Humans have thoughts all the time and they react to their thoughts in every event. An individual’s thought is nothing to do with another individual’s actions but their thoughts are based on the feelings associated with their exposure to specific thoughts.

People don’t react to other’s action, their reactions based on the thoughts at specific moments. When you see someone is very kind, generous, sarcastic, cunning, pleasing it is because of the nature of their thoughts at that moment.

No one is bad or no one is good however every human responds to their thoughts, so if someone dream of a beautiful, happy world-first step is to analyze self-thoughts and recreate them to see happiness around.

The day people master the skill of analyzing self-thoughts and can connect their actions with the thoughts they are having at the specific moment they will understand the universe’s unique way of working.

We witness every day in our lives whether at home or work that people blame others for not having a good day and pass the responsibility on to others for all the event, however, that’s not the reality but the reality is there all reactions are based on their nature of thoughts.

If one wants to have a good day follow gratitude practice religiously at the start of the day followed by analyzing your all thoughts if necessary replace them with other thoughts with this practice eventually you will witness a new world around you.

With the same old people, a new vibration surrounds you where ever you go. This miracle will take you to the contended life…


  1. ā™” I totally agree with this awesome post; friends who keep on moving every ask why they seem to keep experiencing the same “old” problems, my reply is that they carry the problems around and if the stayed in one place and changed their thoughts the problems would cease to exist


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