Living in the moment is the thumb rule to happiness and success.

Feelings help humans to be present at the moment when they engage themselves with feelings e.g focus to feel the weather, rain or drizzle, wind or storm, etc. When humans focus on the moment they release themselves from past experiences as well as future worries which is the sign that they are in the moment. To be present at the moment helps humans in increasing their concentration, resulting in them using all their available resources with their full potential, leading them to an unstoppable journey of success. Happiness also comes when the focus is on the moment rather than analyzing the graph of past accomplishments and failures. Smile, joy is an important ingredient to be present at the moment. When one is present in the moment indicates no past baggage and no worrying about the future. When one chooses to live in the past or future that selection robs the present which is a true living with the physical presence and only truth, not a myth. Wise selection can change everything and you will see yourself always happy enjoying every moment while being present in the moment with full concentration…..

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