Weakness is the seed of strength.

We all have weaknesses inside us and the important is to recognize and accept our weakness gracefully.

The day we accept the seed of weakness then our love towards the weakness converts it into the strength. The biggest weakness of humans is their sins, wrong deeds, etc. The day human decides to accept all wrong actions of past that day they start the fresh chapter of life toward success and happiness.

Believe me if one wants to experience strength, power, success, happiness one must know the feeling of failure, weakness in some areas. If you know your biggest weakness that is the blessing because that area of your life will be your future strength which will bring success to you.

No need to feel sad for any of your weakness, your acceptance of weakness is the start of your new story. But important is to not allow any of your weakness to dominate your life. Weaknesses are your old habits holding your dreams and not allowing you to believe in the power of your dreams.

There is no magic to overcome weakness in one day you need to devote some time to your life to overcome the weaknesses of your life.

The first very important point in overcoming any weakness is your honesty towards yourself, yes your honest opinion and clear thinking because we almost lie with ourselves in our life daily.

In the process we have to fight with our self-ego too it is also one of the ingredients which need to address. Once the communication started then one has to find where does it come from, the reason for the weakness and story behind it which is supporting the weakness.

Now the weakness is known and the support reason for the presence of weakness, it will become easy to transform it into strength. Make a plan to overcome with new habits and practice every day in life. The day you start your journey towards overcoming your weakness with small plans you will feel confident and your goal will be clear.

Start your new unrecognizable story with your acceptance of your weaknesses, and transformation of weakness into strength…


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