Your feelings are very important, they are like software in your system and a blueprint of your karma. Karma is action but not the actions from the past, the actions you take in the present define your karma.

More specifically, karma is awareness and when one knows the reason for any action which is in the feeling at that particular moment. What you feel inside that vibrates outside, similar to what you attract. So observe your feelings because you are attracting that only. The mistake which people make is to blame karma for everything.

However, karma has nothing to do with whatever is happening to you. Everything is directly related to the feelings you have, your feelings generate opportunities to attract more reasons for the similar feeling.

When one feels happy, karma attracts more reasons for a similar experience…Karma for the day is what you are feeling which needs awareness of the present moment and surroundings.

Once you activate awareness software inside your system then you attract everything in the light of karma which has a focus on awareness. I.e KARMA


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