Human tendency is to relate everything happening around or with them to situation, environment, destiny, Gods decision or other factors but fact is human attracts every single event to their life with the power of their thoughts which keep processing all the time with in our mind factory. If you closely observe your placement in the game of life and simultaneously your thoughts, will be surprised to know 100% matching. Now why to delay if magical trick is in front of you then use it to shape your all steps of game with your terms and condition and witness miracles in your life. Your thoughts are like magnet and attract the same nature of events from universe. Now carefully observes your thoughts and pen down if you want to replace any current thought with new thought, so implementation will become easy for you. Have an amazing weekend with your own terms and condition while driving your thoughts considering what color of tomorrow you want to attract from universe and enjoy journey of life rather then playing blame game with your destiny…..



Emotions are always true and mostly humans deny their emotions by giving them tagline not relevant or inappropriate. Emotions are the experience of our inside journey and if we learn to accept our own emotions without calculating the algebra of life, whole journey will change. How comforting or convenient it is to hold fire ball in hand and without burning the hand? Practice and if you succeed then its wonderful but if hand burns then imagine how much damage is inside when you hold your one emotion and if you are among fortunate few who always get in the trap of emotional algebra before releasing your emotions. Practice to never say no to your emotions and feel your all emotions to understand reason behind their presence to help yourself only. Once you practice to embrace all your emotions your whole journey, your perspective everything will change….. Love your emotions they belong to you, emotions are emotions not good or bad, happy or sad….. Your emotions are magical once you practice to embrace your emotions you witness magical life/journey ahead with happiness…..


Karma is an action and what ever happens with a person happens because they caused it with their own karma. Karma can’t be defined as good or bad, but it attracts as good karma attracts good effect and bad karma attracts bad effect. Happiness and unhappiness solely depends upon the persons karma but not on any situation, event or difficult phase of life. All your today’s action your KARMA is deciding your tomorrow, your intentions behind your every action/Karma done deliberately through body, voice or mind leads to your future consequences and stop misguiding yourself on the name of not favorable situations, lets wait for right time. Set your focus only on your Karma as mothers focus is always on the child and parent your karma nurture it with warmth and love. Once you decided to be parent to your Karma everything will change, your visualizations, believe in yourself and in the world around, happiness, journey, celebrations of success and failures etc everything will change…..Stop doing any deed or action to please, get yourself engaged in your karma and practice to say NO if your Karma says NO you too practice to say NO…….Lets start a new journey of incredible happiness and unstoppable success …..


Anger is like a ball of fire in your hands which is equally dangerous for one who holds and people around. We often see people love to judge others which is a sign of their anger emotions inside and releasing in the form of judgments. We called our self smart when it comes to time management proudly say about multi tasking but is it strength or weakness. When people do multi tasking which is again a signal that they have not managed their schedule properly for independent task and now doing everything together without realizing creating space inside for anger emotions. Now we are not discussing about multi tasking that was the example to relate emotions. What humans are doing these days to manage their emotions because once they develop the skill of emotion management they will see themselves in different state of mind altogether. Imagine skill is developed among all humans how to manage emotions then they can very easily resonate themselves with …How CEO thinks?/What is happiness?/Journey to unstoppable success?/Hoe to use failures as a fuel to success journey? etc. Necessity of today’s era is to develop the skill of managing anger emotions….. Once you develop the skill you witness miracles in and around yourself….


Almost everything is condition base these days, nothing called us unconditional or without any condition. Yes, love and care too is condition based even love of mother which is the most purest form of love based on the conditions in different ways sometimes reward, punishment, competition etc. Is it that difficult to accept everything, everyone, even your own child without condition especially parents of growing up kids when you practice to accept them with their own unique kind you will nurture tomorrows world with confidence and happiness. Just a little exercise is required to accept world without any condition, if you master the skill to accept everything without any conditions then you will see yourself in different journey of life which is unstoppable success and happiness…..


Human mind is a factory which keeps working and product manufactured are thoughts which controls the whole system of human e.g if he is thinking in a way that is not because of any external factor or event but reason is mind factory is manufacturing that thought based on the raw material provided.

These days human takes every possible steps to nourish body/skin which has open a huge market of maintenance products e.g industries involved in cosmetic etc. every other day either new product is launched or new industry but what about mind nourishment how one can nourish body/skin without nourishing mind else human has to take help of drugs(medicine) to relax mind. But it can be done with mind nourishment without taking help from any drug. Requirement of this era is awareness of mind nourishment through therapy, self help books, life coaching etc and everyone can train themselves to lead a life of healthy mind. Mind nourishment is necessity of today’s era but requirement is awareness in the same way, when few years back awareness of literacy was required but today it has become necessity for growth of any economy.


Most common statement among few humans “We get whatever is destined for us”, but who decides destiny its human who creates the destiny no one else. Everyday humans are engaged in writing next page to their life chapter knowingly or unknowingly but believe me that is correct if you can visit your memory and relates to your current place it can be anything but just see how much matches. Negations too are powerful go dig more deep, their is auto delete for word no, not, never but takes the statement following these words of negation. In general you are the one who is writing every day your own story with your own beliefs and you have the edit button always with you in your control. I know its hard to believe in one day but slowly observe your believe system and your own callings, then you will be surprised to know that no one else but you are creating your own destiny. Now you too are ready to witness miracles in your journey…..Every one born equal, with equal opportunities and filled with unique potentials… Find your own potential rather following others because when you fall in others race, you disconnect yourself with higher power whatever name you call….i call universe…some call God….