The manifestation of your current moment happened in one of your past thoughts. The moment you are in is manifested by you, whether you believe it or not. Your subconscious plays an important role in the process of manifestation.

There is no connection between your current moment with anything like fortune, struggles, previous karma, good times, bad times, etc. However, your current moment is the outcome of all your manifestations

. If you go back in your memory lane and give yourself an opportunity to understand the thoughts you generated, that time is your reality today. If there was some kind of fear, opportunity, or threat in your beliefs, you are living that today.

Everything is very simple but humans have made it complex with their intellect and under the umbrella of their complexity people attract their fears. Allow your subconscious to enjoy the beauty of your existence without the lens of intellect.

The manifestations you make right now will change your story and align your energies with the abundance of the universe. At this moment you have to allow yourself to immerse yourself in the universe and feel that you are one tiny creature like other creatures on this planet, that is the magical moment.

The manifestations of this new conditioning vibrate on a different energy and you become radical.

This magic shift needs your awareness and the release of ignorance…


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