Communication is the most powerful technique which is successfully used in the personal coaching sessions to change the limiting beliefs. NLP is also an example of changing past experiences and limiting beliefs based on the communication of the two in the coaching session.

There is no doubt that communication has power but how one can use it effectively that matters. Communication can be simple as well as complex it depends upon the situation, emotions, feelings, belief system, etc, It is a double-edged sword that needs your presence and awareness at the moment.

Emotional awareness is also a very important ingredient for a powerful communicator. It is a must that communicator is aware of other’s emotions too while communicating because the response of others depends upon your communication which includes the words you use, your delivery, your emotions, etc.

Communication is more of a trust-building exercise and a very important tool to fight with depression and anxiety also. Better communication can make any individual a good leader and it is the key ingredient of leaders.

There is no script for better communication it needs prompt action depending upon the emotions and feelings of other individuals. When someone wants to use it as a success tool then emotional awareness is needed which needs your presence at all times on every occasion. Communication is not just the words but it needs your facial expressions, your body movements, the way you are delivering, your emotions and feelings so it is always advisable to give yourself some relaxing time if you are going to represent yourself at some events.

Mirroring and matching is a nonverbal and a very beautiful method to connect with others before communication starts. Anyone can be a better communicator if one is aware and decided.

Communication is the best healing method for past experiences. No damage is as big as one can’t talk, secondly when one decides to talk then communication is the best way which a neutral response.

Communication is magic and if you master your skills to communicate you create magic where ever you go in your journey….

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