For holding energy one must understand how to move and manipulate energy, energy is how you feel all the time in your day to day life tired, excited, happy, drained out, etc.

Generally, when people have low energy they eat more, sleep more. One can feel the energy by being present in the moment and energy is to feel yourself, your surroundings and how are you feeling in your body right now.

One must watch the balance sheet of energy e.g when you are conscious and present at the moment your energy is grounded and neutral, sometimes you may feel attraction or repulsion and experience the energetic charge, or when you are very happy or sad that too is a discharge of energy.

In your life, you must have experience either at the start of the day or anytime in the day after meeting some people or exchange of messages or in certain situations that your energy is depleted. We all have learned in school that energy is neither created nor destroyed so it is our responsibility to manage our energy.

When you keep energy in an open system it will flow or when energy is depleted it can damage the system and can bring so many disasters to one’s life. So it is your responsibility to hold your energy and move it to the open system and let it flows and you already know that energy flows where your focus is.

Everything is interconnected and it’s a cycle. The secret is to be conscious and feel everything to direct your energy to create.

The day you become conscious of the energy you will solve the Zig saw of game energy and master the skills to direct your energy. Thoughts too are a part of energy to be conscious of your thought process and manage it to balance the energy…

5 thoughts on “HOLD YOUR ENERGY

  1. I’ve loved every sentence. We should acknowledge that the universe and all is matter plus energy. One of the greatest lessons in life is understanding energy and learning how to manipulate it. Our life experiences and quality are a reflection of this. Thanks for sharing.

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