All souls want to be happy and believe happiness is getting everything, with this believe started chasing things which others possess. Every action in the life is like boomerang what you give that comes back to you sooner or later. e.g when you deposit money in the bank, you get in return money with extra interest but money only not any any other thing. If we know this simple rule then why all confusion, to get happiness start spreading happiness first then ready to receive. Its very simple you can give happiness in every form, at any time, to any one but important is you should aware of fact that if you want to receive happiness in your life start giving it will surely come back to you. Most of the times we misguide ourselves with desires and happiness both are different, one can attract desires fast with happiness but if one believes that to get happiness fulfillment of desires are must, happiness is almost impossible without accomplishment of my desires that’s not true at all. As happiness increases one’s potential and efficiency in all their respective duties, helps make their journey pleasurable. There are small small acts in the life through which you can attract happiness in your life, its just a practice always remember practice makes the man perfect. So trained yourself all the time and start pouring happiness around you in all the forms. You are owner of beautiful soul and one of your type, happiness you carry with yourself is precious keep multiplying while sending it to reach other souls. Happiness is different then money, more money you save it increases but if you save happiness it decreases. In order to receive happiness keep spending happiness there is no time fixed in the day to spend happiness… start feeling good around people, pretend everybody needs you, stop worrying about anything now you are ready to give happiness and receive in abundance…… Pour happiness in the environment and be the owner of happiness



Happiness and perfection can’t be together, yes either one can be happy or perfect. So you decide what you focus on happiness or perfection. Some believe to lead happy life one should be perfect in all task but that’s not true with this believe they only enter in a round loop structure. Human is always victim of the word perfection in own created credentials and passes it on to next generation as a legacy the word perfectionist, new generation also started living for this word perfection. In this race everybody forgets that happiness is more important and are you happy while chasing perfection in your life in your, actions and the task you perform. What is the definition of perfection for you, is it not to live life without the feeling of happiness or you don’t know what happiness is or you think that happiness is when you see yourself as a perfectionist etc. But if we learn how to embrace our self with all our imperfection then everybody will fall in love with themselves and we see happy people everywhere. The other important thing is to practice how to accept imperfection in everyone, everything, relations, workplace, and encourage all small things rather than focusing on improvements or feedback’s. Sadly but humans are engaged in never ending race of proving themselves as perfectionist and forgetting that happiness is just feeling which can’t be seen but thing to feel. One can feel happiness when focus is not perfection but celebration of all imperfection and accepting the world with its nature. Sometime we misguide our self with pleasure considering as happiness but happiness is not pleasure. Pleasure is temporary feeling when we meet someone after long or we achieve something etc. but that’s not happiness. Whenever we are in the race of proving our self perfect it means we are not grateful of what we really are, and if we can’t accept our self with our true self how world will accept us. One biggest impact of perfection on us is we don’t accept our weaknesses and judge our self on behalf of own weaknesses. Where weakness should be used as a fuel to improve because through weaknesses we come to know areas to work. Nothing is perfect not even the world we live in as we witnessed so many natural disasters which impact to so many lives. People around are also far from being perfect engage in greed, bribe, self possessed etc. We too are not perfect so why to enter race of proving our self perfect and forgetting what happiness is, the skill which is important to accept is our imperfection as we are most beautiful when we smile to look in the mirror all our imperfections….Happiness is accepting all imperfections…


Yes very true wherever one is today in the life is not because of anyone or destiny. It is because you called yesterday knowingly or unknowingly the very same thing with showing your believe on the certain things/events happened today in your life. You are because of your perception of the world and the way you see world around you not the whole world. Yous belief depends upon so many things your culture, religion, nationality, people, geographical boundaries, your own map of the world etc. Lets talk about test and result after test, so test is not depend on result but result totally depends on the test. Result comes after test is given not before and the result is also on the basis of how fairly we gave test. In the same way wherever we are today is because silently we called that for us yesterday through showing our confidence on the possibilities of what can happen and not happen. Now when we know whatever is happening in our life is because of our understanding of sub conscious who is responsible for all belief system. It is not difficult for any individual to go on the driving seat and show trust and believe in one’s own driving skill no need to check your skills of driving or how efficient you are in driving but important is to believe that you are self learned driver and good observer can drive on any kind of road at any time. Then you will see yourself in your tomorrow give command to your sub conscious and believe sub conscious is very faithful servant never ask any question only follow your orders. Try this and see your self as a writer of your own story. Yes your story which you use to think can never be your story as you are not fortunate enough. When you master this skill of writing own story then you will learn one more art of not blaming situations, destiny, people, circumstances etc for what ever is happening…. BE THE WRITER OF YOUR OWN STORY and decide your tomorrow, today….


Who prepares for failures? One should always think of success but not failures. Most of the people are comfortable to share their success mantras or how to be successful etc. But no one talk about failures as we know no one is perfect, everyone have faced failures in their life and suffered breakdowns so it always make sense to get prepared to face failures too in life rather than being surprised and entering depressed state when failure happens. Some of the people decide to not try again as they can’t handle another failure. How many of you remember your childhood experience while learning cycle or any physical activity. Be honest with yourself did you learn cycling without falling or remember all bruises while learning cycling but you continue riding again after every time you fell in order to learn. Because you knew and prepared emotionally for falling at the time of learning cycling than why can’t you prepared your self again in life to face failures and start again in order to reach your goal. Failures are never losers but who is not ready to receive failures actually lose themselves in the life. Be a winner and prepare yourself to face all kinds of failures in life big or small. Failures can never define you but your definition is how you responded to failures. The more you fail, more you are near to your success. Thomas Edison said: “I have not failed, just found 10000 ways that didn’t work”. We can always learn from his experience that failing is not permanent but temporary defeat. Preparing to receive failures never mean that we want it or make it happen. It means we are willing to take any risk with risk both can happen. Preparing for failures is becoming emotionally strong and ready to handle any weather any time. Once you are prepared to fail than no situation, event can break you and it is very important these days as we know all rules to play safe and win, no one teaches how to fail or how to see yourself when you fail. No one is going to humiliate you or judge you because of failures but you will be appreciated because you tried and try again. It should be part of curriculum ” Prepare to receive failures” we will not loose so many hopes, dreams, people etc. Time to introduce awareness drive among individuals how to manage failures in life and use it as a fuel rather then finishing everything and believes nothing can be done now……If all would have been trained in handling failures we might not loose CCD founder V.G. Siddhartha of India ….


Priority of today’s era is to manage finances and always stay updated with the market knowledge and new investment policies. Best way to make money is to invest at right time everything is managed, whenever we heard people talking about shortcut method to make money in very less time with very less investment, we feel our self fortunate to be around. We are engaged in managing our financial accounts. But we forgot the important factor of universe which is Energy and everything on this universe is made up of energy, we humans too are made up of energy. To multiply any kind of account we must first understand how to manage our energy and to channelize in a manner to attract positive energy in continuity. Firstly we can talk about energy in four different types physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. All four types of energies are interconnected with each other and impact of one type can be seen in all e.g if one is low or high in any one of the type it impacts to all three in the same manner. Physical energy shows tiredness of body, mental energy shows your focus at task, emotional energy relates to positivity or negativity of feelings and spiritual energy is about your desired goal in your life. Believe me its not difficult to manage energy but important is to use wisely, we are genius when it comes to manage finances, investments for long times but energy is different than money. One can save money for later use where energy can’t be saved for later use it keeps changing every micro second. Energy is everywhere what ever you do, say or act even in the thoughts also. Your Energy depends upon the nature of the thoughts, actions etc. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of energy is linked directly or indirectly with the unseen thoughts or deeds of yours. To manage your energy you need to activate strong device who works always like a faithful servant of yours and watch what is the communication between conscious and sub conscious. Once you master the skill of energy management rest everything will be taken care of and money management is the byproduct if you succeeded but remember energy keeps changing every micro second. Managing of your energy should be on continuous way, you can’t save today’s energy for later use like money……. Energy needs a ritual to follow and create habits to make your life easier and energized……Manage your energy and be your own healer


Dreams are not only dreams but your voice which is calling you to hold hand and walk without asking any question. Dreams are like innocent child who is not yet expose to the harshness of outside world and for that child parents, home etc. are the whole world. The definition of Good-Bad, Right-Wrong, Possibilities everything is same for the child just like our dreams, who always see us as their parent and non judgmental most loving parent who wanted us to be happy at any cost. As we all know for most of the living creatures their child is the first priority and we are blessed to be one among all creatures born as a human. I am a learner always curious and excited to learn from anyone. So, why not learn from parents who are always available for their kids at any time because their priority is their child only. Lets be that parent to our dream and enjoy each word depth of the dream without any facts, acceptance, possibilities in the real world and give our confirmation and full support to the dream and let it grow slowly in our tender care and believe. Let our dream grow in our care, love, support and full believe as tomorrow its going to be the reality and world will raise a toast and acknowledge tomorrow on our today’s dream and tomorrows reality. Yes important is to prioritize your dream and rest universe is there to take care. My priority is my dream and request you too, to prioritize your dream and be a parent to your dream….. Dream big and be parent to your dream with unconditional believe in your dream… You are the one who can approve your dream, approve it……Magic is waiting for you


Perception depends upon the mindset of individual. Where mindset is one’s values, beliefs, opinions, way of thinking, and it is hard to change the way of thinking of any individual. We all have our own set of understanding about any situation, circumstances, events etc. which is based on how differently we look at things and that’s our perception. Yes that’s true we act in the same way we perceive the world depending on our personal learning and vision to look at the world. Nothing is good or bad, happy or sad, fortunate or unfortunate, things revolves our inside feelings and happiness. Our connect with our self, if we are connected with our self and listen to our inner self rather than listening to the crowd of outside world we perceive beautiful world dream to live for any individual. But sadly saying most of the world’s population is failed to create connect with themselves and running after outside crowd and spend their time to pretend what they are not rather then listening to their original self. All that affects their perception about the world and then their actions to any event depends on how they perceive the world. We humans are so creative can do anything, its not lie check wonders of world all created by humans not any other specie and are blessed to born as human who can create anything if want to. So why not do little changes in our perceptions who are holding us to reach to our desired action, just like an architect draws many rough drawings of one project before approving himself for his own satisfaction. Once we decide our desired action then focus should be on whats that limited belief who is not releasing us to see things from different perspective. Now everything is same but we master the skill and changes our perception about the world around us with desired action….Yes you witness a new success journey in the beautiful world because you focus is only beauty of the world whatever be the situation…. Journey to incredible success and happiness is decide your action, feel the same and perceive the world which welcomes your action…..