Yes, the above statement is 100% correct. If any time in your journey you feel hurt, just ask yourself a simple question.

Who hurt you?

You will be amazed to hear the answer that no one on this planet is designed by the universe/Higher power/God to hurt you. You are hurt by your expectations. Alter the list of your expectations and eliminate the feeling of hurt from your story.

You always want the world, the people, the situation in a certain way, and when you see the difference between reality and your projections, you feel hurt.

Remember one thing you are just a creature on this planet, not the whole planet and no one is small or big, fortunate or less fortunate. However your placement is designed by the universe while creating you, the more you believe in the power of the universe and enjoy your positioning with no expectations.

You welcome the magic in your journey and the feeling hurt will be deleted permanently from your story.

I am always here to help you…


Visualization is a powerful technique through which we see the world through the lens of our subconscious mind and believe in it. The regular practice of visualization makes us believe that we are living the life of our subconscious.

However, visualization is self-motivation with the religious practice of visualization we end up doing things that we generally avoid due to various reasons.

Secondly, visualization creates the energy of the universe, and the law of attraction takes the responsibility to create possibilities. Visualization is wonderful and the law of attraction creates magical life…

Visualization is not difficult it needs the practice to spend every day 5 to 10 minutes initially, any time of the day and create images of your goals, dreams, anything, etc that you want to attract in your life. Visualize that you have already achieved everything your heart desires in your life. Ignore how it’s magic.

Visualization, thoughts, law of attraction together create your new version…

If you find it difficult, I am always here to help…


The universe is beautiful, it’s magic. Everything we see, we feel is part of the energy and the universe is all about energy. When you connect yourself with the energy of the universe or feel the energy around you magic begins.

Trust the energy and follow it. Energy has answers to all your curiosity believe in it and take decisions of your life on your own, don’t depend on others for any decision. Everyone has their own experiences in this universe and different ways of receiving and sending messages to the universe.

If you feel something is not working for you, it is the energy of the universe that is sending a signal. Believe, follow your instincts and change the plan.

The best way to create positive energy for the universe around you is to listen to your heart and do what your heart desires not what others expect from you.

The day you master to create the layer of positive energy around you, then you can see yourself entering into a new version of your journey..

.The universe is beautiful and you can get anything if you connect with the energy of the universe…


Life is beautiful and we are grateful to the universe/Higher power/God that we got the opportunity to experience this planet in the body he created for us similarly, everything we experience in our lives is designed by that power.

The same power has created the law of attraction through which we can attract anything from the universe and it is not going to finish because the universe has an abundance. There is no doubt that we become what we think because the law of attraction is always working in the same way we achieve what we believe we can.

The secret is universe always says granted to all our thoughts and beliefs. If you carefully observe your life, you will be amazed to know that no one is controlling and driving your life but your thought system and your self-beliefs. Replace your not old thought system and limiting beliefs with the new one.

Wite your story with your new supporting thoughts and beliefs because the law of attraction is creating your life with the energy your thoughts are creating.

Remember one thing there is a purpose for your presence in the body you are else you can be any other creature. You are special and favorite to the universe/ Supreme power/ God believe in this and let your thought system do the magic…

I have seen in the sessions that most people are the victim of their thoughts and beliefs …

I am here to help you become your best self and live the life of your purpose. Nothing is out of reach. Let’s go get it…


How much you know about yourself? Who are you in real? Who are you when no one is watching you? Answers to all the above questions will introduce you to your authentic self.

It is very important for your journey that you should know your potential and the power of your uniqueness.

Yes, Universe/ God/ Higher power has created you for some purpose with the divine energy. It is perfectly okay if you can’t see the purpose right now but you can’t see means it is not there, it exists with your birth and is very much there.

Your everyday journey is taking you closer to the purpose and your belief in the supreme power/ Universe/ God’s creation will help you in reaching the purpose. Don’t worry if the journey is not smooth because that is designed for you and that unsmooth road is taking you closer to your story where the world will know you and the uniqueness of your individuality.

But the most important thing is you should know who you are and why are you here. The prime responsibility is to believe in the universe/ god/ higher power who has created you, and authentic you, and fall in love with yourself.

You have the potential which no one else has…Embrace your authentic self… Miracles are waiting for you…Believe is the most powerful and magical thing…

I have seen miracles happening in my sessions with this magical word belief…Now it’s your turn…


Depression is the result of low serotonin, however, serotonin is the chemical that controls our mood and happiness. Serotonin is the chemical present in our hormones that impacts our entire body.

Serotonin regulates mood, anxiety, and happiness and a low level of serotonin causes depression. We see people always happy and energetic or people who are sad and say there is no reason to be happy or sometimes who says they are balanced people and maintain their balanced approach not happy, not sad, etc.

The similarity is everyone’s behavior is the result of the chemical serotonin present in their system. If everyone understands this then multiplying happiness hormone is not going to be difficult.

Good food rich in nutrients and exercise are the prime components of the chemical serotonin.

If you have anxiety, mood swings, irritability, sleep disorder, bad appetite, aggression are all indicators of low serotonin.

Take all necessary measures to increase the chemical serotonin in your system and allow yourself to live the best version of your life and remember that your presence on this planet is for some purpose…


Who are toxic people and how to recognize them? As it is known to everyone that we all are made up of energy which constantly changes. When you feel the blocked energy or someone’s negative behavior upsets you for the rest of the day they are toxic for you.

The protection of your energy is your duty rather your energy protects your emotions and feelings. There is nothing wrong with you if you have toxic people around you.

Generally, toxic people are the ones who have low self-esteem and try to control the world. When you meet any toxic people or toxic situation allow yourself to leave the space and take yourself away from that situation. e.g you have a limited battery in your mobile, to which either you utilize while finishing your important work calls on it or watch some season on Netflix and utilize the battery.

The choice is totally on to you similarly allowing yourself in the same room where you felt blocked energy because of some toxic people or take yourself out for a walk and do self-pampering….

Anyone can be toxic like parent, child, sibling, neighbor, acquaintance, superior, subordinate, peer, staff, friend, etc. list can be long but your responsibility is to recognize and protect your energy…

You are on this planet on some mission and universe/ God/ Supreme power’s favorite creation…

Protect yourself, love yourself and the world will follow…


Beliefs, trust, faith all are interlinked and related to each other. Everyone has their individual beliefs based on their personal experiences, geographical area, religion, the country they were born, etc.

Sometimes beliefs control the life of a human to every extent that all their decisions, goals, dreams are based on their belief system.

Some reach their goals because they have supporting beliefs and live their life to the fullest, others do not even try because their beliefs push them to self-doubts and they weave the net of what if they fail.

When beliefs control the life of an individual they become victim to their belief system. One very big limiting belief of most of the people is if they can’t start their day early they can’t succeed in life e.g 5 am belief that successful people start their day at 5 am, a neat managed desk, etc. are the examples of limiting beliefs.

But if you do little research will come to know that success never depends on the time of day but it depends upon once passion, when your goal is aligned with your passion, you are on the way to your success story.

Release yourself from all old limiting beliefs and shape your life with colors of dreams and passion…


Karmas play a major role here it is not good people who are treated badly but it is the karmas of the people who treat good people badly.

When someone treats good people badly it is their karma and the reaction of the good people to other’s ill-treatment is the karma of good people. e.g when a goldsmith gives shape to the gold it has to cross so many stages of the heat in the process to reach the desired result.

Similarly, when good people meet the people of other nature it is not to blame anyone, those meetings in the journey are designed by the universe/ higher power/ God and are the transition phases of good people.

That bad treatment is part of the process to take good people on to another level. Where everything is different a new story, a new version just like a fairy tale…

Focus on karma and believe in one thing that nothing is happening wrong or right, however, everything is part of the universe/Supreme power’s plan…

Don’t let the unpleasant feeling come in your way because of other’s karma…Your existence is for some purpose and the law of attraction is working…


Intuitions are based on the data collected in our subconscious. Humans have conscious and subconscious thoughts however intuitions are mostly driven by subconscious data available in the thought factory.

Intuitions don’t need any evidence but take vibration from the universe. This universe is made up of energy which constantly moves and keeps changing its position when it is aligned with our energy, it sends a vibration to our sub conscious and we call it intuition.

Intuition is real you all are aware of electromagnetic radiation and how it works similarly intuition too is the radiation controlled and managed by the universe. The way we have electromagnetic radiation everywhere, mobile phones, television, etc takes waves and convert them into picture and voice.

No one doubts electromagnetic radiation because that is science and there are proofs and intuition is imaginary, with no evidence.

Intuition is as real as any other science because of our existence on this planet, life on the planet everything is energy, a unique way of the universe working.

Intuitions are the vibration which travels from the universe to subconscious of the individual…Anyone can be intuitive and master the skill of receiving vibrations from the universe just with the understanding of the universe and everything in the universe is energy.

Intuitions are the waves and their transmission channel is the universe and receiving end is the subconscious of an individual. Responsibility of human is to believe in the intuitions because that is the channel through which higher power/ God/ Supreme power send messages to the subconscious of the individual at different stages of their journey.

Believe in the intuitions and go ahead in your journey….. Always follow your intuitions and rule your story…

You are God/ higher power/ supreme power’s favorite creation and your presence on this planet is designed for some purpose…

Listen to your intuitions at every step of your journey…