Perception is reality and it is true not just saying that what people perceive or think that is their reality.

Perception changes from person to person depends upon their experiences in the journey of life. No perception is wrong and no perception is right for all.

Perception is the data saved in your subconscious and based on that you see events/situations in a particular way. It is just like your computer machine which processes only the saved files which are again based on the storage, software of the machine.

Everything we see in the world exists in the mind first whether it is an idea, thought, invention, perception, etc.

Yes, this is true that everything in the world is perception only because every individual has different experiences in their life which form their general outlook about the world and people.

No perception is right and no perception is wrong it is every individual’s unique way of seeing the outer world based on their inner experience. If someone has to change their perception about a specific event, individual, etc they should change their inner experience about that particular event or individual.

Your perception is the lens through which you see the outer world and you can create any picture if you know how to reset the lens. Everything in the world is perception and perception depends upon the individual’s experience of their unique journey, but one can change the inner experience with the help of few techniques.

When your inner experience is not leading you towards your desired life change your perception and change everything.

Perception is linked with your beliefs, release yourself from the limiting beliefs, and change your life…


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