ASSUMPTION is not just a word, however, it has the power to hijack happiness from your system which creates a space for suffering.

So, after using all the calculations, hence proved that assumptions create suffering. The next question which arises in one’s mind: is whether it not being unrealistic.

To be realistic never means that you should be ready for the worst and assume that anything can go worst. How often do you assume that everything is happening for the good and if you fall in the process assume that it is just to give you a pause so that you can run faster?

If assumptions are realistic then why not everyone is happy? Let’s do one exercise observing every living creature for a day and by the end of the day, you will have your answer.

How many happy faces have you observed, did you hear the music of laughter where the soul is involved? None because everyone is very intellectual around you, lives in a realistic world, and always engages in the calculations of all kinds of assumptions.

Newton’s law of gravity is the best example which says, Every particle attracts every other particle in the universe with a force that is proportional to the distance. Every prediction is an assumption of intellectuals based on the fact being realistic which opens all kinds of doors to attract what they wanted to avoid.

It is very simple yet the most difficult thing to understand and lead your journey with the belief that assume the best. The abundance of the universe belongs to you and allows life to pass through you the way you allow sunlight.

If you practice not assuming anything and transform yourself into a part of the universe that is the start of a magical journey. You are special and you are not born to assume anything.

Live your life with your best self, the universe is ready to give you all the magical powers.

Accept it and enjoy your time…


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