The law of Karma is the natural law of action and reaction. As per Newton’s law of physics “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Our placements today in our lives are as per our past Karma’s but we control and create our tomorrow with our Karma’s of today.

We reap what we sow so be mindful in all your actions as our actions maintain the balance sheet of all our karma. Karma is an activity we perform in our life.

Karma creates a cycle of our action and reaction, followed by another karma, all living creatures who are a part of this cycle naturally experience both happiness and sadness. But one can be happy and satisfied in this cycle the moment he/she understands that their today’s state of mind is because of past karma so accept your today and practice to control your today’s karma to get the desired outcome for future.

Your actions are sometimes based on other’s reactions so practice to control your thoughts with the belief in superpower/God and everyone is a part of God and God is present in each moment, every action, of all human beings. Practice accepting God in all forms Anger, hatred, failure, success, invention, happiness, etc, Because God/Supreme power wants us to experience all colors of life our acceptance of God’s plan blesses us with fruitful Karma’s.

How to differentiate good karma or bad karma. The answer to this is very simple if the reaction of our karma is positive that defines positive karma and if the reaction to our karma is negative, then negative karma. In simple, we can say that reactions are the result of our Karma’s which defines the nature of our Karma, and whatever is happening in someone’s life is because they are attracting that through their actions.

Karma mirrors our actions too if we show goodness and kindness we attract all goodness and kindness…


  1. i believe you. i have expereienced how it is to be the recipient of some bad karma after doing a very bad thing before. it was a wrong thing that later on regretted. and the bad karma i was punished with was something i have had to live with for a long time.

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