Hello my dear readers! This is my second nomination for this prestigious award, as a young blogger it is very important for me. A big thank you to Sngms for nominating me. His blog is very inspirational, do check and all his blog posts are amazing. sngms.wordpress.com Now lets spare a moment to check all my answers:

1.According to you, what role does religion play in a person’s life? Its very controversial question RELIGION not only the word but i believe for most of the individuals its become identity. When religion comes means just follow anything without asking. Religion controls the human and for me religion is what gives us happiness with the ecology check as no one can be individually happy. Happiness always attract happiness and its magnetic so i cant be happy alone. My happiness needs happy people, happy nation, global happiness which is difficult with any one religion. So for me religion is humanity.

2.According to you what should be done to promote humanity among all humans? We should enter into the mode of accept everything with its true nature, encouraging every human while showing them they are worthy of anything opportunities are equal for all and never compare your journey with others e.g you were watching netflix till midnight and tired in the morning so how can you compare yourself with the morning energy of any individual who had good 8 hours sleep in the night. When people started accepting themselves the way they are it would be great gift to humanity.

3.Which elements can be the most hindering in the development of a nation? Kids of today are the nation of tomorrow and their right growth and development is missing. Fear of failure and fear of acceptance are two most important things which cant be denied but sadly no one thinks its as important as school curriculum.

4.What was that moment when you were most happy? My happiest moment is my visualizations where i see my self in next 3 years from now.

5.Who contributed the most to the education of women in our country, India? Women itself

6.Who give you the highest importance in science and religion? And why? Science is never my interest but i relate most of the things science and religion till the time i was in early 20s use to follow my born religion with all rituals without even getting the answers to my questions, as time passes i understood most important and big religion is humanity which need to be served.

7.Who is the ideal of your life? And why? I cant name any as it keeps changing the more i learn about people more i fall for them as ideal, everybody carries some interesting things inside them not only humans but nature too so my ideals are so many in their own beautiful natures.

8.When are you writing and why? Today is 6 th september 2019 and i am writing from India. I believe through writing i can send my message to different people at same time which is difficult to give in my 1 to 1 session.

9.Do you like to do social service? If ever has any special service done? Yes i love to do social service specially for the people who has no hope for living or thinks everything can be resolved with ignoring.

10.What do you do for environmental protection? I dont waste paper.

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My Questions:
1. What’s your favorite meal of the day?
2. When did you begin your blog?
3. What’s your blog about?
4. Do you own a pet? If so, what kind and what’s it’s his/her name?
5. Do you think meteorologist really know what they’re predicting? and, if they get the prediction wrong, do you think they should still get paid?
6. Winter or Summer Sports, what’s your favorite?
7. What is your least favorite chore to do?
8. Read a book or watch a movie, which is your preference?
9. How many of you, the bloggers find that 10 questions are too much?
10. Do you find that it’s difficult to ask 10 questions ?

Thank you so much for your patience and time for reading the most difficult thing is to nominate 10 only as for my nominations list is too long… again i would like to thank sngms for my nomination..Kindly check his beautiful blog : sngms.wordpress.com


Why people are engage in controlling situations/others ?

We all have limited time on this beautiful planet and sadly most of us are only engage in controlling others in different ways as per their own dictionary. Resultant when fail start again with more energy as they don’t want to leave any opportunity to prove that world revolves around them. Great they are on big project no wonder if any one get success in the mission of controlling situations/people and can share their control model with the world and can be applied to control environment global warming. Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Rainy we enjoy all seasons never try to hold one season are waste our precious energy in holding the season, we enjoy all seasons with their own beauty same methodology apply to yourself and look for opportunities in all situations. Whatever situation/people you are meeting in your journey contributing to your success only… change your perspective of looking around and looking at yourself, everything will change…you too will witness your unstoppable success journey..


Give yourself wings of imagination and universe will provide you sky with lyrics fly high… Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attraction. Imagination is the ability to produce new ideas in the mind without any input of the outer senses. Imagination is what you think, how you think and ignore who all are believing in your imagination. Your imagination is your responsibility, not others. Imagination is very powerful and all humans possess a certain degree of imagination. Your imagination is real and whatever you can imagine you can achieve and make that happen with one simple rule of belief. Imagination is the most wonderful superpower humans possess but the delay is because they have not introduced themselves in the world of imagination. Imagination needs ignorance too about the outer world, it is the process going inside your mind and doesn’t let anyone break the rhythm of your imagination. Follow the first rule of imagination decide what you want, believe that you can have it very easily with strong believe that you deserve it and that belongs to you…… Get ready to see the miracle


The greatest power and common among all is the power of visualizations. Everyone visualizes whether know it or not. Visualization is the key secret to success or failures one faces in life. The one who visualizes success will get success and others who visualize failure receives failure only, nothing comes from fate or destiny. We all possess great power and possibilities to unlock any lock which we are unaware of and visualization is one of those greatest powers. The kind of life we visualize all the time the universe creates for us that life. The universe is very kind always gives us what we asked with a strong belief. Say no to time is not right or my time will come soon or someday will be my day etc. and practice saying I get what I want, I have the power to create any kind of life and see a miracle, miracle only miracle…..


Visualizations help us to remove all our attention from what we don’t want to what we want. In visualizations, one familiarizes oneself with the feeling of achievement which increases one’s motivation to reach the end goal with a strong belief that success is more realistic. The golden rule of visualization is very simple just practice to take attention and focus away from what you don’t want with a new focus of what you want. Once you start this practice you will befriend yourself surrounded with positive energy always, very soon you will witness happiness, success, achievement of your visualized goals. The most creative thing you have inside you is your power of visualization which has its wings and sky only need your trust and belief. When you start believing your powerful visualizations you can climb any mountain of success and the world will know you because of your incredible success story…….You are powerful because you can visualize any goal, dream, etc. The day one of visualization is like planting a seed and watch it everyday growing… In simple language, VISUALIZATION is Shift of FOCUS from what YOU Don’t WANT to WHAT you WANT… 


When people are not firm in their decisions or what they should do or what they expect from themselves then they introduce this word RESOLUTION with the start of the year mostly 1st Jan or 31st Dec and call it My NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS. The term new year resolution has become a ritual with self-commitment where an individual change their undesired behavior to accomplish their life goal or dream and continue their good practices. What if humans master few skills in their life like eat right, exercise more, get organize, keep learning a new skill from anyone, live every moment, spend time with friends and family, self-pampering rather looking for others to pamper, travel more, read more, financially independent and most importantly follow humanity…


Everything revolves around energy and what we want from the universe is also energy. Our belief on the wish gives power to that energy and that makes things happen. The universe always provides and never ignore any wishes of anyone. It doesn’t always happen when we want things to happen but it happens a little late but things exactly happen sooner or later depending upon one’s strong belief of receiving. If you spend a moment to look at your journey and the things you possess the same you want for yourself with your belief. Now the magic of attracting energy is so clear, spend a moment with yourself and understand what you want in your life, start practicing that your desires are coming to you be ready to receive with full belief……no algebra, no facts only belief that universe is very kind and bringing your desires. Trust your self, your soul, your mind that is the ultimate reality that connects you to the creator, you are the part of the creator and you get whatever you want as you are the favorite child of the creator. Allow yourself to open and explore with all the possibilities your heart desire. Gratitude is very important as in today’s world gratitude factor is missing, start practicing gratitude all that you have is what you need. Acceptance too is important, accept all human, events with their true nature. Give energy to your intention because energy always goes where the focus is…


You are what you believe you are not what others believe. Make your belief strong about yourself, you have too much potential which needs your approval for delivery. Sometimes we hold our potential because we seek other’s approval for any task. Our belief system should never depend upon others judgment because everyone has their own experience of journey e.g two people started at same time from the same location for the same location but reached differently and one reach 15 minutes early than the other…reason can be any, but important is both will give different opinions and justification for 15 minutes gap. Learning is we are what we believe but not other’s opinions about us. Now what you want to start believing in that, once you believe in your belief then the world will follow your belief. Every human is a reflection of their thought process and their action, opinion, belief is a result of that thought process and has nothing to do with you.as nothing to do with you.


The belief system is one of the important laws of our life and whole life runs around that belief system. Belief system depends upon many aspects like the place of birth, nationality, the religion followed by parents, religious belief, people surround, education system, social responsibility, etc. and many more. In short, we carry others belief knowingly or unknowingly but our belief is designed, passed to us and we started following without any intention to doubt, with a strong belief that’s the only truth and law of the universe and our belief system is designed by higher power/ universe/ God so no questions. Sometimes our beliefs hold our potential and not let us do what we are born for because there’s one more universal truth that every soul on this planet has a specific purpose. The responsibility of humans is to give every soul fair road to serve that purpose and not hold soul with their belief which they are following because others expect them to do so. Today the global economy is a victim of religious belief which is not the purpose of their existence. When universe/ higher power/God sends some soul on this beautiful planet there is a purpose and expect us to serve that purpose without any doubt and rest will be taken care of by the universe itself only. Sadly that purpose has been denied and replace with religious beliefs….. Together we can create a change while listening to our music with our lyrics and create our belief system….rest will be taken care by universe, I already started my journey with my belief…..lets spread this message and soon we will create globally connected beautiful planet with one feeling of love, happiness, success, and one religion HUMANITY….