Why people are engage in controlling situations/others ?

We all have limited time on this beautiful planet and sadly most of us are only engage in controlling others in different ways as per their own dictionary. Resultant when fail start again with more energy as they don’t want to leave any opportunity to prove that world revolves around them. Great they are on big project no wonder if any one get success in the mission of controlling situations/people and can share their control model with the world and can be applied to control environment global warming. Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Rainy we enjoy all seasons never try to hold one season are waste our precious energy in holding the season, we enjoy all seasons with their own beauty same methodology apply to yourself and look for opportunities in all situations. Whatever situation/people you are meeting in your journey contributing to your success only… change your perspective of looking around and looking at yourself, everything will change…you too will witness your unstoppable success journey..



We humans are born with two natural fear one is fear of falling and other is fear of loud noises else all other fears are built by man. Fears which are built by man with his own creative imagination can be destroyed by man only. Man is very powerful when it comes to imagination and later gives energy to his imagination with his full dedication and determination which fuels the fear. Fear is just like an enemy from others land, is there any way out to defeat enemy without recognizing who or where is enemy in my part of land. It is very important to understand the mind of enemy if we want to defeat. Fear is similar to enemy who keep entering our mind system through different channels of life in different forms some times it comes to us in the form of our loved ones who show their unconditional love and guide us to be careful or its dangerous, there love is just fueling fear inside us. Other times fear attack us through religious/cultural belief saying you are born to serve this purpose or you are supposed to do what is allowed as per the rues and regulation.

List of fears is too long Fear of criticism, where we hold ourselves back, Fear of judgement, Fear of rejection, Fear of speak, Fear of death, Fear of poverty etc. I was also born in between these humans where they learned to hand over all fears to next generation safely without any damage and very careful that fear should not feel bad. Now its my game and my rules of course ball is fear, but I managed it while understanding the nature of ball. Believe me nothing is difficult if you are ready. If i did it, I am confident enough you all can do that, everything in the life is skill and any skill can be learn with one simple rule PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. FEAR can be defeat only after acknowledging it but if you are so fearful to acknowledge your fear ….You are not ready for success journey


People call me my talks are philosophical and no relation with reality but being philosophical is to stay detached with the situation or environment which is not in your control rather then you allow the environment or situation to control you. In ancient Greek philosophy meant a love for wisdom and knowledge. When we write our own story we are sure for our part which says find out happiness in all situations because as a writer our focus is fulfillment and happiness. Writer is always clear in mind what he wants in his story, how can he make his story successful, vision of writer is always clear. Writer only listens to his thoughts and feel them first, then write what ever he wants as he knows that he is the only one who can create any kind of life for himself with his thought power and delay is because of his realization in his power of thoughts. Generally when situations are not in our favor, we often say to ourselves that’s life and it has so many colors but that’s totally wrong, and we create self doubt in ourselves ….tell me if any soldier go for a war and already accepted defeat before the war what will happen….DEFEAT of course and the same when you don’t write your story and let situations decide your action, you believe you are practical live in real world but sadly saying you are not strong enough to embrace happiness and success in your life. I wrote my story and what are you waiting for just write your story, be the writer of your story… write next 6 months with energy of belief…. you witness miracle


Most of the times we get confused between wish and demand and consider them as one. But that’s not correct and that fuels our self doubt result. We associate ourselves with feeling unfortunate. You will be surprised to know that you are the who can do anything, anytime only if you believe in yourself and understand the difference between wish and demand. Wish and Demand are both different from each other, where wish says you are not ready to receive just shoot an arrow in the open sky without a target and Demand is where you know that target in the sky belongs to you and is waiting for you to come and take possession, your confidence is on the target and you have a clear mindset that target is yours only. You can achieve anything with changing your mindset from wishing to demanding….Have you ever observe a child when he/she wishes for some of the toy just a little spark in eyes if gets feeling is happiness and if not okay little sad…. on the same time another child demand for the toy and started crying, screaming etc to get that toy by this way or that way..just need toy as child demands for the toy. So in the same way when we wish for some changes in our finances, success etc. but sadly still at same place where we were at the time of wishing and on the other side if we demand success, financial growth we will get it because that is our demand and strong reason behind demand just like water is for thirsty people… Lets convert all wishes into demands with strong reason behind fulfillment of demands….water for thirsty, food for hungry etc. find out yours…


We all have our own dreams, if you talk with 100 people they share their dreams and very few who believe in the fulfillment of their dreams and for rest dreams are dreams. Dreams are not real, but they don’t know everything around us was someone’s dream in the past. I also saw a dream 2 years back of spreading happiness all around, to see people living their lives not just passing lives or phases. Every new day is bringing something to us just like a platter of different feelings, emotions etc. We should be selective as responsibility of my dream is depends on my selection. I am the gardener of my garden where my dream flourish every single day. Most important to give a target to your dream, my dream has a deadline and then i press reset and set another target. No one in the world has a power to approve your dream, power to approve your dream is inside you, i approved my dream what are you waiting for… The energy which strengthen your dream or fuel to your dream is strong desire behind dream. I am proud of being a dreamer, love to see that proud in all. I am happy today when i go back in my childhood memories and remember my second name was sheikh chili/day dreamer and i strongly believe in the power of dreams. Now my dream is again set with deadline and i know the power of dream with strong desire behind it. Lets we all together see a dream with own approval and find desire behind dream. Dreamers are winners in the race of life! Dreamers are courageous! Dreamers are achievers! Proud to be a dreamer! Every success story starts with one small dream! IF people doubt or laugh at you, you enjoy!


Imagination is the first step to any achievement big or small, success or failure etc. Wherever we are in our lives today is because of past imagination, sometimes we imagine because of fear, experiences, society belief, cultural belief. There is a secret that IMAGINATION is the only thing in the world on which you have your full control. The delay is because of you don’t allow yourself to imagine, take a deep breathe, activate your system and imagine what looks impossible to world but at the back of your mind you have a hunger/desire for that. Imagination is inside your system no limitations, your imagination belongs to you. If you want success but at the time of manufacturing imagination in your mind factory very small part of doubt is found in the factory lying with the raw material of your imagination, give commands to your guards throw this doubt out of your mind factory and allows the smooth manufacturing of imagination….believe me what you imagine you can achieve but you can never achieve which you can’t imagine. Golden rule for anything is IMAGINATION your imagination, you have all raw material to imagine any kind of life for you.


Dreams are real, window to see what is going on inside our belief system, shows the relation of our conscious and unconscious. The coordination between our conscious mind and unconscious mind, harmony. Dreams are powerful tool to build any kind of life, they work as a raw material for tomorrow. Dreams speak our desires, what we can see for our-self in future, and they have to do nothing with facts and calculations. Dreams are like a new born child for whom anything is possible and can believe in any fiction story and strongly believes in the fiction movies, …for child whatever is going on in the movie is very much possible and starts believing in that and expects too… try with any child, let child watch in continuity movies of his favorite super hero and after few days tell child, super hero is coming to meet him, child will surely believe in you….

DREAMS are real whether bad or good they sings music of our unconscious mind, what message is reaching at unconscious through conscious. Dreams are the window to our strong belief system, we dream what we strongly believe in and dreams are our future, dreams are the rough map of our tomorrow and some times we stop dreaming because others disapprove they show us facts and figures.Dreams are not depend on ecology check, they are dreams, our feelings which needs to connect with our desires. Every small dream is a foundation stone for our unstoppable success. We start our success journey with small dream. All great achievements of today are because of our one small dream, we saw 3 years back. You are the one who has to approve your dream, no one have the right to approve your dream. Feeling of dreams and feeling of baby for expected mother, is same no one else can feel till delivery. Dreamers are achievers and achievers are big dreamers. say it loud i am a dreamer


Best medicine is smile which can work for any life threatening disease, long illness or life style disease and is most expensive not available everywhere but if you decide to give this medicine, the precious and magical one to every one great and surprisingly, you don’t have to go far to find this medicine, it is inside us but difficult is realization of this medicine….you can’t give what you don’t have. You must have heard Charity begins at home and the best charity is distribution of things ( one’s need ) to needy, so these days look around take a deep breathe, almost every single person needs SMILE as an emergency to cure themselves because of their own reasons and you can be the one carrying this medicine inside, just feel your most happiest moment of life and start spreading smile. Imagine someone is facing the end of their story as nothing is working, doctors gave up and disease is at the stage of incurable and your 2 minutes story gives him or her a dip into the story of your happiness and you transfer a desire in the person to create his own story of happiness resultant his incurable disease disappeared as it was never before. Everyone shocked and he started living his new transformed life with just 2 minutes of treatment: A dip in Happiness! When ever we take any medicine, we check compositions to avoid allergies etc. but spreading smile and happiness therapy is too good without any side effects. So, what are you thinking that precious medicine which can give life to lifeless is inside you…spread it everywhere just like a boomerang it will come back to you, so be infectious of this feeling SMILE.