The universe always has a unique way of sending messages and signals to us. You must have noticed in your life sometimes you see the same things again and again or hear the same conversation, then you convince yourself it’s just a coincidence. But let me correct you here, those are the messages the universe is sending you.

The messages of the universe are the result of the vibration your thoughts generate all the time. When the universe is sending you messages, signals in different ways the million-dollar question is are you ready to receive or how aware are you about your surroundings.

The universe has no arrangements that signals are coming to you in the form of a flower shower with a spotlight on you etc. the universe is right around you all the time, one needs to be present in the moment and aware of surroundings.

Everything you see around, your feelings now at the moment, people you meet in your journey all are the arrangements of the universe for you. When your mind is calm and you are present in the moment then you very well receive signals.

Pick any activity and follow it religiously to calm your mind, spend time every day with yourself…

You will be surprised to see that the universe is sending you messages, signals all the time…

Nothing is out of reach.

Go get it and I am always here to help you become your best self and live the best version of your life…   

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