The most important thing which is handed over to all generation is self doubt without any alteration. Yes that’s true if we want every soul to be happy and live fully with their happiness and their unique design the way higher power created them we should eradicate self doubt completely. As we know nothing is difficult but important is to educate everyone that we are the one who is giving energy everyday to self doubt. Self doubt is more dangerous than any visible threat to mankind. No one nation, religion etc alone is victim of self doubt but its every where like a new moms instruct to child who is learning how to walk careful else you fall, I can understand that’s motherly care but seed of self doubt is also planted in young mind which is going to grow slowly. In today’s world sometime or other time every one faces self doubt but they give different fancy names to their self doubt sometimes they call it intelligent decision, situation based action etc. But if we see it all started from safest environment of motherly affection as target section to eradicate self doubt from world is females who are entering to motherhood the way we have parental checkup, in the same way there should be some courses which are compulsory to attend like confidence and trust development in the new born rather than handing over to them self doubt which we too receive in one of the form.. Let’s not hand over self doubt to coming generation by controlling their actions and showing them we want them safe and we are experienced etc… We will witness a beautiful happy world just to control pur experience, emotions and thoughts….I understand its difficult but medicines are mostly bitter….



Self doubt is the most dangerous thing and when we constantly look for others to give us approval for our actions in our assignments that is because we doubt on our self worth. We should take approvals from us rather then others and that approval shows our confidence. Confidence is the antidote of self doubt, little of self doubt is natural. Self doubt is none other than our internal dialogue and it become dangerous when we just listen and start believing in internal communication like don’t do, what others will think etc. You are the higher authority for yourself and you don’t need any approval from anyone. You are enough for yourself, no wonder what ever decision you take today ends up in success or failure most healthy thing is you took decision. Bud faces so many weather changes to bloom and every body loves the flower and what if that bud too get stuck in the decision weather ready for rain in autumn or extended winters etc. The most dangerous thing is your indecisiveness that is also another form of self doubt. Practice to take decision without thinking much on after effects of decision. Most of the times we set our focus on problem and not on the solution that too give birth to self doubt. It is very easy and convenient to handle this kind of self doubt while shifting attention from problem to solution. Self doubt is when you stop connecting with your self and always surrounded with the people where most of your energy is getting utilised matching that group of people. Save your energy spend time with yourself and listen to yourself then act accordingly, see your today is so better then yesterday. Compare yourself with yourself you will see how gracefully you are growing every day….. Self doubt will vanish the day you started looking for the things you possess. Show your gratitude and grow your confidence slowly…..Magical word is believe start believing in yourself …


Self doubt is against the law of universe, it is same as breaking any other man made rule. For people man made rules are more important other than rules of universe and don’t even think once when it comes to break the rule of universe. Give yourself a moment to look around nature how every thing is happening or who is controlling the everyday growth of seed to plant or who sets alarm for the bud to bloom and who checks if bud forgets to bloom, how birds receive the message of changing weather it all comes under the rule of universe and they all follow the rules without any question to universe. We all know how universe is taking care of those who follow the rules without breaking and changing. Now come to man kind which is the most blessed creation of higher power, but everyday humans are pushing that higher power to rethink and doubt on this creation man kind, because of violating the universe law and one of is self doubt. Yes when humans engage in self doubt that’s also one way of walking against the law of universe. Everyone faces a little of self doubt in when they question themselves, that’s normal and if asking question to one self continues going that is not healthy and violate the law of universe. One gets mentally paralyse. If self doubt becomes habit that is going to prevent one from grabbing the opportunities which universe is bringing for you… The best way to move self doubt is to acknowledge it first then push it away and get yourself in coordination with laws of universe…. The best way to accept everything in their original manner …..and fall in love with universe let universe handle everything……See magic and magician is universe your role is to enjoy every event happening in your life…


I am sure that you have a beautiful dream. Will you achieve your dream in your journey of life? What are your plans for your dream? How strong is your believe about your dream accomplishment? Will you actually achieve your dream in your life? How are you so sure that you are going to achieve your dream and it’s not going to stay long as a dream? Answers to all above questions will take you nearer to your dreams and you too will add your name in the list of dream achievers. Every success, life achievements etc are dream to some one. The difference is some follow their dream without fear of failing and others call themselves smart and calculative who wait for the right time. Right time for dreamers is the moment they saw dream and take their dream like a seed themselves become gardener to that dream. With the time and every passing day the way seed faces challenges of changing weather but gardener knows all tricks to take care of seed until it blooms, so be a gardener to your dream and show only your believe to your dream til the time it flourishes and world witness…. I am sure the moment you decide to be a gardener to your dream, that’s the turning point in your story and be ready very soon world will share your story as a journey to success with one word DREAM….


The most important thing in the universe is energy and we all are made up of energy. Energy is different than money, as money can be saved for future but energy can’t be saved and it keeps changing every micro second but we can decide the flow of our energy and it grows where it flows. How much is the possibility of controlling situations? Is it human nature to control situations or they have to break the rule of universe when ever they try to control anything e.g feelings, emotions, events, people etc resultant decrease of energy. As the most important thing who witness every little change in the universe is universe itself and imagine how convenient it is to go against the flow of wind. So everything what ever is happening because of the nature of universe have you ever think of how fish learns to swim, who teaches birds how to fly, who decides how much plant can grow in a day, who control the speed of earths movement etc. all follow one golden rule…..rule of universe as it is clear energy, power who manages everything is the universe and if we too accept the way things are coming to us as universe is sending and our duty is to show trust in universe stay calm rest everything will be managed by universe itself. Most of the times we humans break the rule of universe and try to manipulate things as we believe that is beneficial for us but sadly that is taking happiness and unstoppable success away from us… One simple rule to any success, happiness is embrace things the way they are coming to you no matter the message you see but one unseen and unheard message is universe is sending some communication to you and your duty is stay calm believe in universe, in the way child trust it’s parents when they drop him or her to school that they are going to pick him back on time…..learn child’ trust on parents and use that trust on universe…see miracles


The most dangerous thing which hold people back is self doubt. Self doubt is when we doubt our potential power, in simple words there is a fight inside us of our own two parts e.g where one part wants to try new thing and other part reminds what people will say or what if it fails etc. Self doubt comes in your mind when you stuck somewhere in the comparison mode of yours with others and that too seeing on their latest updates on social media. Let me help you in understand that all those updates are only to feed your self doubt. A better way to handle this kind of feeling is self comparison, compare yourself to yourself. You will feel confident and confidence is antidote to self doubt, see how far you have come, how gracefully you kept going and your growth as a human being. Most of the times we humans are not aware of our own inner strength and that get wasted because of our unawareness reason self doubt, slowly that inside strength get expired like other things on earth, as we know everything comes with expiry date. So don’t feed your self doubt and use your strength believe in you listen your callings, do what resonates with you and you enjoy most. No wonder you serve humanity with some great contribution of yours and add your name in the list of great contributors to the world. The great people to whom we called contributors are not different or born different we all are same eat same food, breathe same air, drink same water etc. The difference is one which is they don’t feed them self doubt but their diet is believe in them what ever be the situation. They hold hand tightly of self believe and keep moving with the believe of their own inner strength. Do you know the reason why we have few success stories because rest feed them with self doubt because of their own fears and reasons which they too have not witnessed.. Yes self doubt is like a slow poison and equally harmful like any other poison…..


Mind is the powerful thing we all possess but most of us take it for granted. We believe that we aren’t in control of our thoughts but situations control us. But that’s totally wrong, we are in control of our thoughts only and we become what we believe all the time. Truth and secret of mind is we become what we think. The truth is not hidden from anyone and is available to all, delay is because of selection, coordination between you and your mind. The reality is you are what you think, you become what you think all the time and secret is you can create in your mind what you want for you and make that creation your thought. Every individual is image of his or her own thinking and see the world through their own image e.g. if some one notice opportunities everywhere which clearly shows happy thinking and vice-e-versa. So now this truth and secret is out you too take an opportunity of thinking system and design what you want and started thinking that you already possessed as it’s clear you become whatever you think. The moment you train yourself to create your own life desires and pictures of yours where you accomplished all your desires next step is to start thinking of that picture day and night.Your Believe in that picture is fuel keep believing and thinking your picture all the time, eventually you create that life for you with your believe. You become what you think all the time….