Cleaning can create magic and make space for miracles. Is it something deep cleaning or everyday cleaning because everyone cleans themselves, their houses, workplace, etc, Where is the magic?

Cleaning is not to groom, to neat your place, let’s talk about magical cleaning. The cleaning which creates magic needs awareness of the conscious as well as the subconscious. It is the cleaning of your thoughts, and mind, nourishing your body with conscious eating.

Thoughts need continuous cleaning if your mind is multiplying happy neurons which the result of continuous cleaning. However, if your mind multiplies fear neurons it indicates that cleaning is not happening. You have thoughts when you sleep which occur from your subconscious and if your subconscious gets thoughts that you want to send, then the magic begins.

Everything affects the thoughts e.g when you see it also impacts your thoughts when you hear when to visualize, memories, stories, read, watch, etc so one needs a consistent cleaning to create the magic. Magic is not hard but it needs your awareness of thoughts that travel from conscious to subconscious.

Self-examination is very important in the cleaning process of thoughts. Observe your communication, is there aggression, anger, calmness, positivity, negativity, fear, contentment, or happiness no matter what the context is b because it is a part of self-examination to create magic with clean thoughts.

Make it a ritual to clean your thoughts initially multiple times in a day, then eventually one time a day to create magic. It is very easy and you are the master of cleaning your thoughts. Wonders are waiting for you.

Allow yourself to live the life of your purpose which will lead your story into a magical world… 



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