You must have heard people saying that see the world the way it is but the reality is we don’t see the world the way it is but we see it the way we are.

We always have our perception of the world based on our individual experiences which create our world or one can call it the foundation of one’s world.

There is no reality but everyone’s perception is the reality of them.

No one is right and no one is wrong. Okay let me keep my point in a different way if you ask 10 people, what is sunrise for them or which feeling they associate with the sunrise, you will have diversified answers and every answer is right based on the different experiences.

The point here is when you see the happy, progressive world that is the clear indication of your beautiful and healthy internal map and if one sees the world black, with no hopes, no opportunities then take it as an alarming signal and work towards your internal map rather then surrendering to the situations or different events.

There is no wrong if you go for outside help to reshape your internal world which will bring happiness, progress, and success to your life.

Always remember one simple universal law which is energy flows where your focus is.

I am here to help you to become your best self the best version of your life because the best of you is yet to come and God/Universe/Higher power has beautiful plans for you and your journey is designed on this planet for some purpose…


There are days in everyone’s life when people feel fearful. We are surprised by our feelings which are not appropriate and are negative. But the question is where have they come from…

Who triggered the feeling of fear, the answer can be any possibility you watch some news or you heard someone’s experience, or social media, or your past experiences, etc.

But here I want to highlight that fear comes from inside you and the trigger has just the medium to bring it out.

Fear is not real it is just a feeling which protects us from encountering different situations in life. The imagination of our mind and it is FEAR: FALSE IMAGINATION APPEARED REAL.

The feeling of fear stays in our mind and I am repeating the same thing that energy goes to the focus. When your focus is on fear then you have only one feeling i.e. feeling of fear.

Fear generally leads people’s life to the belief that no matter what they accomplish someone is always there to take out everything from their lives.

There is a very simple rule to beat the feeling of fear is make yourself understand that your feelings belong to you and no one else, whatever you do is up to you, don’t allow fear to be your focus…


You simply have to believe the universal truth that nothing in this world moves before existence.

When you talk about thoughts, dreams, goals, desires they all have their existence in this world before they come to you.

Your role and duty to any of your desire are very simple, i.e. when any desire comes to you, the first thing you should do is simply accept and it is done. Let me explain it in another way assume you are playing a basketball game and the ball comes to you, what you do dribble the ball first and then do basket or just through the ball randomly as it’s a ball of fire and it might burn your hands.

So coming back to your desires which God/Universe/Supreme power has sent to you and your belief in your desire will make it happen.

The rule is only one made by universe/God/Higher power name can be any but the rule is the same that whatever your heart desires is already waiting for you.

Just believe it and you will receive it, ignore all W’s, and believe in the miracle of the universe.

The greatest hurdle between your desire and the fulfillment of your desire is your belief system. The magic to manifest your desire is to create a strong belief system that supports your desires.

Sometimes people miss out on their desire because they lack to develop the belief which is needed for the desire to make it happen.

The law of attraction is a powerful tool through which you manifest your desires on an everyday basis like a ritual to make it happen faster.

Believe it’s magic and one rule of the universe that your desire is already in existence, the moment you ask with belief and excitement you will receive it…


Perception is reality and it is true not just saying that what people perceive or think that is their reality.

Perception changes from person to person depends upon their experiences in the journey of life. No perception is wrong and no perception is right for all.

Perception is the data saved in your subconscious and based on that you see events/situations in a particular way. It is just like your computer machine which processes only the saved files which are again based on the storage, software of the machine.

Everything we see in the world exists in the mind first whether it is an idea, thought, invention, perception, etc.

Yes, this is true that everything in the world is perception only because every individual has different experiences in their life which form their general outlook about the world and people.

No perception is right and no perception is wrong it is every individual’s unique way of seeing the outer world based on their inner experience. If someone has to change their perception about a specific event, individual, etc they should change their inner experience about that particular event or individual.

Your perception is the lens through which you see the outer world and you can create any picture if you know how to reset the lens. Everything in the world is perception and perception depends upon the individual’s experience of their unique journey, but one can change the inner experience with the help of few techniques.

When your inner experience is not leading you towards your desired life change your perception and change everything.

Perception is linked with your beliefs, release yourself from the limiting beliefs, and change your life…


The universe always works mysteriously but gives a signal. It is like a cycle of all activities and events happening in our life, where everything is connected but because of ignorance, you must have not noticed the signs of the universe.

There is no rocket science if I say day follows the night and night follows the day, you all knew it what is there special to mention. How many of you are aware of the universal fact that day never follows a day, similarly night never follows night.

Pay your attention to the events of life when you feel that nothing is in your control or life is giving you painful experience those are the signals of the universe that show you the new path which will lead you to the life of your dreams.

When you observe your journey you will realize that universe always gives you signs, that you are becoming the person you want to be and everything you are going through or your are experiencing is the process of your dream goal.

The very simple way to understand the sign of the universe is joy/happiness when you can feel joy inside you while doing anything in life then that joy is the sign of the universe which says YES…you are doing the right thing.

Any physical pain like headache, migraine, diabetes, etc is also a sign of a universe that says something internally is not fine and you need to pay attention to your physical body which says something is wrong in your body or your life, please pay attention and fix it.

Your intuition, your inner-voice is also a sign of the universe that needs the alignment of your thoughts through meditation. Meditation never means to sit and close your eyes but meditation is any activity that helps you in engaging at the moment and there is no inner chatter.

If still you feel that there is no signal for you from the universe simply you can ask the universe to send you more clear signals but the question is who to ask in the universe that is the energy/ higher power/ Supreme power/ God name can be any as per your belief…

Ask and see the miracle of the signal from the universe…


Yes, the above statement is correct that our thoughts create our words, and based on our words we create our world. Our life depends upon the nature of our thoughts the more happy and positive thoughts create a happy life.

However, more stressed thoughts will create the same kind of life. We have millions of thoughts at one time which are the foundation of our life.

One should know what thoughts are required to know oneself, we are our thoughts and our mindset is the combination of thoughts. You already know that one needs the right mindset to achieve anything in life but you must know that mindset too depends upon the thoughts which create the life one wants.

The way one feels behaves, reacts, sees the world everything is based on the thoughts which take ingredients from one’s life experiences. In short one’s life is created by the thoughts they have.

Your thoughts are powerful to create your life and simultaneously they have an impact on other’s life also directly or indirectly. Time spent alone without any gadget and other than outside world interruptions is very important to create positive thoughts. When thoughts come into action they create destiny.

All your actions are based and guided by your thought process. When you feel in your life that you need to change your life or this is not what you expect from your actions in life then set your focus on the thoughts because your reality is based on the thoughts.

It is very simple and not a secret anymore that why only a few people are fortunate and get anything in the life they want and make their stories great stories because they know the power of thoughts and all the actions are guided by the thoughts.

It is not just saying but proved fact that thoughts can be used to create the life you want and desire…

If you want to change your life hen first change your thoughts which will support your desired life and see magic n your life…


The secret mantra of Thank you is magical which says never complain, no need to explain just say thank you for every action of others. By expressing gratitude you create the most powerful vibration in the universe for your journey.

The more you express gratitude the more quickly you attract magical experiences. This is not a chapter from any fairytale but the reality of universe workings.

Universe has abundance for you but you will receive when you ask with belief. The moment you ask something with full belief and no doubt you will witness the miracle in your life because the universe works with the vibration of your thoughts.

This is connected the moment you ask anything it could be your dreams, goals, desires and next step is to believe that God/Universe/Higher power is giving you without any algebra of possibilities and doubts, then the miracle happens and you receive everything in your life.

Gratitude is a secret mantra no matter what happens keep practicing gratitude if some experience is not pleasant that’s okay because that unpleasant experience is also part of a higher power plan to create magical experiences in your journey. e.g. there is a process for everything and no need to go into details just accept as a part of the plan you must have seen the chair which has also gone through so many processes before taking a shape of a chair starting from a seed, tree, cutting off the tree, etc.

The most beautiful way to practice gratitude is to compliments others for every action and yourself. Gift yourself some alone time and appreciate everything you have in your life.

Gratitude practice removes blocks of doubts and negative vibes and creates magic….

Gratitude is a secret mantra and magic to crate and attracts the experiences you dream in your life…


Start programing your unconscious to achieve the goals of your life. Your unconscious is your belief system and your feelings for yourself, your internal map.

When you reprogram your unconscious you see always the positive signals which the universe is arranging for you and take everything as a part of the supreme power’s plan.

There are many ways for the programming of your unconscious like one can practice visualizations in which you visualize your success in advance and feel the happiness in your body, Affirmations is also a powerful technique to reprogram your unconscious when you continuously repeat one thing every day your subconscious will accept it as a new program, Engaged in positive self-talk and start believing that everything comes to you very easily.

You attract your success, everything is magical in your life like a higher power is behind you and gives you exactly what you are thinking of. Once you reprogram your mind with the new belief system you will see the magic in your story.

If you don’t choose a specific program for your unconscious to achieve your goal, you will face a hard time because of your old programming which is conditioned by different sources like your parents, your geographical boundaries, your religion, etc.

Nothing is impossible if you have a goal then the universe always have a plan for your goal, you simply reprogram your unconscious and see the magic… 


Communication is the most powerful technique which is successfully used in the personal coaching sessions to change the limiting beliefs. NLP is also an example of changing past experiences and limiting beliefs based on the communication of the two in the coaching session.

There is no doubt that communication has power but how one can use it effectively that matters. Communication can be simple as well as complex it depends upon the situation, emotions, feelings, belief system, etc, It is a double-edged sword that needs your presence and awareness at the moment.

Emotional awareness is also a very important ingredient for a powerful communicator. It is a must that communicator is aware of other’s emotions too while communicating because the response of others depends upon your communication which includes the words you use, your delivery, your emotions, etc.

Communication is more of a trust-building exercise and a very important tool to fight with depression and anxiety also. Better communication can make any individual a good leader and it is the key ingredient of leaders.

There is no script for better communication it needs prompt action depending upon the emotions and feelings of other individuals. When someone wants to use it as a success tool then emotional awareness is needed which needs your presence at all times on every occasion. Communication is not just the words but it needs your facial expressions, your body movements, the way you are delivering, your emotions and feelings so it is always advisable to give yourself some relaxing time if you are going to represent yourself at some events.

Mirroring and matching is a nonverbal and a very beautiful method to connect with others before communication starts. Anyone can be a better communicator if one is aware and decided.

Communication is the best healing method for past experiences. No damage is as big as one can’t talk, secondly when one decides to talk then communication is the best way which a neutral response.

Communication is magic and if you master your skills to communicate you create magic where ever you go in your journey….


For holding energy one must understand how to move and manipulate energy, energy is how you feel all the time in your day to day life tired, excited, happy, drained out, etc.

Generally, when people have low energy they eat more, sleep more. One can feel the energy by being present in the moment and energy is to feel yourself, your surroundings and how are you feeling in your body right now.

One must watch the balance sheet of energy e.g when you are conscious and present at the moment your energy is grounded and neutral, sometimes you may feel attraction or repulsion and experience the energetic charge, or when you are very happy or sad that too is a discharge of energy.

In your life, you must have experience either at the start of the day or anytime in the day after meeting some people or exchange of messages or in certain situations that your energy is depleted. We all have learned in school that energy is neither created nor destroyed so it is our responsibility to manage our energy.

When you keep energy in an open system it will flow or when energy is depleted it can damage the system and can bring so many disasters to one’s life. So it is your responsibility to hold your energy and move it to the open system and let it flows and you already know that energy flows where your focus is.

Everything is interconnected and it’s a cycle. The secret is to be conscious and feel everything to direct your energy to create.

The day you become conscious of the energy you will solve the Zig saw of game energy and master the skills to direct your energy. Thoughts too are a part of energy to be conscious of your thought process and manage it to balance the energy…