No one definition can define toxic people. A person can be toxic in many ways and you accept them in your life with the thought that they are wired like this. But this is something to be taken on a serious note that toxic people carry negative energy along with them and have a tendency to upset anyone.

Toxic people are in general dealing with their problems and there is too much noise inside their system. To avoid that noise they create noise outside and you will find yourself defending without even knowing what makes you sit at a chair of the defender while you are in your calm state.

It is very easy to find a toxic person when you find yourself with someone who is not supportive, emotionally unhealthy, has an opinion for everything, always looking for benefits from you, and is competitive. If you summarise they drain your energy when they are around and you feel bad about meeting them again.

When your energy drains then your body is not in a healthy emotional state. If your body is not in a healthy emotional state then any disease can come and stay there. However, in today’s world, we label them with lifestyle diseases.

Allowing toxic people in your life is like sowing the seed of lifestyle diseases in your life. Be your shield and save your energy from toxic people because you are not on a holiday on this planet.

There is a reason why you are here. Serve the reason, the energy of the universe is always with you and you don’t need any approval from anyone. Like you they are only a tourist with a job card on this planet with limited time.

Everything on this planet is made up of energy and it is your responsibility to save your energy…

I am always here to help you to be your best self..


Everything becomes easy when you accept the universal truth that whatever seen or unseen is available to any of your senses in the outside world has some reason. The moment one accepts people, events, thoughts like day and night which follow each other and their beauty lies in the coordination.

The acceptance of every interaction with the individuals related or not related to you will leave a change in your personality but it entirely depends upon your perception and focus. If you are meeting someone or you witness some event in your journey don’t take it casually.

Everything has a reason and that is part of the planning and execution of your travel/ visit on this planet. Let me explain differently: you are planning a trip for your children to nurture human values and you keep 3 points in your mind: safety, learning, growth.

Similarly, the universe/ higher power/ God has sent us on this planet to enjoy our stay and accept everything as a part of learning and growth. The moment any individual stops accepting life as a journey and says no to align themselves with the events then they enter the world of anxiety. If their stay in that situation is longer or keep relating that one event with all other events they find themselves trapped in the depression maze.

But nothing is permanent; one can very easily get out of that maze. Just go find help and allow yourself to live the life of your purpose.

Embrace everything with grace whether it is love, hate, fear, success, failure. One of my clients told me that every time I say the same thing and my reply: What makes you alive… Breathe the moment you stop breathing your time in this game is over. Breathe is so important to experience and witness your stay on planet earth

. Life is not complicated, neither the people are bad and no situation is against you, it is just the perception of the individual that makes the difference. ..

There is nothing bad if you feel you need some outside help to shift your existing focus… Embrace everything with grace


The majority of humans have a craving or curiosity to know what the future holds for them. However because of their craving they enter the world of ignorance and see their future through the lens of fortune readers.

This principle of the law of attraction and the manner the universe receives and sends signals is deleted from their brain system. The universe / God / Higher power always sends signals if you watch and observe then you will receive the signal in all events and very well can feel the vibration of your future. T

he gratitude practice, visualization techniques clear your space and connect you to the vibration of the universe. When you sit quietly at a distance and watch yourself in any situation then you will understand that every small movement in your life carries a message of the universe for your happiness to unwrap all your potentials.

There is a reason why something is happening in your life while you deserve the best, that is your perception and you go to the fortune tellers who tell you what you wanted to hear at that moment, you start believing in their words. But let me remind you of the principle of the law of attraction which drives the world and the events of your life with the help of your belief.

The very moment the words of fortune-tellers enter your system through your ears processing starts and you surrender your belief to those words and then you attract the life of words.

So if you are the transmission box of your life and can vibrate anything in your life then why to delay more because now this magical secret to create anything is in your hands. Simply practice mindfulness and connect all the events you experience in your life because there is a message for you.

Just believe one thing which is that you are as lovable as precious to the higher power as any other living being and the universe loves you like a mother loves the child.

The love of the universe/ higher power/ God is pure and there is no partiality. The moment you approach any other human to know your future you sow the seed of doubt inside your system for the power/ energy which runs the whole show…

Connect the dots and receive the signal …

I am always here to help you to become your best self..


Validation and acceptance are not only words but directing the lives of many individuals. I have seen many clients who live their lives on this two subconsciously, when you ask they refuse because everything is happening in the light of ignorance.

They have wired themselves in that manner since the early days of their arrival on this planet and everything they are doing, speaking, their actions, thinking is directly or indirectly connected with validation and acceptance.

Validation is getting recognition in society or giving recognition to others and accepting their perception of this planet, people, events, how they see the world, what they think, thought process, opinions, feelings, etc.

There is no end to it people connect validation with spirituality, religious belief, geographical boundaries, etc. I am a born Hindu and my religion too has many mythological stories. To my understanding that never advocates validation and acceptance nor does it stand with the badge of fear.

However these days so many people think that to get validation in the books of the universe/higher power/God they must practice spirituality as defined to them by a few Godmen. No power can validate you other than the energy of the universe/God/Superpower.

You can create anything for yourself, you can rediscover your journey with just one thought i.e self-validation and acceptance of one’s own identity with one belief that you don’t need anyone’s validation the power which controls the universe is surround you all the time.

The Higher power/ Universe/ God is managing everything from his space and never pass the responsibility of managing the universe which includes all planets, stars on anyone, and never declares his holiday schedule. So why are you looking for different reasons and try to fit yourself under the umbrella of other individuals?

The universe/ god/ supreme power is not going to differentiate you from others. Accept yourself and enjoy the time on this planet with all success and happiness….

I am always here to help you…


But what is GPS! GPS is God’s placement system and the moment you understand this you will open all doors of the universe into your life. In simple words, GPS is all about acceptance of all situations/ events whether favorable or non-favorable with the belief that a higher power/ God/ Universe has planned this for you.

Trusting GPS is to surrender your belief to the higher power/ god/ universe and accept whatever is happening on this planet with you or around you is a part of the planning system.

Everything is the process to take you towards your goal. Sometimes the process is hard and other times it is exciting. You must accept it with gratitude and open yourself to abundance.

No one blocks your energy it is one’s understanding and self-created map of the world which blocks one’s energy in different ways like sometimes people believe that; life is hard for them, they have to struggle for everything, people are not trustworthy, the world is filled with the negative people, no one likes to see others happy/ growing, etc. with all this they block the energy and doubt the GPS.

So as per the principle of the law of attraction, they attract all that their subconscious believes, and due to their ignorance of how the universe works they attract to their lives what is not meant for them.

So the prime responsibility of human is it to trust the GPS and believe every action has its predetermined destination. The individual must simply go with the flow and surrender oneself to the GPS…

GPS is the door that leads you towards your best version and living the life of your potential…

I am always here to help you to become your best self…


Take the charge of your fuel bank in your control and regulate the pressure when required. If you are among those who fuel their journey on the opinion of others then very soon you are going to run out of fuel which is the breaking point.

Sometimes people fuel their journey with anger, ego, doubts, fear, etc. which works as an adding fire to fuel which is again calling disaster in one’s own life.

We do have people on this planet who know the importance of adding fuel to one’s journey and are continuously doing it with full efficiency. They fuel their journey with a positive mindset, passion, and have different perspectives towards failure, failure is a sign to change the process.

Religiously practicing gratitude is a very important skill to add fuel to one’s journey and the habit of appreciation works wonders when it comes to adding fuel to your journey. Every thought of yours, conversation inside the head, emotions all are adding fuel to your journey.

If you are aware of your neurological changes and how the brain functions at conscious as well as unconscious levels then your fuel bank is in your control. Simply go ahead and live the life of your purpose..

.I am always here to help you to become your best self. Go get everything your heart desires…

The universe/Higher power/God has abundance for you…


You attract beliefs and your beliefs are not what you say to others but they are what you whisper to yourself while performing several roles. On the planet earth, everyone has to perform several roles and your presence on this planet is for some purpose.

The actions, thoughts, and the reason behind every action of the individual create some energy. The vibration of the energy creates the future and attracts future events to one’s life.

In all of the above processes, the important aspect is not what you believe, but what you do and the things/stories you whisper to yourself is the magnetic energy that attracts and designs your further actions.

Most of the time people whisper fear to themselves while seeing others in their actions/respective roles then they attract more fearful events to their lives. Thinking creates the vibration and sends messages to the universe and understanding that the universe always says granted to your subconscious beliefs which are your silent whispers.

Don’t whisper anything in the light of ignorance and attract the things you don’t want in your life. Be present and hear your whispers all the time …


Unwavering faith is the most powerful tool on this planet which one must-have. Unwavering faith is not less than a bank balance and multiple investments of any multimillionaire.

Unwavering faith and financial independence are similar to some extent. It is difficult to hold faith for long but if one can do that and reach the level of unwavering faith then magic and miracle begin.

Generally, people have a short patience span and tend to lose their faith,if their questions/actions/prayers are not answered, but not getting the answers is the thin line if one can cross and take their faith to another level i.e unwavering faith.

The moment one reaches the stage of unwavering faith one starts communicating with the energy of the universe. That is the space in the universe where miracles and magic start and it’s open for everyone there is no checklist.

Every creation has an equal right and opportunity to enter the space of unwavering faith; neither does anyone need agents to walk with them and introduce the story of faith. You must have heard about the placebo which is also connected with the unwavering faith in some way.

Surrender yourself to the energy of the universe and go crack a big deal, you will be surprised to see how everything has come to a place like someone is working for you. Remember your presence on this planet is for some purpose and don’t waste in guessing what is right or what is wrong.

Everything you do is right and will take you closer to your purpose when you have by your side unwavering faith in energy. You can create anything, you can achieve anything if you can dream of something you can surely achieve that i.e the unwavering faith.

Go see the miracle and enjoy your rest of your time on this planet with faith in energy…..

I am always here to help you to become your best self!

Nothing is out of reach!

Let’s go get it!


Your energies vibrate on the level of your thinking and mostly how you act all the time. I have seen people who say that they are doing every possible action to achieve something but still, they are not moved an inch from where they started. But let me clear one thing that everything that occurs in your life depends upon the nature of energies you vibrate all the time which is directly linked with the thought process and your specific actions.

Yes, your actions are driven by your thoughts e.g Mr. X wants to buy a car (thoughts are processing) with a budget of 123, then they look for the cars which come under 123 budget and shortlist their car (action).

The moment you understand that you are not okay with your current life or you want to enter another level in your journey or you feel that you are not living the life of your purpose then don’t overthink just think differently which will gradually change your actions.

Thinking differently vibrates your energies at a different pace which will change the events of your life as a miracle has happened overnight.

Energies take the fuel from how you think all the time and your actions which support your thinking process. E.g. There’s a man who has worked hard all his life and saved the money for bad times, read it again and understand what is energy money or bad times. Energy is bad times and He hasn’t worked all his life for money but he worked all his life to give energy to bad times and every time he deposits money to his account the energy vibrates for bad times.

So keep a check on all your actions and energy you vibrate with your thoughts and actions, if it matches then it’s okay else change your thinking.

When you think differently, you act differently then you change the vibration of energies around you and that is the moment you knock into the new chapter of your life.

Go ahead and take the first step of thinking differently if you are ready to vibrate and shine.

I am always here to help you to become your best self!


The most beautiful thing in your life is the feelings, not the things you possess but the feeling of experiencing different events in your life. When something is happening in your life the experience of that particular event is your feeling and the important thing is to take pause and check how you feel at that particular moment.

Let me tell you the most beautiful and important thing in the life of a man is the feeling if you understand it then believe me you can attract miracles to your life. It’s just like arranging all blocks in the particular manner that will lead you to the life of dreams filled with miracles and every single step by you is to unwrap the surprise which the universe arranges for you.

Suddenly you start feeling like the favorite creation of Universe/ God/ Higher power you can give any name but the important thing is the feeling which has changed your journey or one can say you are transformed with one thing i.e feeling. There is no word called fortune, destiny, bad times, sufferings all exist because you have fear for all of those and give energy to all of them continuously and somehow you want to avoid then we have fortune tellers, people who read energies they claim, etc are very good in their tasks and give us a quick review like why something is happening in our lives and introduced fear in the form of review or feedback.

When you ever feel the feeling of fear in or around you replace it immediately with the feeling of love and say to yourself that you are the favorite creation of god, give your love to that feeling, and feel the energy of the universe around you…

It works like magic and the moment you start feeling love everywhere in every event you will transform yourself into a magnet and attract miracles in your life…

The quicker you understand the beauty and power of feelings the faster you will share your story of miracles with others so that they can also replace the feeling of fear with love in their lives….

I am always here to help you become your best self!