Strengthen your thoughts, give them the light of awareness, and allow all of your thoughts to radiate. You have been ignoring so many of your thoughts for different reasons but let me remind you that your thoughts are not ordinary thoughts.

All of your thoughts are a signal from the higher power/Universe to remind you of the reason for your presence. If you have some thoughts, walk with it and let it happen.

An unwavering faith of yours in the Universe/Higher power/God will change your story and lead your current journey to the reason where your presence can make a difference for this planet.

Depression and mental disorders are also the outcome of thoughts and self-created which needs a different perspective to overcome. Today if you look around, you will notice that 99% of the population is a victim of their own self-created psychological mental states. If you observe more closely the missing block is the connection with their own presence and no alignment with the universe.

Everything is in your control, even the thoughts you generate. Give your 100% to all of your thoughts and strengthen them with the belief that every thought is a message from the universe and be grateful for all the thoughts.

The perception you make followed by the action is taking you closer to your creator/Universe/God. Feel the presence of a higher power/Universe in all your thoughts. Let the world see the glory of your presence in all your actions driven by your thoughts.

You are a part of the universe.

It is perfectly okay if it feels difficult for you to believe, everything at the start looks difficult. With practice you will achieve perfection even at one stage of your journey standing was also difficult and look at yourself today.

Align yourself with the energy of the universe.

Lead your journey to the miracles!


Everything is perception, and a little change in one’s perception changes everything. Your past experiences are the perception of today which influences your actions. More simply your perception is the reflection of your map of the world.

Yes, read it again; your map of the world creates your perception. There is no right or wrong, but choosing what fits well in the current situation is a new changed perception. Mostly you see people respond to their own feelings, not to the world around them. The feelings are a by-product of one’s map of the world.

However, the real world is always different. When this is no more secret that perception can create anything for you and it basically takes its ingredients from your map of the world in auto-pilot mode. This is the time for you now to take charge of your perception and see things differently that gives you the result you want.

Delete the old map of the world from your system, it needs a lot of practice and n number of attempts. But believe in yourself and take a first step, see the world with the changed perception like a 1-year-old.

Everything looks beautiful in this newly shifted perspective. This is the time for you to see things differently because the universe is waiting to give you abundance. Believe in yourself, and believe in the universe.

Everything is happening for you, the whole universe is aligned with your energy. You are magnificent, this is your new map of the world.

If you find it hard, take help!


The time you have here on this planet in your current physical body is called life. Every step you take is leading your journey toward endless possibilities with the unmatched potential to create anything.

You are not an ordinary creation but the result of the Higher power’s love which is created for some purpose. Your creation is a part of some bigger plan and everything you witness and feel in your journey are just a few highlights of the universe’s plan.

If you see the clearer picture of your existence in the light of awareness, then you meet the new you, a great change maker, a unique creation of the universe who is filled with endless possibilities.

No one has ever come on this planet who can match your potential. You are whole and the abundance of the universe is yours.

It is only you who can create anything if you accept yourself in the light of awareness as a part of the universe. In the acceptance, you see everyone is one and interrelated with the energy of the universe in their own beautiful incredible ways.

Allow yourself to rise and vibrate. You and the energy are one. You get an uninterrupted supply of energy from the universe.

Give your unwavering faith to the words mentioned. Everything is happening for you only; energies are engaged in creating the possibilities for your all actions.

You are what you want to achieve. Allow yourself to align with your creator…

However, if it looks difficult, then take help!


Your potential is unlimited because you get an uninterrupted supply of energy from the universe. With your potential, you can attract anything, anytime. It is your duty to not limit your potential by doubting your position or placement considering any result which has nothing to do with your existence.

The potential you have can create wonders for the planet Earth. Results are just the implications of your actions which is always helpful because that directs the light on what is working and what is not. There is no word called good performance or bad performance.

However, in a bigger picture result scans what is working or what needs a fresh perspective to thrive. You need the acceptance of your existence and relation with the universe. Once this is clear that the potential you have is unimaginable and the same information is sent to your subconscious then a miracle begins with every action you take.

Let not anyone decide your relationship with the universe because you have come from the universe, you are the most beautiful creation of the universe and your presence on this planet is for some purpose.

Lead your journey with one rule you belong to the universe, and everything belongs to you. With your potential, you can ask anything from the universe and without much delay, get ready to receive what you asked for….

This is just one example of your unlimited potential …

Allow yourself to reconnect with the energy of the universe and live the reason for your existence…

If you find it difficult take help! Taking help is perfectly okay!


Belief as well as depression are the impressions of one’s state of mind. In the presence of belief, depression doesn’t exist. It is very easy yet difficult to overcome depression without the belief in one’s existence for some specific purpose.

The antidote to depression is easily available if one looks around in the form of belief. The acceptance of oneself works as a placebo for depression which is only possible if one creates a space of belief in everyday tasks.

However, if you see the size of the belief is small like an ant and depression looks as big as an elephant, that is perfectly fine. It is very normal, but the important aspect is to locate the smaller belief to defeat the big depression.

I met different kinds of people during my work, but you will be amazed to hear their perception about belief is almost the same. For them BELIEF is not real, it is an illusion which is good for me because they know that belief is self-generated with the neurons, but they forget the other aspect that DEPRESSION too is self-generated with the same neurons

. Now the point here is depression has no relevance to the outer world or the place you are currently. But it is the outcome of your neuron’s wiring which can be replaced if neurons wire in the light of belief. Life is beautiful and you are a wonderful creation on this planet.

The power as well as the continuous supply of energy you are given by the higher power is to transform this planet into a happy planet where everyone falls in love with himself. The hatred among each other has vanished because everyone is connected with one energy, the energy of the universe.

In the bigger picture, everyone is one and belongs to the universe. You have come from the universe and will go back to the universe, then come again the process continues. Neither you are permanent, nor anyone else but energy is the same and it keeps changing. So, fall in love with the energy because when you go and come back again the new energy will come with you and remember your source is the universe.

When you understand this there will be no depression just belief. You enter into a world that is overflowing with belief.

I am always here to hold you so that you can jump into the world of belief.

If there’s energy, you can breathe that signifies that the universe is with you so simply give your unwavering belief to the higher power…

That starts the miracle and works as an antidote for depression…


Everything is perspective and your current life is the outcome of your past perspective. No one definition of perspective can make one right and the other wrong. Perspective is one’s perception of experiences, in general how one sees the world.

No two individuals can have one perspective, both are right as well as wrong. Your thinking in a particular manner, your limitations, your energy, your positive attitude, alignment with the energy of the universe, etc everything based on your perspective.

If you believe in your existence, you are aligned with the energy of the universe. The actions you take in the state of alignment are driven by the perspective that the universe is with you all the time and you are a part of the universe.

The beautiful perspective creates a beautiful life that unfolds miracles at each level. The worry of tomorrow is not your responsibility and the past is gone, so let no one affect your today’s perspective.

Now it is no more a secret that perspective is the most beautiful thing and driven by you…

Allow magic to happen in your life with a new beautiful happy perspective….

You are the part of universe …

This is the reality. Shine and rise, if you find it difficult take help!


Everyone you meet, everything you feel, all events, opportunities even the challenges have one goal and are engaged to achieve that goal which is to create the best for you. If you can believe this and carry that charm with you all the time, then you are half closer to the best version of yourself which is the purpose of your presence on this planet.

With your new set of beliefs this planet is the most beautiful place created with the love of the universe/Higher power and everyone here is engaged in contributing to the higher power’s mission of spreading love.

In this new picture everyone is connected with each other through the energy of the universe and the whole world is a home to your soul where you can thrive with your charm.

No one, I repeat no one is against you, everybody with all their positive energies is on your side because they all are connected with one energy and your one hand can’t fight with your other hand just an example…

Keep repeating to yourself that everyone on this planet is on your side and working to unwrap the original you with your full potential. You are not ordinary but a very exclusive creation of the higher power/universe.

Now look everywhere with this new lens and feel the energy. The air which you feel currently while reading this has a message for you. FEEL that and thrive…

Let the world know your charm…

This is truly like the sun and moon ….

Live, believe, feel and the universe will make it happen. It’s perfectly okay if you need help!


Everything on this planet begins from imagination, it is a seed for all inventions. Your imagination is given to you by the universe, every small or big thing you can imagine is picked from the catalog of the universe.

The choices you make will create the experiences of your journey. Your rightful duty of yours is to believe what you can imagine because when you believe your imagination then the universe will create all opportunities for you to walk into the world of your imagination and make that happen.

Everything you see around, feel life, etc starts from someone’s imagination. Everyone is connected from one part of the planet to another through globalization which is again an example of someone’s imagination. Imagination is also part of the energy which connects everything on this planet with the energy of the universe.

The things you imagine are given to you by the universe and to give your 100% to make your imaginations real is your duty as well as the responsibility to your current physical body.

Imagination is a thought which is placed by the universe in your mind factory. Your calling is wrapped inside the possibilities of your imagination. Believe in one thing that you are precious to the universe and give your unwavering faith in the universe. Rest will be taken care of.

If you find it difficult take help.

You are enough and no one on this planet can match your potential because you get an uninterrupted supply of miracles from the universe…


Everything is created by the mind, all your opinions are based on your perspective. The perspective you hold depends upon the place you are, and how you see the world and it has nothing to do with the universal reality.

The reality of the universe is everything is one, everything is united, everyone on this planet is connected with each other and the source is the energy of the universe. If you can influence your mind to understand this universal connection of everyone with the energy of the universe, then the whole of your perspective will change.

This new perspective will bring the real you which is entirely different from your older version. Give your 101% involvement and alignment of body, mind, and soul to influence your mind.

These days everybody is engaged in influencing the social world through different mediums. That is not wrong but when things start after the alignment of yourself with the energy of the universe then a miracle begins. That miracle is not limited to 1 or 1000 or 1000000, that miracle is the foundation of a whole new perspective that gives birth to a new world of happiness, love, and contentment.

Do everything which can influence your mind with positive thoughts. It looks impractical and difficult but you are the one who is chosen to bring this change and vibrate a fresh new perspective…

Everything is beautiful, each step you take is taking your journey to the purpose. You are part of the energy and abundance of the universe that belongs to you. Everything is a process.

Influence your mind and create a new world…

That’s perfectly okay if you feel like taking help!


Self-realization can’t be given by anyone, it is something one has to feel on its own to realize the strength which is given to you by the universe. However most people doubt the universe and believe that they are not enough for anything, or this planet is ruled by those who have never studied humanity.

There are a set of people who believe that the universe/God expects them to walk in a certain specific way and if they fail then the Higher power will be angry with them. If they face challenges and hard times then they relate everything with the anger of a higher power/ universe.

Everything mentioned above is self-created and imaginary which has no relevance to reality. If you observe your thoughts more clearly there is fear in everything you do, the fear has a paralyzing effect on your journey, whereas self-realization needs unconditional love for oneself and unwavering faith in the universe.

You need to believe that you are a part of the universe no matter what the universe loves you because your source is the universe. You don’t own anything here but everything is yours. Whatever you feel you can achieve because you are a part of the universe and everything belongs to the universe.

The universe has an abundance of everything for you, the moment you realize this alignment of yours with the universe that particular moment has opened all doors to your purpose. When you realize that you are not an ordinary but exclusive part of the universe that is the miracle moment. S

elf-realization is the most beautiful thing that can ever happen to anyone on this planet but the people who realized this potential add

The Great to their names and will always be remembered even after their exit. If you are reading this that is the sign you are very closer to the door of self-realization…

.You are beautiful and part of the universe…

The universe loves you because you belong to the universe…