The mechanism of the brain controls directs and assists all actions of human life

. The understanding of this mechanism can create wonders in one’s journey and you will be surprised to know that everything you desire already belongs to you.

The delay is because of your mechanism which directs your journey in the opposite direction based on past experiences. The golden rule is to reset your mechanism every day like a ritual and step into the other day like a burst of fresh sunshine. The world is beautiful and what you think becomes your karma because thinking leads to action. Action is karma and awareness of all actions creates magic.

Feed your brain that you are the flower on this planet and as beautiful as any other flower. There’s no competition between any creation of the universe but you need to find your uniqueness. The purpose of your presence is in the beauty of your uniqueness e.g the uniqueness of a doctor is in the serving, the actor is unique in the performance, the artist finds his solace in the canvas and colors, etc.

The time has come when you find your purpose the moment you feed this into your system and delete all previous software that takes your journey to a different level. The human brain is accustomed to different prejudices by birth which is normal, however, this is the time when you need to update all software and delete the previous ones.

You need to sow the seed of your uniqueness in your brain and embrace your current position because that is chosen by the universe for you. If you can do that then you are ready for the miracle and the sky is always ready with the wind which will support it to rise even higher than anyone can imagine.

Belief will create magic in your brain…

I am always here to help you to become your best self!



  1. This morning I spoke with my sister I got the message to reset the receiver it was time to reset the receiver I share this with my sister because the message came as I was speaking with her and now after work today I’m reading this day I feel it is an expansion on the message from this morning 😌

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