Every new season of life is an opportunity to learn, grow, and explore.

Celebrations are the fuel to drive all seasons as per your desires and you can connect with your dreams in every season and make that happen but the very important thing to remember is to celebrate both successes as well as a failure because when you don’t celebrate failures, message which goes to the universe through your thought vibration is different message and law of attraction start arranging the same as received through your thoughts.

Every season in your life is designed by the universe so you experience everything and that is your test also before getting the grades(which is your dream life) if you pass the test and enjoy every season with joy, the universe will give you the life you dream of but this is possible when you have belief on your dreams and enjoy gracefully all experiences without any doubt.

Be aware of what season you are in then you will feel the shift of the season, which can happen if you are in present but if you stay in the past or future most of the time you can’t celebrate the transition. You will miss the opportunity to feel every moment of your life when it is in the transition to a new season of your life.

Everything that happens in your life there is a season and a purpose, and the reason for that particular purpose. Believe in the one thing that you are magical and experiencing different seasons is fun and making you a better day by day and you can attract any kind of life.

Remember when you start the new season of your life law of attraction is always at work and receiving signals from your thoughts and will arrange the same for you…


Everything you want can be yours but you must know first very clearly that what exactly you want and the moment you clear about your wants and the reason why do you want that particular thing or life, you are near to receive that and the process of arranging that in your life is started.

The common mistake we humans do is keep saying I don’t want this, I have never asked for this God, Everyone is fortunate then why not me, etc. Let’s see the above statement more clearly which says that focus is only on what they don’t want but not on what they want.

So the summary is one can get whatever they want if they are clear that what they want and break the old pattern of focusing on what they don’t want.

Our human minds are also like computers and they are programmed with our continuous thoughts and beliefs, if something different we need to change the old program with a new program and permanently deleted the old program from the memory.

Today we live in the smart world and uses different gadgets as per our need but everyone uses and we all are aware of that after some time we keep receiving the pop-ups on our screen that “New software is available, kindly update” to get more advanced features and after every update, we are happier with new features and we don’t use the old ones or some updates replaced the old features with the new one.

It was an example now coming back to the mind computer when you want some new thing in life or you want to change your life, the first step is to get clear what do you want and delete the old thoughts and beliefs which hold you from receiving that.

A set new program in your mind computer which only works on what do you want and generate all thoughts favoring your wants.

The universe and law of attraction are always on work to arrange that in your life…It’s magic and true, believe me, just like the sun, moon, mountains, river, ocean… this too is true…

The universe is always at your back and receiving signals from your thoughts and arranging that in your life.

This is a secret but I am happily sharing with you that you and everyone on this planet is always surrounded by divine energy… believe in this if you are experiencing happy moments or not favorable journey watch your thoughts and their focus…

Delete old ones and update new ones that support what you want…


We do listen to our inner critic at different occasions of life but how often you listen to yourself, the voice of your soul. Sometimes it is required to listen to oneself but the question is how?

You must have been the part of so many conversations, personal, social, professional, etc sometimes you may find yourself engrossed deeply on any particular topic the reason is that is the focus of you, this is what you can relate to as an individual.

It happens because during that moment you just don’t listen to the words you speak but you experience the feeling the way you say it. That feeling is magical brings joy on your face and you can feel that magical current in your body as all senses are activated.

This is listening at a deeper level and when you listen to yourself you live your beliefs and pursue your dreams. This is the best way to reduce stress and activate happiness in life.

Make it a practice and start listening to your self before you listen to the world.

You will be surprised to see what all you have inside you. The one thing you are looking in the outside world you already possess that is magic.


The rule is very simple when you decide to live your dream life, ask your self what is holding to you back to believe that you are going to live your dream life very soon? The answer can be toxic people in your circle, your limiting beliefs, your self-doubt, etc.

Understand one universal truth you are here on this planet for some limited period, why only you we all exist on this planet for some limited period and time we have is the only time either we can create our dream life or either we live the life with the belief that dreams are only dreams they are not reality and reality is very different.

Believe me every big thing, every big invention, big discovery, always once a dream to someone and their belief in their dream gives us new experiences.

Just imagine the dream of the Wright brothers to fly in the sky like birds gives us the aviation industry they too have another way to not believe in their that dream by self-convincing that they are humans and not birds, it would be silly if others will hear their dream, a dream of a Mahatma Gandhi gives us independence and today we celebrate our independence day on 15th August every year with pride, etc there are so many stories if you look around you will witness.

One thing is a common dream, everything starts from a dream and dreams are real, my dream, your dream, and everybody’s dream.

Dreams are a window to your new life you simply need to believe in your dream.

If you can dream something you are definitely going to achieve that…Dream and believe in your dream, action has already begun. The law of attraction is on work…..


Through your positive outlook and optimistic attitude, you create your fortune.

Fortune is the future and when you create your fortune you create your future with the thoughts you have today and the law of attraction is just organizing that future for you.

It is like you place an order for your fortune through your thoughts and the universe receives the signal(your order) with the law of attraction and arranges the same without any alteration for you exactly what you ordered through your thoughts.

Let me explain this in a different way when you have to drive at place ABC and you start from your home but you take the road which leads you to place XYZ and you continue driving this happens in the absence of awareness.

My point is when you are aware of your fortune exactly what do you want then awareness of the law of attraction and thought process is required to create that fortune.

Believe me, everything is possible in your life to receive if you can imagine something that already exists for you and only for you. Sometimes people often say it never happens imaginations are not real and we live in the real world and imaginations are in the fairy tales

. Seriously you too believe this, and if yes change your belief, imaginations become the reality when your belief is with them so believe in your imagination and live life with your new belief system. The reality is you are the creator of your fortune only you can predict your future with your thoughts and the universe will receive your command and arranges the same for you.

Everything starts from you the kind of life you desire starts from you, the success you want to achieve starts from you, the relation you want to experience in your life starts from you.

The secret is you want it and there is no room for doubt just the belief that you are going to receive it and the process is already begun of you achieving everything you want in your life.

Create your fortune by breaking the old negative beliefs…

Only you have the power to create your fortune….


The law of attraction is the law which has the ability to attract into our lives what we focus on.

In simple words, it is magic to get anything from the universe into our lives. The law of attraction connects with our minds and gives us the same experiences as what we are thinking.

It is the law of attraction which governs the universe and uses the power of our thoughts and bring that into our reality.

Thoughts only turn into the things and come to us be it positive or invalidating we receive the same we are thinking and believe me its magic. When your focus is always on your dream goal and you always have that thought of receiving that dream into your life believe me law of attraction creates all possibilities for bringing that dream goal into your life, people often call its fortune but the reality is the law of attraction.

It’s magic the moment you understand you are just a door away from making your story a great story and soon your name will be added into the list of great people who have accomplished all that what they want in their life magically.

The secret is you attract what you want to decide what do you want and start attracting only things you want in your life.


We know that everything that happens to us begins with a thought and stress to begins with our thought only.

Stress is not something that happens in the outside world but it is our interpretation of the event which happens outside causes stress to us. It is our perception of threat.

It is so true that people never realize that their own beliefs, thoughts, and feelings raise their stress level and it can be so dangerous in a longer period and leads to depression, high anxiety, blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. As you already know that we have thoughts all the time either positive or negative and negative thoughts too are the trigger to stress so allow yourself to release all negative thoughts with the new positive thoughts.

Most of the time i have witnessed one feeling among people common in my sessions that they are worried or anxious for something that might can happen in their future that feeling too is the seed of stress which can be dangerous one day.

When you see more clearly the feelings behind the worries and anxiety and make a list you will realize there are few things which can’ be control and few which can control and take a necessary step and release yourself from that unseen danger which is anxiety and worry.

Anxiety and worry are simply bringing stress to your life gift yourself a stress-free life and live in your present, no past no future.

Managing stress is to reframe the interpretation of the situation with positive thoughts. Everything is a skill the more you practice the more easily it will become your habit and you witness a magical life… 


Your fortune, unstoppable success, happiness, abundance exists only in your mind, and nowhere else, the moment you understand it you will receive it in your life. e.g the child knows when hungry go to the mother and ask for favorite food and it will be on the table in no time.

This is not the child’s area to go in detail about the preparation of food and ingredients. The focus of the child is the favorite food, mother, and excitement of having it.

The universe/ God/ Supreme power has similarly designed humans and everyone will receive in their life the same where they focus their energy. There is nothing called reality or dreaming everything exists in the human mind you will get where your focus and beliefs are. Everyone experiences the same thing differently based on experience and belief system.

If you master yourself to hold exactly what do you want in your life, the kind of life in your mind all the time leaving possibilities are available circumstances you will experience the same in your life the thought you held and focus. You get what you focus on.

If you want to achieve your ambitious goals in your life set your focus on the possibilities of having it and rule is believe believe and believe that it’s coming to you exactly similar the way you want it to be.

Focus is amazing just set your focus on the life you want to create in your life and ignore everything, the more clearer your focus is the quicker you attract your focused life.

There is a science behind it that what you focus you will get in your life. The human brain is a very complex machine and has to process millions of data every day. There is a filter that manages that it should not get overloaded or crash and the part of the brain that helps the filtering process is called the REICULAR Activating System.

We form this filter by continuously telling our brain consciously or subconsciously what is important to us, our beliefs, our fears, and our focus.

Gradually with the time, we started attracting to our life what we focus on through the process of RAS.

The law of attraction is reacting to your continuous focus of thoughts…

Set your focus on what you want in your life…


Always listen to your feelings, never ignore them. Your feelings are the path that will lead to you to your higher self and you will discover a new you.

When you pay attention to your feelings you will write a new story of the life of your choice and live that life but everything starts when you pay close attention to all your feelings at all times.

Everything in the life is all about how you feel you must have experienced that some times in your work meetings without any reason you feel confident and everything goes well when you dig deep and try to find out the association of the feeling confidence with your emotion possibly you got some calls, favorite breakfast, met someone, or visited your memory, etc. it can be anything and then bring your attention to everything goes well in the meeting because the law of attraction is always on work.

When you start your day with a feeling of this day is going to be an amazing day believe my law of attraction takes command from your that thought and arranges the same for you. This is a miracle that is possible when you pay attention to all your feelings.

In life journey, you come across different shades of people and have different experiences but one thing is always there that is your feeling. Sometimes you feel people are not rational being with you from so long time still they don’t trust you or people are extra kind on just one meeting they have confidence on your potential and they trust you for big deals, don’t take anything on you, just pay attention how they treat you because they are reflecting who they are.

Don’t blame anyone for what happens to you or in your life, responsibility goes on to your feelings. Your feelings are the cause of what is happening in your life.

It is a cycle one event leads to another and the cycle goes on because the law of attraction is always at work and takes commands from your thoughts which generates on how you are feeling and there starts the cycle.

Every microsecond of your life brings an opportunity for you to change your life depending on how you are feeling.

The moment you change your feelings you change your life…

Pay attention to your feelings and change your story life is beautiful.

The universe is kind and has an abundance… YOU ask and you will receive…


When you feel happy around you all the time, you simply attract happiness to your life by the law of attraction. Most people feel that happiness is a feeling of satisfaction, contentment a fulfilled life.

Happiness is a feeling that life is just the way you want it to be but is it possible always, is it easy or just a line that looks good in the books where you are reading the definition of happiness.

If you are already aware of the law of attraction and how it works then it is not difficult for you to attract happiness in your life. There are times/ phases in the life when the reasons who hold your happiness is out of control that is the moment to remember that the law of attraction is watching your thoughts and the next thought of your life can be the changing moment in your life either U-turn or continue the journey on the same path of happiness.

The choice of ignorance and awareness of the law of attraction is in your control and you are the driver at that moment who can drive either way and the law of attraction will simply follow your direction and bring the same in your life.

No matter that time, opportunity, situations, people everything is against you but you know the law of attraction and its power to change anything. Simply close your eyes and freeze yourself with happiness and ignore outside noises. You will be amazed to witness the miracle of feeling happiness when life gives you a reason to worry.

If you can feel happiness at any time in any situation you can always change your unpleasant experiences with the law of attraction into the happiest experiences.

It is not your duty to check how the law of attraction works but you must focus happiness all the time and the law of attraction is your kind servant simply takes orders from your thoughts and gives you the same, you only need to believe and rearrange your focus.

Remember the universe has abundance for you but you will get when you asked…Feel happiness all the time and attract happiness in your life…