Yes, the above statement is correct that our thoughts create our words, and based on our words we create our world. Our life depends upon the nature of our thoughts the more happy and positive thoughts create a happy life.

However, more stressed thoughts will create the same kind of life. We have millions of thoughts at one time which are the foundation of our life.

One should know what thoughts are required to know oneself, we are our thoughts and our mindset is the combination of thoughts. You already know that one needs the right mindset to achieve anything in life but you must know that mindset too depends upon the thoughts which create the life one wants.

The way one feels behaves, reacts, sees the world everything is based on the thoughts which take ingredients from one’s life experiences. In short one’s life is created by the thoughts they have.

Your thoughts are powerful to create your life and simultaneously they have an impact on other’s life also directly or indirectly. Time spent alone without any gadget and other than outside world interruptions is very important to create positive thoughts. When thoughts come into action they create destiny.

All your actions are based and guided by your thought process. When you feel in your life that you need to change your life or this is not what you expect from your actions in life then set your focus on the thoughts because your reality is based on the thoughts.

It is very simple and not a secret anymore that why only a few people are fortunate and get anything in the life they want and make their stories great stories because they know the power of thoughts and all the actions are guided by the thoughts.

It is not just saying but proved fact that thoughts can be used to create the life you want and desire…

If you want to change your life hen first change your thoughts which will support your desired life and see magic n your life…


  1. ♡ I AM in My Place Of Love, In Joy, At Peace; because I Realised My 3DLife is 95% “Positive” with No Effort to Speak Of on My Part and 5% “Negative” so Let That Sink in Before Stopping Banging Heads Against Brick Walls


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