We are not machines but humans so it is natural to have ups and downs in the day and it is very easy to stop paying attention to the signs of energy.

It is simple but needs awareness to cultivate the habit of emotions one is feeling and a very important step in the process of holding one’s energy.

It is not only about your energy but your energy can get affected by someone else energy too, set boundaries and practice to say no to conserve your energy.

Draw a line that you are not easily approachable all the time at the convenience of others.

There is no wrong that if you have to say no to your family, friends, peers, etc. when you are in the process of holding your energy. No need to feel bad, always remember your needs are the priority and your responsibility to take care of as you are on some mission on this planet which is a part of God’s/ higher power’s plan.

When you serve your needs only then you can fulfill the responsibility given to you by Supreme power/God. The name can be any but power is one. The day you master the skill of connecting with your emotions, you limit your exposure to negative energy.

We all know the universal fact that we are what we think of and our thoughts create our reality and when our focus is on stress we attract stress and in the same way when the focus is our positive energy we attract the same.

One should practice mindfulness which is just observing your emotions and watching the emotions which are getting affected when you are talking to someone. Visualizing is also a wonderful way to hold your energy where you can just close your eyes and take yourself on a happy ride…

Stop giving away your energy and maintain a balance sheet of your emotions to hold your energy…

The moment you start holding and protecting your energy, you give yourself a gift of happiness and create a positive shield around you all the time…

7 thoughts on “HOLD YOUR ENERGY

  1. ♡ So, you ARE Saying Technology has NEVER!!! crashed on YOU!!! which is really funny; synthetics have “emotions” too EveryOne


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