Thoughts are like a cycle and our list which we create unconsciously for the universe to arrange our life similar to thoughts.

Thoughts are the limiting believes we hold for our self and the opportunities available. In a similar way the cycle of negative thoughts to create our life.

All human beings need to take one step to avoid situations or people who have negative thinking or are capable of finding reasons to worry in every situation. It is not always possible to avoid people if they are in your close circle but you can always refuse to engage them in any conversation, smartest move as per the study of emotional intelligence is simply acknowledged their comments and move on.

These days social media, news channels play an important role and very strongly influence our thoughts and feelings. Cut yourself from social media and news if you are in the process of redirecting your thoughts to get the desired result.

Look for the positive in every situation and be in the present moment. Past is already gone and future yet has to come but your present moment is creating the thoughts which will create your future.

Focus on the present and your feelings which is the main ingredient for the mind factory to create thoughts. All successful people know this secret and already using it in their lives to attract their desired result while redirecting their thoughts…

Rest is not your responsibility universe has an abundance and you can attract anything with your thoughts…

Only you are responsible for you…

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There are moments in your life journey when you feel discouraged or you have a feeling that God has not given you enough reason to live playfully or celebrate happiness or God is partial etc.

In your journey at that moment start counting your blessings give the name to your blessings like a new sunrise etc you will be surprised to witness the doubts vanishing from your journey as they were never there and you will be singing the songs of happiness, success because the secret of your life is disclosed that you are the favorite creature of God/ Universe/ higher power and he is always around you.

To count your blessings is a reminder for all of the things you are grateful for them in making you what you are today and how you give directions to the law of attraction in your life.

When you count your blessing you are appreciating what you all have in your life and your perspective is very positive in the process.

You already know that energy flows to your focus and the law of attraction arranges that life for you. When you count your blessings you activate miracles in your life …

Don’t miss any opportunity to count your blessings and gratitude is the best way to count your blessings.

Start practicing gratitude every day religiously and see miracles will find you on their own…


Everything in the life big or small, creative or constructive, success or fear, begins with the dream in the heart and mind together.

The great achievements, great inventions everything begins in the mind of someone first before it becomes a part of the world.

Any individual who has dared to dream anything can achieve everything. The dream is the seed of any great achievement, great story, great invention. They believe in one’s dream is equally important and a very important ingredient in the journey. Don’t expect other approval for your dream, your dream is your responsibility and it is yours not visible for others.

The dream and the seed are the same in a way the seed is not visible to others until it becomes a sapling and comes out from soil which never means that gardener should stop believing in his seed or one more example of an expected mother who can feel the movements of the baby inside her body but it is not visible to others. Believe in your dream, think big.

Don’t let any negative thinking break the process of your dream. If you are already a dreamer have proud that you are on the journey to create something big extraordinary.

Dream of all the possibilities for yourself and everyone to keep growing and living a happy successful life and see how the law of attraction works. Today we live in a global world and the aviation industry connects us and travel has become so easy and convenient which was never possible if two young brothers wouldn’t dare to see a dream of flying like birds in the sky.

So everything is once a dream if you are a dreamer celebrate it and start believing in your dream.

Everything happens for a reason you got some dream because the universe/ higher power/ God has planted that particular dream in your heart and mind.

Your responsibility to believe in your dream….and look for all possibilities from different perspectives and see your dreams are turning into reality…Be a dreamer


Create your future with the belief that the universe has a plan and purpose for your presence on this planet. You are not here just to make living there is a purpose of a higher power to send you to the universe and supreme power is watching and supporting your all moves and actions.

You are the creator of your future, you are creating your reality in every single moment of your life consciously or unconsciously with the belief you hold for yourself. You are always in the state of creation through your thoughts and you never take a break or pause for some time because creation never stops till you are on this planet.

If you want to decide or take the lead to create your future then you need to understand the role of the law of attraction and how it works.

The moment it is clear to you then with your awareness of thoughts you can create the vibration at a certain level and the universe will receive the signals and the law of attraction will create the reality.

With this you attract miracles to your life from the universe/Supreme power/ God name can be any but that is one energy that controls the whole process and has an abundance. You too can get anything from the abundance of the universe when you believe and ask for it, don’t go for the possibilities and facts.

There is not any difficulty for the universe, the law of attraction allows infinite possibilities, abundance, and happiness into your life, and your life will change in every way

. These are not the words the moment you start believing in this you allow the law of attraction to attract your desires in your life.

This is magic and beautiful when you understand that you are creating your reality and future right now at this moment with the nature of your thoughts and your belief.

It is constructive and you can construct anything when you mindfully choose to construct something than mind factory will take necessary inputs from your belief system and generate vibration at a certain level.

The law of attraction will take care of everything and arranges the same in your life. You can choose the things you want and you can ignore the things you don’t want everything is constructive. You can create anything for you with your belief…

The secret of creating your life is with you. create it and see miracles will attract everything to your life…


Everyone has desires in life when one has a supporting belief that they deserve their desires. This is the foundation of the law of attraction in anyone’s life to attract their desires in their life experience.

The law of attraction has the approval of Quantum physics too which says everything is energy and you attract the same of your feelings and beliefs. When you have happy feelings you send out vibration on that level which will create more happy feelings and to go into details are not your part of the game.

Your part is to send out the energy you want to receive in your journey happiness attracts more happiness, fear attracts more fears, success attracts more success, failures attract more failures and it goes on.

The energy which goes out will come the same to you. Be watchful where your energy is flowing because your focus is that and you are attracting the same in your life.

The whole secret is how to raise the vibration to attract the desired beliefs into one’s life and naturally get aligned with universe abundance. The answer is very simple to start practicing gratitude in your life with gratitude you will align yourself with abundance because the law of attraction is arranging the same energy you feel.

When you want something new or want to change your current story be grateful for what you are and what you have because the thought of changing the game is also based on your past journey so be grateful for everything and witness miracles.

Activate vibrations and the universe will receive signals through the law of attraction. Attract your beliefs with gratitude….live your new story


Thoughts are the vibrations that go to the universe and the law of attraction takes those vibrations as a command and works on it. So it is important to closely observe the intent of every single thought that generates in your mind factory.

Positive thoughts are always a fuel to create the desired future but you can’t deny the fact that you have negative thoughts too which also creates the future and it is important to find out first the various sources that trigger your negative thoughts.

In the journey of life, we come across negative thoughts, negative energies, negative situations that may not come always from within you but also from outside and through the network of people.

Just for an example when you tune in to the news channel and watch some crime news or political news immediately you receive the signal of anger in your consciousness and the process started because our minds take input and based on that, inputs become the part of our consciousness if we are not careful.

Thoughts and electric current are the same both can’t be seen but very powerful and carry energy which has powerful effects. So it is always important to watch what your mind is receiving that is creating your future too. The moment we humans are exposed to thoughts, energies, vibrations we can create any future we want of our desires.

Be watchful of your thoughts and give your belief. At the end of everyday watch different people you are exposed to, situations, conversations, etc. everything in detail because that is the raw material your mind received to create thoughts and if important delete all the facts which are not creating positive thoughts…Practice this very simple step to create your future…


Yes, expectations can change lives release yourself from your all expectations, and live life the way it comes to you. Take for example when you play a soccer game you are ready to play any stroke and always ready for the ball and never know the plan of an opponent but you are always excited and happily accept the soccer ball and play your move.

Similarly, take life too like a game and play excitedly all moves and never expect anything and set your focus on to the goal. Your focus will change the master plan with the working of the law of attraction rules.

Expectations also turned into thoughts and they are harmless unless we start believing in them. Our attachment with the thought attracts sufferings if they are wrapped into expectations.

Expectations are not bad they can bring either pleasure or suffering in the experience and you are attracting the nature of expectation into your life.

Once you are clear what experience you wanted to attract give your belief to that because God/ Universe is always on your side and provide you what you believe you should receive.

Do you ever have a feeling that things are not the way it should be or things are getting out of control or I never planned this experience for my life etc? All of the above feelings are because you are trying to match your journey with someone’s life experience release yourself from any expectation and give a chance to your life of a clean path where you welcome every experience with excitement and see how the story changes.

In all my coaching experience, I have seen how things will become easy when we just replace the expectations and they agree to boycott social media during the process and results are miraculous. Give yourself a fair chance to play the life game and see how the game changes.


Every living creature on earth likes to be appreciated and getting acknowledged in their ways and today we talk about humans.

There is no specific category whether you are male, female, young, old, rich, poor, etc. everyone loves to be appreciated and have a hunger for acknowledgment and the magic of appreciation and acknowledgment works miraculously.

When any of the above misses than there perception to see the world changes.

On the contrary, when you receive appreciation and acknowledgment for the task and the gestures you do, you will feel the inner happiness of the soul.

People crave appreciation for who they are and what they do that makes them different then others and their unique self comes out in all their actions and the world will see the light.

The acknowledgment is another powerful way where one share that someone’s presence is like the light in the dark or inspiration which can be used in parenting and work atmosphere especially where people have different opinions.

Use this technique of acknowledgment in challenging situations and see the results on your own. When you start the appreciation and acknowledgment, you will have a new experience in the world and your old map will change. Benefits are wonderful of appreciation and acknowledgment…

Depression is a feeling and depression can make anyone feel helpless which is not true. Sometimes along with medication, there’s a lot one can do on their own to fight it back.

Change your behavior, your physical activities, change your lifestyle, and the feelings of fatigue and helplessness these are all-natural ways to fight with your depression. When you take the first step and do the exact opposite of how you are feeling you started naturally healing your depression.

Writing a journal is always helpful and effective when you decided to fight with it, write your feelings exactly the way you are experiencing in your body and mind.

If you are feeling tired write in detail how do you know which part of your body is feeling the tiredness more and do exactly the opposite like go for a walk in nature or go out for a coffee date with you? Celebrations are a must and celebrate every single step, yes includes your journal writing about your feelings it will boost your brain chemicals and you will feel the change.

Every single step is very important when you are on a journey to fight depression naturally. When you take yourself out in nature it will boost your serotonin chemical in the brain which is responsible to regulate anxiety, happiness, and mood.

Low levels of the chemical serotonin have been associated with depression and high serotonin is a feeling of happiness.

Serotonin can be increased with exposure to sunlight and healthy eating. It is not difficult very simple to fight depression naturally through the happy hormone serotonin while taking yourself out in nature and taking control of your eating habit.

When you celebrate the small step you increase the chemical dopamine in your body.

Dopamine is responsible for rewards and motivation, the more you reward yourself you will boost chemical dopamine in your body and you will automatically feel motivated.

Practice fighting with your depression naturally with the chemical Serotonin and dopamine present in your body. The more you boost these two chemicals you will see a change and depression will go.

Start with writing your feelings and celebrate that you have started journaling your feelings to fight with depression naturally…


Take control of your beliefs and get rid of all limiting beliefs but in the process, it is important to recognize what all limiting beliefs you have. Find out all limiting beliefs that control you and take the necessary step to change them.

Your limiting beliefs are the set of principles and your personalized assumptions about the world around you which need to be changed in the process of taking control of your beliefs.

Limiting beliefs can be harmful too if not taken seriously like the world is dangerous and I don’t belong to this set of people or there are differences in opinion are all examples of your limiting beliefs. When you have the belief that the world is dangerous you restrict yourself and also overestimate the probability of a negative outcome in every situation and underestimate your unique potential and push yourself to anxiety.

The moment you understand that to control your beliefs you need to release yourself from your limiting beliefs. Beliefs are the map of an individual through which they see the world. When we read the stories of people who have achieved great success in their respective areas of life, one thing is common that all have controlled their beliefs.

When you take the control of your belief every action taken by you becomes powerful and you don’t look for the approvals of others for your decisions because everyone has their own maps and their beliefs depend upon their maps which are different.

When your beliefs will become strong and are in your control then no failures will have the power to break you and you will take it as a part of a game called life and start again with your beliefs. You will be amazed to witness a new success story of your life because the law of attraction is at work always and receiving signals from your beliefs.

The moment you take the charge of your belief game you will see the whole world will see you with a new perspective and you will have opportunities in all areas.

That is the start of a new chapter of your life when your beliefs are in your control and everything naturally starting coming to you without much effort which once was difficult in your map of the world..

.Control your belief and change your story…