Moment is the specific period in time and any moment can become most beautiful depends upon the individual who is giving and receiving energy to that moment. Coordination of moment and energy can make all moments beautiful. Energy is the most beautiful and powerful blessing to all living creatures as we all are made up of energy which keeps changing.. The balance sheet of energy giving and receiving can make all moments the most beautiful moments of life.


Perfection leads to self doubt, self criticism and one falls in the race of doing things perfect where energy is getting drained. Focus shifts on the where perfection and divides energy whereas if focus is on progress whether .999 % but progress is the focus point that multiply energy and change whole game. Perfection pushes human to run on the cylinders that one actually carries and divides their energy. Progress is to nurture energy and well being. When one shifts the focus from perfection to progress that is the era of accepting failure as temporary defeat or failures are taking human to near their goal. e.g mountain climbing is not possible without bruises and falling so progress is the sign you are write on your own journey where perfection takes you to someone else journey. Personally when ever in my coaching with clients, my focus is always on to the progress sometimes it may take longer calls but result is always happiness for my clients. Shift your focus from perfection to progress and witness miracles. The great Thomas Edison too focused on progress not on perfection and he failed 10000 times. Change your focus and change your story


Humans are blessed to have this most powerful force available to them. It is up to the human how to use this power either it can be constructive with encouraging words or destructive with the words of despair. Words have energy and power both depending upon the their own ability to heal, to love, to care, to encourage, to hurt, to abuse, to compete, to influence, to harm, to humiliate, to persuade etc. Yes, that’s true words can completely change the energy of the surroundings where they are used and important as well because we need them to communicate. The meaning of our communication depends upon the words we used and the message our word carries. All words carry a different message when spoken or written depending upon their combinations. One single word can change the meaning of sentence completely so one should be careful while framing them. Words can be uplifting positive or negative always be careful what message your words carry or beautiful enough to match your beauty and strong enough to heal any pain of the world. Words are very powerful and explosive too can break or heal any soul. Sticks and stone can break the bones but words can break the soul. Always use words as every single soul coming on your way is the soul of higher power/universe/God. Once you master the power of words you can feel energy inside you……Stay powerful with words power and message your words carry….


Life is an opportunity to reach at greater level of our self. One’s persistent walk whether small baby steps or fast run are taking him closer to its greater level which is only possible if there is a movement and acceptance of change. The thing which is required to ignite the fire among all humans to reach at their higher levels is believe in themselves they are not born to prove their own existence in front of others or wait for others approval. Once they convince themselves that they hold unique and beautiful gift of soul gifted to them by higher power/universe/God which is way more precious then any other material available on our planet. Responsibility of that soul solely comes on to human because human is not the owner of that soul but guardian to whom higher power appointed for this life. Priority of every human is to nurture their own soul with warmth of love and joy to please higher power / universe /God. Once you start nurturing your own soul rather then other souls then reaching your higher self is just a step away. Start of your unstoppable happiness and success story…


Everything is made up of energy and our intuitions depends on the nature of energy which keeps changing. Intuitions are always real, you must have heard nothing is going to happen its just intuition but your intuitions are always real, the rough plan of events going to happen in your life which one design in the mind book before implementing knowingly or unknowingly. Let’s compare it with weather forecast which we check on our smart phones with just one tap for another days, months etc and plan things accordingly especially when travelling to another unknown city or country its human practice to check the weather before travel packing. Some brains have made the world hi tech and we are blessed to witness this era where technology has made world connected and global. We believe in the technology which is man made without asking WHY ? Ignoring our own intuitions and breaking the law of universe is same. Our intuition is the language which higher power/universe/supreme power/God (everyone has there own name to call) uses to communicate with us. Things will change if you start listening to your intuitions as they carry a message of energy and will witness a beautiful new versions of world around them. Start of miracles…..


Energy is everywhere in all living creatures, whatever is happening with humans or around them depends upon the nature of energy present at that time and most importantly energy keeps changing every micro second. If we observe carefully our nature of thoughts too attract the energy of its kind and it work vice-e-versa. Mathematically energy works like algebra….+ + = +, – – = +, – + = – …. Coordination between thoughts and energy can change our journey like GPS On our smart phones where we preset our destination analyse the roads before starting…. Our thoughts shape the energy, thoughts are the result of energy present, when thought and energy become one that’s the game changer and magic starts…..


Human tendency is to relate everything happening around or with them to situation, environment, destiny, Gods decision or other factors but fact is human attracts every single event to their life with the power of their thoughts which keep processing all the time with in our mind factory. If you closely observe your placement in the game of life and simultaneously your thoughts, will be surprised to know 100% matching. Now why to delay if magical trick is in front of you then use it to shape your all steps of game with your terms and condition and witness miracles in your life. Your thoughts are like magnet and attract the same nature of events from universe. Now carefully observes your thoughts and pen down if you want to replace any current thought with new thought, so implementation will become easy for you. Have an amazing weekend with your own terms and condition while driving your thoughts considering what color of tomorrow you want to attract from universe and enjoy journey of life rather then playing blame game with your destiny…..