Commitment or preference always can’t go together but important is to guard your commitments rest things will be taken care by universe/higher power /God what ever you call. Everything in the life is boomerang once you trained yourself to guard your commitments out of all preferences available then you see magic around you happening all the time, speed can be slow but you will feel the movement. Gradually you started living the life of your dreams, Yes your DREAM LIFE on which everyone laughs when ever you share with them but remember your strong commitment with your dream life, takes you closer and depending upon the strength of your commitments universe says granted and magic starts. Give yourself a moment look around and observe humans how they relate all events of their life with the good fortune or bad fortune depending upon the nature of events or their own perspective of looking at things. Fortune totally depends upon your commitment in day to day life. Stay committed and feel yourself in your dream life…..


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