The decision you make today will not only affect your tomorrow but they are the making your future. No decision is small or big, less impact or big impact on your future but your decision of today is the pen with which you are righting your future.

We have seen few people have a careless approach towards few aspects of life with the thought it is too small or I am too big to be affected by this but that’s not true everything small or big is a part of your today’s decision which will certainly be creating your future. Life gives us many opportunities to decide where we have to choose either option 1 or option 2 and always remember that your future self is going to be grateful for you to make that decision.

The thing which is important while making a decision is to believe in yourself and don’t let others believe to impact your belief when they say you don’t have much experience of the real world or how things work practically, you do everything to prove them wrong.

The thing which you need in your life while making any decision is to believe in your self. Always keep in mind one thing while making a decision is to focus on what you have and not what you don’t have. Your placing in today’s world is the result of your past decision. e.g At the end of the academic year a student has to go through exams and then the result will be declared of his one year efforts, Students studied for the whole year to get that result at the end of the academic session. The student’s everyday decision of study gives making him closer to his future result. Tomorrow is the result of how we are living our life today.

Happy decisions happy tomorrow, bad decisions sad tomorrow.

Every decision has its consequences that are creating our future. Be mindful while making decisions and remember not to take any decision because others want you to take, your decisions are your responsibility.

Today is very important and be present in your today because you have a responsibility for your future and your future is the outcome of your today’s decisions…..


We give rest to the body in the night with an adequate amount of sleep for proper functioning, in the same manner, the mind too needs rest for mindful thinking. Our mind too needs rest with the practice of not thinking.

This is 100% correct that we think all the time so how to stop thinking and why is the need for not thinking. Sometimes thinking of the past and future is important to make a few decisions in life. It is almost difficult to put an end on thinking.

Okay let me explain this differently; Do you remember your class lectures where the primary objective of the teacher was first to take the attention of all students before introducing new concepts so no one should miss any details. In the same way, if we need to think about some important decisions in life, first we need to give rest to the mind with not thinking of pausing the mind.

There are so many ways to practice not thinking, such as meditation, or bringing your focus at the moment and involve totally at the moment without thinking of the moment, simply be a part of that moment. I am sure you all have to experience the feeling of tiredness, headache, or not feeling bright when you didn’t give the body a specific amount of rest.

For the mind, the time to take rest is when you stop thinking. The home where mind rest is a place of quietness and peace in your mind. Give your mind that gift of peaceful space and do not disturb, follow it religiously. Practice and make it a part of your lifestyle.

The world for us is what our minds tell us and we see the world through the light of our mind. When our mind is involved in too much of the inner chat for us the world is also like that, for a noisy mind world too is noisy.

If we want to change the world or introduce a new concept to the world we need a peaceful mind. e.g while driving on the road if you want to read some new hoarding you need to slow down the speed of your vehicle, to see the picture and text. In the same manner for a few important events in your life, you need to slow down the thinking speed of the mind with the practice of not thinking for some time. The more important decisions in your life need the practice of not thinking for some time, that’s okay if you can’t do the traditional meditation there are so many ways to do just give yourself a break from the outside world with the people in your life and connect with yourself. It is not important to do something just sit down close your eyes or open your eyes, sip coffee or drink no rule to follow just enjoy the bitterness of your drink which is also a pause for the mind. The important is to do something to give rest to your mind in your way, not in someone’s way.

The more things happening in your life the more important it is to give rest to your life…Make priority the peaceful state of your mind and do everything to arrange some rest peaceful time for the mind…

Remember you see the world through your mind…


Empathy and Sympathy both are interconnected with each other. Empathy without sympathy is dangerous and sympathy without empathy is a word e.g Is it possible for a blind person to see the color of the sky, in the same way, sympathy without empathy is blind.

Empathy and sympathy both are feelings where you feel for the other person, their pain, their sufferings, and feel sad for them. Empathy is where you try to understand and feels the emotions of other people wholeheartedly as your own and sympathy is feeling sad for other’s loss/misfortune. Empathetic people are most ready to help others with compassion and mostly they are who don’t need any relation to feel the pain of others. It is always good to be empathetic and sympathetic in life. Once we have a world where everyone is empathetic and sympathetic so many problems of today’s world will vanish because we can understand the pain and suffering of others and help them to minimize it rather than leaving them alone in their sufferings.

The biggest problem of today’s is rising depression in all age groups because of the global pandemic, we can’t do much but can always show empathy and sympathy so that the rise of depression will go little down. One reason for depression is loneliness and when we offer our empathy to someone who is fighting with depression that offers will surely emotionally help that person to fight with it that he/she is not alone in this world. There are still few people who can understand the feelings which are hurting badly, and people have time to listen and understand his sufferings.

The world is worthy of living…

Excitement, joy, happiness too are part of empathy where we feel equally happy/excited about someone’s big achievement in life.

Sympathy and empathy are a very important ingredient of feelings in the human… Sympathy and empathy are deeply connected with our brain, heart, and body where the emotions rise… It is always good to be empathetic and sympathetic in life… Rest will be taken care of by the principle of the law of attraction…


Humble attitude speaks about your greatness. If you think you are humble, sorry you are not.

It is not hard to be humble when we understand what makes our humbleness difficult. We know humans like when they are complimented, the world we live and create our brand that I have experience of life or I know how things work, etc speaks about our mindset, when we admit our wrongs or make mistakes or not having answers define us as a weak person.

If we can press our reset button towards humbleness and work on the above attitude it’s not as hard as we think, but we have to make a decision.

It is very important to be humble if you are at important positions or seek important positions in your life because people respond in a very different way towards humility, which clearly states that I never talk of me as an individual but we all, less importance of self and higher self-control. With this approach of humbleness, one attracts so many miracles through the law of attraction and generates positive energy all around.

Humility talks about 360-degree correct view of oneself from all angles at all times. Our humble approach leads us to a different world with the current scenario where everything is in our favor as the universe is taking all commands from our thoughts and dreams. All of a sudden everything changes and we start living a life where magic and miracles are happening all the time. It is a skill that one can adapt at any phase of life you too can adopt.

Few people misunderstood humility with weakness or no self-respect approach but that’s okay its none of your business they have read a different book, different chapters of life. Don’t let them impact your humility while giving them reasons for your particular behavior which is humbleness for you and no self-respect for them.

The biggest sign of humbleness is they are quiet when they are right because they know universe/higher power/God is their voice and when God is on your side everything is working for you(LAW OF ATTRACTION).

Humble people are amazing listeners…


The practice to feel good all the time is a wonderful thing and making it a priority is a powerful way to explore the best version of yourself.

When you make this practice a part of your life, you will not only change your life for betterment but bring change to the life of those who are directly or indirectly connected to you. When you change your feelings the world around you will naturally change.

As we know our actions are based on how we are feeling inside, when we feel good our actions will be pleasurable for all events/circumstances/people/situations etc favorable or not favorable. Eating also takes an important role in feeling good, do mindful eating, and keep a watch on what you are eating, at what time and quantity.

No one can do this for you and you too can’t do this for anyone.

In case you want to feel good quickly ignore/ditch the negative self-talk you will feel the change. Take responsibility for your happiness like you can breathe for yourself and not for others to live your life. Practice gratitude and spend some time every day with yourself to count your blessings and how grateful you are to welcome every day a new opportunity, new experiences to learn and unlearn old limiting beliefs.

Start your day with a pause of 15 minutes just sit at your favorite corner in your house. You will be happier for the rest of the day. A miracle is waiting for you with happiness and the start of a happier life…


Once you take action for your dreams even a small step then dreams become your reality. They become the dream to which you start living. Action is a bridge between your dream and your reality.

Believe in your dream if you want to achieve it, the belief of others is not important but your belief is a must in order to achieve. If you can believe in your dream, you will surely achieve it.

Don’t keep your dream a secret dream, share it with others. Drop your expectations from your dream, you simply need to believe in your dream. Everything in life is a dream and our actions make it a reality e.g for a baby who is getting trained to stand with support running is a dream at that specific moment and baby’s eyes sparkle when the baby sees other kids running and playing.

Be confident about your dream and dream needs two things from you to believe and act. Be committed to your dream and embrace failures in the process as a necessary part of the process. Remind yourself every failure takes you closer to your dream and its reality.

Dreams come true, even impossible ones too. Your duty is to give your 100% belief and take action. I always have a close association with my dreams since childhood and people call me dreamer even my parents but that can never stop me from dreaming big every day. Now I again have a dream to which I nurture every day with my small steps but the achievement of my new dream is going to be very big. My humble request to all my readers live your dream with full belief and take action.

Build a bridge of action for your dream and making that dream a reality. Gift yourself a new you by being a new person who is going to act on the dream…


When we judge others it affects us more than the other people. Our judgment says more about us rather than others.

Through judgments, we convey the message of how we perceive the world, in simple words, it shows about our preconceptions of the mind. We can simply interchange our judgments with our curiosity and observation about other people.

To adopt this new approach we should simply ask ourself few questions when we judge others: Is it because of my preconceptions, Is it because of my experiences/knowledge, Is it because of my limited beliefs or limited exposure of the world, Am I jealous or biased, does this judgment speak of me rather than others. Once we found an answer to our question it will be easy to interchange.

Let us turn our judgment to be more positive. It’s not about whether one is right or wrong, but it is all about how we perceive the world. Our perceptions become our reality. We need to embrace the difference between us and other people. There is a possibility that they don’t see the things that you see, their goals and desires are not like yours, maybe they have a different life philosophy and values in life.

The simple rule to practice is if you want others to not judge you, you too stop judging them.

The thing that irritates us about others leads us to a better understanding of ourselves. When we stop judging others and accept them as who they are, we stop judging ourselves and let ourselves shine.

The very important thing is to stop judging life and let it flow naturally with its beauty and colors.

The moment we start practicing to stop being judgmental in life we self create a recipe of happiness and positivity

. Practice as much as you can and enjoy your life while welcoming positivity all around you…


Emotions are created when the brain interprets what’s going on around us depending on our past experiences, thoughts, beliefs. They give a trigger to how are we feeling and we behave accordingly.

Our decisions too are influenced by the state of nature we are experiencing. Some times we take quick decisions which need our time to evaluate decision from other perspectives also because of our emotional state and its experiences at that moment of time. Emotions are a combination of our physiological arousal, psychological appraise, and subjective experience. All of the above depends on our experiences, background, culture, etc. This is one of the reasons that different people have different emotional states when in similar circumstances. When we move in our daily lives, we experience a variety of emotions.

An emotion is a subjective state that we described as our feelings. Actually, emotion is an indicator of the subjective state that affects us intensely, and that occurs in response to something we experience. Emotions are our conscious experience and intentional. Emotions are a very important tool when we are interacting with other people, it is important to give clues in interaction with other people about how are we feeling.

These clues might be in the form of our facial expressions etc. There are five basic emotions which we experience in our day to day lives and which affects all our actions and decisions. If we can manage those than we can manage our lives, our experiences. Anger, fear, happiness, surprise, sadness are a few emotions we experience no matter where are we in our lives.

The strongest emotion is fear the day we conquer our fears we won the half battle of our life… Practice to manage emotions mindfully


When you focus on others it not only causes stress, anxiety but you also miss the opportunities/experiences which are right in front of you for your further growth.

People often say, I have less than others or keep comparing themselves with others which brings unhappiness in their lives. Their eye is always on others and they miss what they have. Focus on others brings hatred too in their lives.

But a hundred dollar question is: How to focus on oneself instead of others. The answer is very simple, find out what is important for you and what is not. Once you decide and prioritize, learn to say no. Initially, it will be difficult to focus on yourself when you have a negative and judging inner voice.

Self-compassion will help you to have a positive inner voice and also stop comparing yourself with others. Self-compassion helps you feel more connected with others rather than comparing yourself with them.

One simple rule to focus on yourself and not on others is practice practice practice SELF COMPASSION… When you build self-compassion you focus on your similarities with others.


We all can take control of our life by watching every thought, feelings closely, and make miracles happen in our lives.

To attract a miracle we should release ourselves from negative energy and always try to feel more grateful, spend less time with negative people, try to be less judgmental. Miracles are the ones that science can’t explain but you let them happen in your life by mindfulness.

Be grateful for the little things also and have confidence that you are attracting miracles all the time in your life. Miracles are following you all the time and don’t think much about your failures, take them as a part of the process.

We have to release ourselves from the limiting beliefs, negative feelings, and lack of faith in self-potential which blocks the natural flow of our energy/well-being coming to us. Spend some time with your energy only. Surround yourself with the good energy people who too are far away from judgments and their focus is to see the best in everyone.

This is a very important step in attracting miracles to surround oneself with the right energy people. The moment you realize how powerful it is to know that our thoughts and beliefs shape our lives and we attract what we experience in our world, the feeling is amazing. You will feel on top of the world because you unlock the thumb rule to make miracles happen anytime, anywhere in your life. No one is your driving your life it is only you who is at the driver seat with miracles happening all the time.

Understand the concept of giving and receiving which is an integral part of the flow of energy in the Universe. When you say no you cut off the possibility to yes.

Giving can be in any form Compliment, article, flower, kindness, blessing, prayer, etc. The universal truth is we all are connected and our creator is one and belongs to the same puzzle called life, the difference is in the placings and timings.

Start manifestations, practice gratitude, and attract miracles all the time…