Depression is the result of low serotonin, however, serotonin is the chemical that controls our mood and happiness. Serotonin is the chemical present in our hormones that impacts our entire body.

Serotonin regulates mood, anxiety, and happiness and a low level of serotonin causes depression. We see people always happy and energetic or people who are sad and say there is no reason to be happy or sometimes who says they are balanced people and maintain their balanced approach not happy, not sad, etc.

The similarity is everyone’s behavior is the result of the chemical serotonin present in their system. If everyone understands this then multiplying happiness hormone is not going to be difficult.

Good food rich in nutrients and exercise are the prime components of the chemical serotonin.

If you have anxiety, mood swings, irritability, sleep disorder, bad appetite, aggression are all indicators of low serotonin.

Take all necessary measures to increase the chemical serotonin in your system and allow yourself to live the best version of your life and remember that your presence on this planet is for some purpose…


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