form of a flower shower with a spotlight on you etc. the universe is right around you all the time, one needs to be present in the moment and aware of surroundings.

Everything you see around, your feelings now at the moment, people you meet in your journey all are the arrangements of the universe for you. When your mind is calm and you are present in the moment then you very well receive signals.

Pick any activity and follow it religiously to calm your mind, spend time every day with yourself…

You will be surprised to see that the universe is sending you messages, signals all the time…

Nothing is out of reach.

Go get it and I am always here to help you become your best self and live the best version of your life…   


Sometimes it becomes very important to protect your energy, your aura from the outside energies.

But I heard many times when people say we are positive in every situation but that is not enough to protect your energy from the energy of others, you need to create an invisible shield around you and carry it everywhere 24X7.

When you protect your energy from the self-created shield then you are one step closer to protect the vibration of your thoughts and the energy created by your thoughts.

Take the step to protect your energy and a very simple way to create the invisible shield is don’t be agreeable to the person who has a habit of finding faults in others, loves to complain, and speaks negatively…

When you follow this simple step in your life you will feel a different energy in and around you all the time…


Allow yourself to take dreams, the day you believe in your dreams with all your heart, you force the universe to arrange it for you.

Let your mind go on the imagination ride with all your heart. Dreams have an existence in this world, when you have a dream there is a reason behind it. The universe/ higher power/ God has chosen you for your dream and there is a reason for every single existence on this planet.

When you believe in your dreams the universe takes a note and arranges that for you. You can achieve anything with your belief in dreams.

The universe has very unique ways of sending messages to us sometimes in the form of a dream, the universe sends the blueprint of our new life. At that time the duty and responsibility of humans are to believe and accept dreams as a message from the universe.

How is it going to happen, what are the possibilities, not the right time, etc when they believe is there none of the above-mentioned questions will come to your mind.

The day you give your belief to your dreams, you welcome a new version of yourself, where everything looks like magic.

The universe is very kind and always listens when you listen to your dream…

I am always here to help you to become your best self!

Nothing is out of reach and you deserve everything. Let’s go and get it!


You always get what you believe not what you expect, wish or pray. There is no doubt that when you believe something you will receive that in your life.

If you are aware of the stories of all successful people there is one thing very common and that is their belief that they deserve, no matter how hard it looks and what the possibilities are.

You are not different from them and you too are living on the same planet. You are also a part of the same universe and the universe has everything in abundance for everyone.

The moment you believe in the energy of the universe/God/Supreme power name can be any but energy is one, you will see how the universe has opened the door of abundance for you. Your trust and belief in the energy of the universe create magical life for you. Sometimes it may take a long but accept everything as a part of the process.

Let me explain this differently like we have 2 coffee lovers, one loves cappuccino, and the other loves Americano but when it comes to preparing a cup of Americano and a cup of cappuccino process is different.

One is quick and the other takes little time in the perfect blending of all ingredients, however, the relaxation, love, and joy for both coffee lovers are the same, and both enjoy every sip of their cup.

Similarly, the universe might take a little more time but that time is the testing time of your belief and trust.

Show unwavering faith, trust and prepare yourself to receive what you believe and ask from the universe….It’s magic…

I am always there to help you…    


Visualization is the magic of creating any life you want and I do most of the coaching with this beautiful magic. Simply by rearranging a few thoughts and visualization practice with my clients.

It works, believe me, it works for me, work for my clients and you can also feel this magic in your life by simply allowing it in your life.

The most important thing in the process of visualization is your belief, yes believe you need to believe that what you are visualizing is already yours and belongs to you.

Then you will be amazed to see that whole of the universe is engaged to create your visualized life for you.

However, you need to have full faith in the unseen and believe in your visualizations.

The universe will arrange all blocks to make it happen the same as what you visualize. When your belief is with your visualizations you can move mountains.

Everything I mentioned is true about the magic of visualizations….

Allow this magic to change your story….

I am always there to help you…


There is no doubt that in all the actions of humans there is an impression of their inner emotions.

However, it is very important to balance all the emotions while getting involved oneself, at the positions/events which need focused attention, critical thinking, etc.

There are times when one needs a focused mind and all the emotions in a balanced state. But we are not robots so can’t change the state of mind with one press of a reset setting, needs the conditioning of one’s state of mind regularly and religiously. You will be amazed to see the results of your new conditioned emotions and your energy.

The more you want yourself in the state of balanced emotions, detach yourself from the previous experiences of likes or dikes, love or hatred, acceptance or not acceptable.

To reach a state of balance mind one needs persistence…

If you still find it difficult, I am always here to help…


Manifest your desires is a visualization practice where one visualizes oneself living the life of desires and dreams. The universe is all about energy and we create our own life with our manifestations through our thoughts. What we manifest we attract in our life through the law of attraction.

When one manifests something, create that life and believe that they are living the life of their desires. The magic begins and the magician is the law of attraction.

The universe is magical it gives us what we asked for, there is no doubt that everyone’s today’s life is the result of their past manifestations. If you resist something in your past no wonder today you are living that life because the universe gives you whatever you constantly manifest and sure of happening.

Watch your manifestations and create your life the way you want…

I have seen people struggle in their lives because they manifest fears and think they play safe. People manifest anxiety, sickness, depression in their life without knowing how the law works. Now take control of your journey and manifest your desires you want in your life.

The law of attraction is always on work, the more you manifest the quicker you live the life of your manifestations..

.It’s magic and allows the magic of manifestations to flow in your life effortlessly…