There is no magnet inside you but you are the complete magnet with the energy and power to attract any force. The thoughts you generate have magnetic ability which vibrates on a particular frequency and can attract anything.

Remove all illusions from your system e.g fortune is for some, you get served by the higher power when your chance will come, destiny is not kind, struggles, etc list can be very long and one can write a book with upcoming additions. It is high time to take a decision that what you want to choose and where you want to direct your potential energy.

The life, situation, events, achievements, and everything you have currently is what you have attracted from your magnetic power. No one yes no one has attracted or or taken anything from you. It is only you have attracted all the opportunities and success. Reset your the whole system and delete all limiting beliefs which don’t support the life you want to live. People suffering from depression are not born depressed but they mold themselves into a system of limiting beliefs.

If you are not attracting opportunities change your circle/ environment. If you feel the world/people you are dealing with are selfish, and negative. Listen carefully you need to change yourself because you are attracting your subconscious. Birds of the same feather flock together; Like attracts like is not phrasee but the definition of life.

Build your flock in the light of awareness with no limiting beliefs and attract all opportunities you dream of. With this one step everything changes for you, your whole story will change. If you still have doubts, remember universe will surely send some light for you…Soon.

Focus on your attention, and be the guard of your thoughts. You are a blessed soul and the beautiful creation of the universe.

I’m always here for you!