Hello my dear readers! This is my second nomination for this prestigious award, as a young blogger it is very important for me. A big thank you to Sngms for nominating me. His blog is very inspirational, do check and all his blog posts are amazing. sngms.wordpress.com Now lets spare a moment to check all my answers:

1.According to you, what role does religion play in a person’s life? Its very controversial question RELIGION not only the word but i believe for most of the individuals its become identity. When religion comes means just follow anything without asking. Religion controls the human and for me religion is what gives us happiness with the ecology check as no one can be individually happy. Happiness always attract happiness and its magnetic so i cant be happy alone. My happiness needs happy people, happy nation, global happiness which is difficult with any one religion. So for me religion is humanity.

2.According to you what should be done to promote humanity among all humans? We should enter into the mode of accept everything with its true nature, encouraging every human while showing them they are worthy of anything opportunities are equal for all and never compare your journey with others e.g you were watching netflix till midnight and tired in the morning so how can you compare yourself with the morning energy of any individual who had good 8 hours sleep in the night. When people started accepting themselves the way they are it would be great gift to humanity.

3.Which elements can be the most hindering in the development of a nation? Kids of today are the nation of tomorrow and their right growth and development is missing. Fear of failure and fear of acceptance are two most important things which cant be denied but sadly no one thinks its as important as school curriculum.

4.What was that moment when you were most happy? My happiest moment is my visualizations where i see my self in next 3 years from now.

5.Who contributed the most to the education of women in our country, India? Women itself

6.Who give you the highest importance in science and religion? And why? Science is never my interest but i relate most of the things science and religion till the time i was in early 20s use to follow my born religion with all rituals without even getting the answers to my questions, as time passes i understood most important and big religion is humanity which need to be served.

7.Who is the ideal of your life? And why? I cant name any as it keeps changing the more i learn about people more i fall for them as ideal, everybody carries some interesting things inside them not only humans but nature too so my ideals are so many in their own beautiful natures.

8.When are you writing and why? Today is 6 th september 2019 and i am writing from India. I believe through writing i can send my message to different people at same time which is difficult to give in my 1 to 1 session.

9.Do you like to do social service? If ever has any special service done? Yes i love to do social service specially for the people who has no hope for living or thinks everything can be resolved with ignoring.

10.What do you do for environmental protection? I dont waste paper.

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My Questions:
1. What’s your favorite meal of the day?
2. When did you begin your blog?
3. What’s your blog about?
4. Do you own a pet? If so, what kind and what’s it’s his/her name?
5. Do you think meteorologist really know what they’re predicting? and, if they get the prediction wrong, do you think they should still get paid?
6. Winter or Summer Sports, what’s your favorite?
7. What is your least favorite chore to do?
8. Read a book or watch a movie, which is your preference?
9. How many of you, the bloggers find that 10 questions are too much?
10. Do you find that it’s difficult to ask 10 questions ?

Thank you so much for your patience and time for reading the most difficult thing is to nominate 10 only as for my nominations list is too long… again i would like to thank sngms for my nomination..Kindly check his beautiful blog : sngms.wordpress.com


Why people are engage in controlling situations/others ?

We all have limited time on this beautiful planet and sadly most of us are only engage in controlling others in different ways as per their own dictionary. Resultant when fail start again with more energy as they don’t want to leave any opportunity to prove that world revolves around them. Great they are on big project no wonder if any one get success in the mission of controlling situations/people and can share their control model with the world and can be applied to control environment global warming. Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Rainy we enjoy all seasons never try to hold one season are waste our precious energy in holding the season, we enjoy all seasons with their own beauty same methodology apply to yourself and look for opportunities in all situations. Whatever situation/people you are meeting in your journey contributing to your success only… change your perspective of looking around and looking at yourself, everything will change…you too will witness your unstoppable success journey..


You are the most powerful creation of the higher power, who can create anything anytime. The thoughts and feelings you have been magical. The game is all about awareness and ignorance, both are two different sides of the same coin.

You are the player playing the game. Now you locate yourself on the scale of awareness and ignorance.

The answer lies in your positioning; If you have unwavering faith in the energy of the universe and are aware of your powers, you can create anything anytime with the vibrations of your thoughts which indicates that you are on the awareness side of the scale.

You have all the powers inside you which are very natural and define your authentic self. The most important power you have is what you focus on because what you focus on you attract into your life. Some people focus on scarcity, a handful on abundance, a few on struggles, etc so they attract the same.

90% of the population spend their lives in search of power because of ignorance and their statements are like someday they will do X Y Z. But the truth is the universe created everyone with abundance and the abundance of the universe is available for everyone.

But the question is how to find that power that is inside you or How to activate the powers which are already inside you? The answer is very simple i.e your true self, your passion, yes your passion is the key to your powers.

Don’t underestimate this word as any random word picked up from the dictionary, PASSION is very powerful just like the sun, air, or water for life. Passion is you enjoy what you do, and how you do it and always look forward to contributing more which is your dream.

If passion is already activated in your system then you are leading your life with your full potential in your true self and you are the most powerful creation of the higher power in your beauty. You all are powerful and if you can see the clouds despite your powers.

Take help from someone and remember I am always here to help you so that you can see your powers. Be proud of yourself, you are special!


The most important thing about your presence in your current physical body is the purpose. You are not on this planet to survive but you are here to thrive. This is not a fairy tale, this is life be practical, etc you keep hearing this from the day you were born through different sets of people.

You are not here to receive anything from anyone, everyone is walking towards their purpose so experiences and opinions differ.

The GPS which takes you towards your purpose is connected with your real self which is your soul, the feelings are the sign that you are on the right path. If you are feeling good that is a sign that you are on the right path and every step you take is taking you closer to your purpose. The universe has a plan for you and your presence on this planet is part of that big plan.

The alignment of your feelings with your actions is the sign that you are living the life of your purpose and ready to thrive. If you accept others’ experiences in your journey then you only misguide your authentic self from the purpose of your presence.

You are chosen for the greater contribution to this world and you will bring remarkable changes in the lives of many and that is possible only if you allow yourself to find and live the life of your purpose. But the million-dollar question is how to find the purpose, the answer is very simple the device is already installed in you at the time of your creation.

The need is to learn the coding techniques of that device which is directly connected with your feelings. There is no scientific technique for coding your awareness of yourself is the most important technique to code your purpose. If you are aware of yourself completely; your physical body, your soul, and mind-body alignment then it’s great.

If not then also there’s no problem you have time to find your purpose, realization is also taking you one step closer to higher power’s bigger plan. Just remember the one you are here to thrive with your beauty in your current physical body.

Sometimes it becomes darker and it is difficult to see because of holding the light in the wrong way. Don’t worry everything is right you just need someone to hold the light for you so that you can see the purpose…Remember you are here to thrive with your purpose because you are special…

I am always here to hold the light for you so you can see the purpose…

You are special and beautiful!


Trust in your dream is the first step to your authentic journey. Everything you see, you witness, you live, your lifestyle was once a dream for someone who was filled with trust. The difficult task is not to survive but being a dreamer is the most difficult task not only today but every time in all the eras.

The things, events which are outside the control limit of humans even they can’t predict named calamities/ disasters, etc. But let me tell you every dreamer have to face these calamities in some different form, size, and shape in their lives.

The million-dollar question is how a dreamer has to face calamities and the answer you ask yourself; the people who directly or indirectly give you opinion on everything with the strong belief that they hold some expertise because of XYZ reason are the calamity to the dreamer’s journey.

Everyone’s presence is for some reason and the dream you have too has a reason. Do your duty, give your best and trust your dream, and leave algebra on to the universe of possibility and available resources.

Allow miracles to happen for you and others. Your dream is not only a dream it’s an index to your life journey and the voice of the universe.

Be a dreamer, believe in your dream, and take a step towards the accomplishment of your dream.

Magic happens for everyone, the technology which connects the whole world was once a dream to one individual. If someone else can make the whole world under one umbrella then you are no different.

Find your uniqueness, that is the door that opens to the life of your dream…

You are special and your dreams make you even special but you need to give them your unwavering faith…

I am always here to help you to become your best self!


Your environment shapes you, there is no doubt that 90% of what you are becoming dependent upon the environment you live in again the most important factor is your perception of the environment. Everything is interrelated and equally important.

There is no scale that can define the less important to the most important, everything is equally important and part of the process. E.g If you sow a seed which step is essential for the whole process of seed to tree. There is no answer because everything is equally essential for the seed to turn into a fruitful tree.

The temperature, sunlight, water, air, atmosphere, humidity, soil, rain, and season everything has their own importance in the whole process of seed to tree. So the growth of every human is totally dependent upon the environment in which one is currently living.

When you know where you want to grow or the dreams you want to achieve or the kind of life you want for your generations or what makes you happy then you are already on the graph of growth in your life.

The second important step is your environment which contributes 90% and the environment is your cultural background, religious beliefs, geographical area, people you spend time with, family, education, human values, friends, work environment, etc. If they are on the other side of the wall of your growth change them, your responsibility is not to mother the needs and desires of others but you are only answerable to the higher power/ universe.

Take any road which leads your journey to your growth, once you are on your journey with full enthusiasm then you will find the universe on your side and all the people you meet during the journey will get light from you.

The light you generate will inspire others to walk on their roads and slowly it becomes the chain and we have a world where happiness blooms in every season. Growth is very easy if people understand that universe has abundance for everyone and the rule is simple to embrace, everyone, as it is your part and be the support system for every individual sitting next to you during your stay on this planet.

If you understand this and are ready to implement this in your life then you are the next great story on the planet earth. Change your environment and focus on your growth, Your presence is for some special reason.

Let the universe smile when you live the life of your purpose. Change your environment if it is not supporting your growth…

You are special and the abundance of the universe is yours…

I am always here to help you to become your best self!


Find out where your beliefs are, if by any chance you’re among those who have a strong belief that no matter what the situation is, opportunities or challenges they are the few blessed people on the planet earth who comes rarely and can do anything anytime the result is always a massive success.

Suppose you find yourself on the other side of the fence that is even better that you diagnose the problem at the earliest and can start the necessary changes to attract everything you want because your wants are your desires and your desires are the voice of higher power which defines the purpose of your presence on this planet earth in your current costume.

The costume is your physical body which has no connection with your soul try to see every individual through a different lens of the soul world. The world of the soul is wonderful if you trained yourself to see that, then you are a magnet that is aware of what one is attracting and why.

You must have observed that a few times with just the reference of XYZ people or event you have a feeling which is not so good and you don’t know why, those are just the triggers or whispers of a higher power that you are misleading the purpose of your presence. Every feeling that comes to you has the energy of higher power the moment you train your system to believe then to receive anything is just like a cakewalk. You can receive anything on this planet simply give your belief with unwavering faith that you are an heir of the universe.

Once your system believes then your conscious and subconscious both work as a team who knows nothing is impossible for the one who is heir to the universe. Congratulations you are the magnet and you are attracting everything you believe.

There are so many people on the planet who attracts fear that is passed to them from different sources like cultural backgrounds, a family they were born with, geographical boundaries, religion, etc which misguides them from the purpose of their presence and they spent their lives in the darkness of ignorance.

Many of those are not able to activate their karmic karmas and spent their time under the umbrella of genetic karma which is again a spoiler of GPS( God’s placement system ).  You have massive power inside you believe it and attract anything. This is magic and you are a magician…

.I am always here to help you to become your best self!


The life one lives in the life of one’s conscious and if somebody has abundance in the conscious then the world should be ready to receive one new great contributor. In other words, abundance is ready to receive what one’s desires, not wishes.

The moment one is ready to live the life of desires and there is faith in the energy then that faith activates abundance in one’s conscious. If the abundance is in one’s conscious then every impossible is possible to look for the available resources is not your job but the job of a human is to look at the abundance and the reflection of the universe/ higher power/ God in every action taken by anyone at any moment of life.

If you have designed or redesigned your inner self in the light of abundance then to achieve anything on this planet is just the organizing and delivery of your desires.

It is mentioned everywhere in the Bhagavad-Gita and Bible that what one believes can achieve, details are not the job of any individual but unwavering faith in the energy that runs the universe is the prime requirement for any achievement which looks like a dream.

If you check the data we have very few success stories to which generations remember and the reason is just one i.e most of the population is a non-believer of the universal truth that what one believes can achieve with the unwavering faith in the energy.

When you have unwavering faith in the energy then the universe is on your side and you own the abundance of the universe. You are just a creature and I trust that whatever you do or actions you take in this world always have some predefined intentions. If you agree then it is good and if you disagree then ask yourself and you will find the answer….

Have you ever think of that universe does anything without planning, there is always a plan and your arrival on this planet is the part of that plan and the moment you shift your conscious on the abundance you give grace to the higher power else being religious or following n number of rituals is all waste.

Accept everything set your focus on abundance and yourself to shine and spread the light of your presence on this planet…..

I am always here to help you to become your best self!


Life is beautiful and everyone is on a mission. This is not the statement or the chapter which looks good in the book but the reality of the sun, moon, stars, solar system, rain, weather, all living creatures, birth-death, you, me, everyone, etc. Meditation is yoga and yoga is your consciousness.

If you are conscious of all your actions then you are in the meditative mode. The action of any individual comes from two states one is karma ( karma is like a frisbee that what you do comes back to you only sooner or later) and the other is dharma ( dharma is one’s intention in all the actions). If karma and dharma are one team in all actions of humans then everyone on this planet is living a life of the conscious self and you will witness a beautiful happy world.

Consciousness is not difficult and you don’t need any specific qualification to live a conscious life. In the simpler term consciousness is to be present in all the actions and be aware that how your actions are related to the goodness of mankind. If everything is aligned then you are the next great contributor to the planet earth and everyone will know you after you leave this planet.

There is some specific task assigned to every new physical body starting their journey right from the arrival by the universe/superpower but to live the life with grace and achieve that assigned task is solely on the particular individual. The people who manage the grace of their birth and achieved the assigned task are the ones whom we remember as great personalities.

It is a myth that we heard all the time; Great personalities come once and are very rare. However, the reality is everyone is made of the same kind and comes from the same source the difference is in the one’s perception and acceptance of the decision the universe/ superpower has taken.

If you are ready to accept your positioning with grace and decided to live the life of consciousness then believe me you are next in the queue for transformation and very soon the world will know your story and contributions.

If you doubt what I said connect, I will be happy to be a part of your story during your transition! 


What you think that you believe and what you believe that you attract into your life. It is very important in everyone’s life to be aware of what they are attracting. Things will become very easy if you see yourself as a magnet and you know that feature of a magnet is to attract.

The magnet inside you attracts every experience, future, goal, fear, accomplishment, challenge, opportunity -, etc. No one on the planet is attracting and inviting anything into your lives other than you.

The primary ingredient in all is your thinking which drives the thinking to the destination belief. One’s belief can make or break the whole plan of higher power of sending you on this planet in your current physical body in a particular situation/event with specific people directly or indirectly part of your journey.

No interaction of yours with anyone on this planet is accidental and there is no truth that when people say we just cross the paths that’s it. But the reality is everything is planned way earlier than your arrival on this planet. Either you believe or you don’t believe but there is something that controls the whole universe and the very same energy plans everyone’s placing right from the arrival to the finish line.

But there is something which is a magical thing and on to the individual to create the kind of life one wants with the law of attraction. E.g Once Guru Dronacharya was taking the lesson of all his royal students and asked everyone what they see, Some replied the bird, a few trees and birds but only Arjuna replied, Bird’s eye. Guru asked again can you see the tree, Arjuna replied Again, NO Just the eye of a bird. The learning is Guru taught everyone the same thing and asked the same question but everyone’s answers are different based on their understanding and how they see life in different situations.

Similarly, the universe sends everyone on this planet with a purpose but the achievement of the purpose is solely on the belief of the individual. The belief of the individual is incomplete if they don’t have unwavering faith in the energy and most importantly one thing that everyone has come from the same source.

Noone is superior or inferior everything is the placing and the timing which are the part of higher power’s plan. The worry about why, what, and when is not your KRA but how to respond in any circumstance reflects your faith in the energy which is the game-changer. Once you understand the whole game, you can achieve anything…

I am always here to help you to become your best self!


The most important communication is not the one you do with others but it is what you do with yourself. Being aware and being present at the moment are the very important aspects of oneself that come into the picture when it comes to recreating oneself from any self to the authentic self.

Everything starts from you, the vibration, transmission, law of attraction, thought generation, etc but when the signals are not clear things get disturbed and it spoils the whole process of your presence on this planet. There is no one who is to be blamed other than you because when you talk to yourself and the others both are different.

Your conversation with yourself and with others is like split personality which doesn’t mean that you have any personality disorder but it is just an example to explain that you are two different people when you communicate with yourself and with others.

The law of attraction. transmission channel, vibrations, etc don’t understand this and it creates only confusion which ends up attracting what one never wants or is afraid of. So now when you know the whole process and how everything in the universe works then why not create and attract the life you want that is possible only with your authentic self and closely observe as well as analyze your communication with yourself.

The moment you align your communication with yourself as well as others from the same depth of emotions you become magnetic and attract what you say or feel at any time in the journey. The difference between the life of people is not because of any outside source but it entirely depends upon the communication they do with themselves as well as with others.

Don’t create any confusion the law of attraction is beautiful, let the things be simple and clear by living the life of your true self and involve in one kind of communication. You will be surprised to see the kind of life you are attracting…

Go live your life in the way that your story is the next motivational story for many…

I am always here to help you to become your best self!


What you feel you attract in your lives. There is no outside force controlling, or directing your life. But you are the one who generates the frequency with the feelings you feel all the time. Your feelings are not affected by any outside force or event.

However, your feelings depend upon the nature of the emotions which flow inside you. Your perception of the world, people, etc has nothing to do with your universe which is inside you. But in ignorance you allow your perception to control your emotions and feelings.

In the process, you disturb the vibration and the inside universe which mislead the purpose of your presence and crashes the GPS( God Placement system).

The law of attraction, psychology, and placebo are the all instruments which higher power has provided to the humans to create, heal and design any kind of life at any time during one’s stay on the planet earth in their current physical bodies. Your universe is within you and you are not the body but you are the soul which keeps traveling from one form to another form.

The place where your universe lies is your soul which has an abundance and can create anything. Everything you manifest in your universe is the one that you experience every day on this planet. It can be disease, fortune, wisdom, opportunities, challenges, happiness, pain, success, faith, trust, etc.

Everything comes from you, you are the writer of your script what you write only what you live and experience. People like associating themselves with those who are already living the life of awareness ( skilled and know how to use a law of attraction in all their actions ) that is the moment where they create the gap between them and the universe inside them which creates confusion about what they want and what they believe. You don’t need to associate with anybody if you know the magic of the universe and supreme association.

Once you know and trust your association with the higher power/ universe then your signals and transmission channel are on a higher vibration. The signals you vibrate are all working for you. I have seen many people who first laugh at the law of attraction and the whole concept of the inside universe, but once they follow session on session for the manifestation and energy clearance the transmission starts working for them and everything becomes very clear that when to tune and when to change the channel…

Your fortune is your universe inside you and believes me you don’t need any fortune teller to read your future but what you believe that you can create and attract for you…. Your life is a bundle of manifestations and attractions.

The universe inside you is the key to opening any door and if you have the light of awareness you can open anything…

I am always here to help you to become your best self!