Weakness is the seed of strength.

We all have weaknesses inside us and the important is to recognize and accept our weakness gracefully.

The day we accept the seed of weakness then our love towards the weakness converts it into the strength. The biggest weakness of humans is their sins, wrong deeds, etc. The day human decides to accept all wrong actions of past that day they start the fresh chapter of life toward success and happiness.

Believe me if one wants to experience strength, power, success, happiness one must know the feeling of failure, weakness in some areas. If you know your biggest weakness that is the blessing because that area of your life will be your future strength which will bring success to you.

No need to feel sad for any of your weakness, your acceptance of weakness is the start of your new story. But important is to not allow any of your weakness to dominate your life. Weaknesses are your old habits holding your dreams and not allowing you to believe in the power of your dreams.

There is no magic to overcome weakness in one day you need to devote some time to your life to overcome the weaknesses of your life.

The first very important point in overcoming any weakness is your honesty towards yourself, yes your honest opinion and clear thinking because we almost lie with ourselves in our life daily.

In the process we have to fight with our self-ego too it is also one of the ingredients which need to address. Once the communication started then one has to find where does it come from, the reason for the weakness and story behind it which is supporting the weakness.

Now the weakness is known and the support reason for the presence of weakness, it will become easy to transform it into strength. Make a plan to overcome with new habits and practice every day in life. The day you start your journey towards overcoming your weakness with small plans you will feel confident and your goal will be clear.

Start your new unrecognizable story with your acceptance of your weaknesses, and transformation of weakness into strength…


The law of Karma is the natural law of action and reaction. As per Newton’s law of physics “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Our placements today in our lives are as per our past Karma’s but we control and create our tomorrow with our Karma’s of today.

We reap what we sow so be mindful in all your actions as our actions maintain the balance sheet of all our karma. Karma is an activity we perform in our life.

Karma creates a cycle of our action and reaction, followed by another karma, all living creatures who are a part of this cycle naturally experience both happiness and sadness. But one can be happy and satisfied in this cycle the moment he/she understands that their today’s state of mind is because of past karma so accept your today and practice to control your today’s karma to get the desired outcome for future.

Your actions are sometimes based on other’s reactions so practice to control your thoughts with the belief in superpower/God and everyone is a part of God and God is present in each moment, every action, of all human beings. Practice accepting God in all forms Anger, hatred, failure, success, invention, happiness, etc, Because God/Supreme power wants us to experience all colors of life our acceptance of God’s plan blesses us with fruitful Karma’s.

How to differentiate good karma or bad karma. The answer to this is very simple if the reaction of our karma is positive that defines positive karma and if the reaction to our karma is negative, then negative karma. In simple, we can say that reactions are the result of our Karma’s which defines the nature of our Karma, and whatever is happening in someone’s life is because they are attracting that through their actions.

Karma mirrors our actions too if we show goodness and kindness we attract all goodness and kindness…


Unless you control your thoughts you can’t control your actions. Thoughts and actions are linked with each other.

Our actions are based on our thoughts, if one wants to control actions then thoughts must be monitored and altered. One must filter the nature of thoughts as negative thoughts lead us far from the desired action. Visualization is a wonderful tool to control the thoughts for the desired actions. Mostly we live on the auto piolet mode where our thoughts are based upon our experiences, our geographical limits, born religion, our culture and they all might not favorable to our desired action, we need to disassociate our-self from the auto piolet mode which is a very important step to control our actions.

Lord Krishna also explained this to the Arjuna during the battle of Mahabharata. Thoughts arise through you as long as you don’t attach any specific meaning to them. The very first thing to control thoughts is observing them because we can’t change them until we give them proper meaning and association with our actions.

Thoughts are those feeling which comes to our mind factory without any agenda and with our mindfulness, we accept or reject as per our requirement. Mindfulness needs practice daily and then we master the skill of navigating our thoughts. At last reframing of old beliefs is required.

The algebra of your thoughts decides your reality and you see clearly what action do you want and not what you don’t want. You save your time from spending on the thoughts which are pulling you away from your desired action.

When you master this skill your thoughts are rarely uncontrollable. This is the skill that anyone can have with practice and practice… Kindly share and spread my voice, as sharing is caring and law of attraction works through our every action…


The habits of happy and successful people make them happy and successful. Rest to the body with quality sleep, big dreams, and meaningful conversations at all times are the key ingredient for their happiness and success.

Anyone can lead a happy and successful life with little changes in their daily rituals and controlling their thought process. But this is true that happy people have different habits than people who are miserable all the time.

The important thing is if anyone wants to be happy at all times they need to understand the nature of emotions which creates the thought and practice to drive the thought with the goal of happiness no matter what input is coming through emotions. Happy people practice few skills every day and eventually they become the part of their personality:

Like to forgive and forget other’s actions which are not pleasant, they don’t hold grudges against anyone for a long but miserable people takes it they don,t have self-respect. When happy people or people who are on the path of practicing skills of happiness let go of those unpleasant emotions they release themselves from the negative flow of energy. Spend their happiness with others by investing time in the conversations and creating a bond of love, faith, and care. They surround themselves with positive people who are happy, supportive and be a part of each other’s achievement celebrations as their own. Those people are very kind, respectful, optimistic, reward themselves, to express gratitude is their part as they breathe, enjoy their me-time, never make excuses in life.

They have morning rituals too and their happiness leads to success which makes their story happy and successful story. But this is also equally true that all successful people are not happy. So practice to be happy first and happiness will surely lead to success.


100 dollar question is How to control emotions in general our behaviors are controlled by our emotions. When there is an emotional wave during certain moments just take few steps to calm your heightened breathe and quiet your uneasy mind. After that moment is over you will be grateful that you master the skill of controlling your emotions.

There is no doubt that our emotions dictate our thoughts, intentions, and actions. If we act on emotions quickly or we take action on the wrong kind of emotions sometimes we have to repent in the future for our actions based on specific emotions. Controlling the emotions never meant to stop celebrating joy, happiness, love, or success but it means controlling the negative emotions. It is only negative emotions that we need to handle with extreme care.

Our mind needs conditioning daily to recognize and control negative emotions. But the point is how to avoid wrong feelings which lead us to negative emotions and ways to master our feelings under any harder situation.

There are few ways through which we can control our emotions and regain rationality in extremely difficult situations: Practice the skill of not reacting at the moment this is going to be extremely beneficial where you disassociate yourself from the emotional triggers. Ask the energy to which you connect and call God/Supreme power/Universe to seek his guidance and feel your intuitions. The reason I connect intuitions with God is when you believe and feel the presence of God/supreme power in or around you or everywhere you can understand our instincts are words of God/Supreme power through which we receive the messages of the creator. Find a healthy way out because when you have certain emotional triggers you can’t hold them for a long simply excuse yourself from that situation and go in calm for emotional release. It is not advisable to hold fire in the hand it may burn you. Visualize a bigger picture where every action or reaction of the current moment is deciding and becoming a part of the future. Now the most important is to replace the negative thoughts with the positive one and forgive all emotional triggers with one objective in the mind that when you are in your future self and think of this situation/circumstance you want to feel one feeling of being grateful towards yourself and pride.

Practice being aware of your feelings…


Talk session is highly effective for depression, even though that will be the last thing on the earth anybody wants to talk about. Talk session is to talk about the feelings and emotions but a lot of people didn’t like to talk with anyone about their feelings and emotions thinking that’s something very personal. That’s perfectly okay because depression is a lot more than feelings and emotions.

One’s behavior, thoughts, lifestyle, social circle, family issues all play a very important role in depression. So one needs a person outside from the known circle to listen and give a different perspective which is possible in talk sessions because you have a person who will listen to you religiously without being judgmental and if required ask you various questions to understand the root cause of some specific trigger in your life.

Talk sessions happen outside the circle. The purpose of these sessions is to help you with your difficulties and they are not planned to judge or evaluate you as an individual. Talk session is always teamwork where 2 people will work together as a team to beat the depression and develop some new strategies and skills to lead a more enjoyable and satisfying life.

In the sessions, one regains a sense of control in life. The one most important thing to understand is; talk sessions are different than normal day to day conversations, in talk sessions we talk about our feelings, and in day to day conversations we hide our feelings.

In the session, one gets a different perspective to see the life which helps in beating the depression. One most important thing of these sessions is they are highly confidential and that is also one of the reasons we don’t see much coming in public and talk about their experiences and how these sessions have to transform their lives.

Protect yourself and your loved ones by gifting them an opportunity to talk about their feelings and emotions…

Depression is a serious mood disorder and it can affect the way one thinks, behave, feel, and interact in their lives…One started feeling sad, loses interest in things one used to enjoy a lot. Anyone can be affected by depression and it can happen at any age to anyone. We often heard people saying they have everything how is it possible for them to be depressed always…

Help everyone to fight with this deadly disease depression…


The decision you make today will not only affect your tomorrow but they are the making your future. No decision is small or big, less impact or big impact on your future but your decision of today is the pen with which you are righting your future.

We have seen few people have a careless approach towards few aspects of life with the thought it is too small or I am too big to be affected by this but that’s not true everything small or big is a part of your today’s decision which will certainly be creating your future. Life gives us many opportunities to decide where we have to choose either option 1 or option 2 and always remember that your future self is going to be grateful for you to make that decision.

The thing which is important while making a decision is to believe in yourself and don’t let others believe to impact your belief when they say you don’t have much experience of the real world or how things work practically, you do everything to prove them wrong.

The thing which you need in your life while making any decision is to believe in your self. Always keep in mind one thing while making a decision is to focus on what you have and not what you don’t have. Your placing in today’s world is the result of your past decision. e.g At the end of the academic year a student has to go through exams and then the result will be declared of his one year efforts, Students studied for the whole year to get that result at the end of the academic session. The student’s everyday decision of study gives making him closer to his future result. Tomorrow is the result of how we are living our life today.

Happy decisions happy tomorrow, bad decisions sad tomorrow.

Every decision has its consequences that are creating our future. Be mindful while making decisions and remember not to take any decision because others want you to take, your decisions are your responsibility.

Today is very important and be present in your today because you have a responsibility for your future and your future is the outcome of your today’s decisions…..


We give rest to the body in the night with an adequate amount of sleep for proper functioning, in the same manner, the mind too needs rest for mindful thinking. Our mind too needs rest with the practice of not thinking.

This is 100% correct that we think all the time so how to stop thinking and why is the need for not thinking. Sometimes thinking of the past and future is important to make a few decisions in life. It is almost difficult to put an end on thinking.

Okay let me explain this differently; Do you remember your class lectures where the primary objective of the teacher was first to take the attention of all students before introducing new concepts so no one should miss any details. In the same way, if we need to think about some important decisions in life, first we need to give rest to the mind with not thinking of pausing the mind.

There are so many ways to practice not thinking, such as meditation, or bringing your focus at the moment and involve totally at the moment without thinking of the moment, simply be a part of that moment. I am sure you all have to experience the feeling of tiredness, headache, or not feeling bright when you didn’t give the body a specific amount of rest.

For the mind, the time to take rest is when you stop thinking. The home where mind rest is a place of quietness and peace in your mind. Give your mind that gift of peaceful space and do not disturb, follow it religiously. Practice and make it a part of your lifestyle.

The world for us is what our minds tell us and we see the world through the light of our mind. When our mind is involved in too much of the inner chat for us the world is also like that, for a noisy mind world too is noisy.

If we want to change the world or introduce a new concept to the world we need a peaceful mind. e.g while driving on the road if you want to read some new hoarding you need to slow down the speed of your vehicle, to see the picture and text. In the same manner for a few important events in your life, you need to slow down the thinking speed of the mind with the practice of not thinking for some time. The more important decisions in your life need the practice of not thinking for some time, that’s okay if you can’t do the traditional meditation there are so many ways to do just give yourself a break from the outside world with the people in your life and connect with yourself. It is not important to do something just sit down close your eyes or open your eyes, sip coffee or drink no rule to follow just enjoy the bitterness of your drink which is also a pause for the mind. The important is to do something to give rest to your mind in your way, not in someone’s way.

The more things happening in your life the more important it is to give rest to your life…Make priority the peaceful state of your mind and do everything to arrange some rest peaceful time for the mind…

Remember you see the world through your mind…


Empathy and Sympathy both are interconnected with each other. Empathy without sympathy is dangerous and sympathy without empathy is a word e.g Is it possible for a blind person to see the color of the sky, in the same way, sympathy without empathy is blind.

Empathy and sympathy both are feelings where you feel for the other person, their pain, their sufferings, and feel sad for them. Empathy is where you try to understand and feels the emotions of other people wholeheartedly as your own and sympathy is feeling sad for other’s loss/misfortune. Empathetic people are most ready to help others with compassion and mostly they are who don’t need any relation to feel the pain of others. It is always good to be empathetic and sympathetic in life. Once we have a world where everyone is empathetic and sympathetic so many problems of today’s world will vanish because we can understand the pain and suffering of others and help them to minimize it rather than leaving them alone in their sufferings.

The biggest problem of today’s is rising depression in all age groups because of the global pandemic, we can’t do much but can always show empathy and sympathy so that the rise of depression will go little down. One reason for depression is loneliness and when we offer our empathy to someone who is fighting with depression that offers will surely emotionally help that person to fight with it that he/she is not alone in this world. There are still few people who can understand the feelings which are hurting badly, and people have time to listen and understand his sufferings.

The world is worthy of living…

Excitement, joy, happiness too are part of empathy where we feel equally happy/excited about someone’s big achievement in life.

Sympathy and empathy are a very important ingredient of feelings in the human… Sympathy and empathy are deeply connected with our brain, heart, and body where the emotions rise… It is always good to be empathetic and sympathetic in life… Rest will be taken care of by the principle of the law of attraction…


Humble attitude speaks about your greatness. If you think you are humble, sorry you are not.

It is not hard to be humble when we understand what makes our humbleness difficult. We know humans like when they are complimented, the world we live and create our brand that I have experience of life or I know how things work, etc speaks about our mindset, when we admit our wrongs or make mistakes or not having answers define us as a weak person.

If we can press our reset button towards humbleness and work on the above attitude it’s not as hard as we think, but we have to make a decision.

It is very important to be humble if you are at important positions or seek important positions in your life because people respond in a very different way towards humility, which clearly states that I never talk of me as an individual but we all, less importance of self and higher self-control. With this approach of humbleness, one attracts so many miracles through the law of attraction and generates positive energy all around.

Humility talks about 360-degree correct view of oneself from all angles at all times. Our humble approach leads us to a different world with the current scenario where everything is in our favor as the universe is taking all commands from our thoughts and dreams. All of a sudden everything changes and we start living a life where magic and miracles are happening all the time. It is a skill that one can adapt at any phase of life you too can adopt.

Few people misunderstood humility with weakness or no self-respect approach but that’s okay its none of your business they have read a different book, different chapters of life. Don’t let them impact your humility while giving them reasons for your particular behavior which is humbleness for you and no self-respect for them.

The biggest sign of humbleness is they are quiet when they are right because they know universe/higher power/God is their voice and when God is on your side everything is working for you(LAW OF ATTRACTION).

Humble people are amazing listeners…