What you see, feel, or believe is your current frequency and you attract exactly the same frequency. If you want to change the current situation, event or opportunity, etc. you need to change the frequency first.

Frequency is like a channel e.g you are on Netflix and surfing for something which is on Prime, which will never happen. Similarly visualize yourself as a transmission channel where you need to set a certain frequency that you want to feel, believe, and receive. I have met people who are doing everything to change their situation, religiously following their hardworking schedule, and then, at last, give up and go to the fortune tellers where they enter the trap which makes them go round and round.

As per my experience on this planet, they have not changed the frequency of their belief system to attract their dreams. There is no hard and fast rule to draw your dreams on this planet and no one is more fortunate than you.

Everyone has come from the same source which gives the same access to the energies of the universe to each and every. You just need to tune in to the frequency you want to attract. Life is magical and you are a miracle on this planet.

Hold my hand, believe in your beautiful unique powers, and change the world…

Everything is magic and you are a magic wand. If you can’t see this picture, allow me to show you the beauty of your existence. I am always here to help you to become your best self!


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