You always get what you believe not what you expect, wish or pray. There is no doubt that when you believe something you will receive that in your life.

If you are aware of the stories of all successful people there is one thing very common and that is their belief that they deserve, no matter how hard it looks and what the possibilities are.

You are not different from them and you too are living on the same planet. You are also a part of the same universe and the universe has everything in abundance for everyone.

The moment you believe in the energy of the universe/God/Supreme power name can be any but energy is one, you will see how the universe has opened the door of abundance for you. Your trust and belief in the energy of the universe create magical life for you. Sometimes it may take a long but accept everything as a part of the process.

Let me explain this differently like we have 2 coffee lovers, one loves cappuccino, and the other loves Americano but when it comes to preparing a cup of Americano and a cup of cappuccino process is different.

One is quick and the other takes little time in the perfect blending of all ingredients, however, the relaxation, love, and joy for both coffee lovers are the same, and both enjoy every sip of their cup.

Similarly, the universe might take a little more time but that time is the testing time of your belief and trust.

Show unwavering faith, trust and prepare yourself to receive what you believe and ask from the universe….It’s magic…

I am always there to help you…    


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