Sometimes it becomes very important to protect your energy, your aura from the outside energies.

But I heard many times when people say we are positive in every situation but that is not enough to protect your energy from the energy of others, you need to create an invisible shield around you and carry it everywhere 24X7.

When you protect your energy from the self-created shield then you are one step closer to protect the vibration of your thoughts and the energy created by your thoughts.

Take the step to protect your energy and a very simple way to create the invisible shield is don’t be agreeable to the person who has a habit of finding faults in others, loves to complain, and speaks negatively…

When you follow this simple step in your life you will feel a different energy in and around you all the time…

2 thoughts on “PROTECT YOUR ENERGY

  1. 💜 While I THINK!!! this is a Great Way to “Protect Aura” from “Others” I Do My “Protection” a bit differently; to ensure I Have “24×7” “Protection” I Begin with “Protecting” My “Aura” from My Monkey Mind…by Doing so I AM Making Sure My “Aura” is “Protected” when I AM on My Own with Only My THOUGHTS!!! for Company; this means My “Aura” is then Automatically “Protected” from Others when I AM in Their Company


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