The universe/Supreme power/God name can be any but energy is one and your presence on this planet is a part of the higher power’s plan. Your duty and responsibility on this planet are to be the best version of you and involve yourself in any activity where you serve humanity directly or indirectly.

The best version of you never says the match with others or be in the competition or do what other successful people have done or blindly follow your mentor etc. When you are living the life of your best version and serving the purpose of your presence, your light will automatically shine and you will become contagious.

As you all are aware that we can see our mirror image in the bright light and not in the darkness so be that light and let others see their potential in your light. The day your presence is enough to motivate, to show prosperity, people can feel happy and see their goals clearly…

then you are on the journey to be the best version of you…

I never said that overshadow everyone in all the interactions physical or virtual, however, these days mostly is virtual but my point is to be the light where others can see and feel their greatness in your presence.

Neither do I support the dominating personalities but I encourage you to be the light where everyone enjoys and feels the strength of their aura.

The day people will feel high and the greatness of their soul in your presence, that is the best version of you…

I am here to become your best self and live your best version…

Nothing is out of reach. Let’s go get it..

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