Everything that happens in your life is your karma, all actions you take in your life is your karma. Our birth is the result of already manifested karma, your body, the color of your skin, the color of your eyes, the family you are born in, your gender, your religion, etc.

There starts the journey of life where you have endeavors, dreams, desires to fulfill and every action you take brings the reaction which is your karma. The actions you take are your karma it can bring either a good reaction or bad reaction to you depending upon your intentions while performing any action(karma).

The happiness you are experiencing or the challenges you experience is the result of your past karma and your future will decide your present karmas. To achieve your goal, dreams, happiness focus on your present karma.

All the actions you perform right now will result in your future happiness, achievements, failures, distress, etc. Many times people relate karma with destiny but with this belief, they misguide themselves while performing any action and their ignorance will hold all their actions which is their present karma, and based on their present karma they decide their future.

Focus on karma has to do with the actions of present and intentions while performing present actions because your future is based on present karma. The moment you understand the relation between karma the action and intention while delivering that action, then you decide your destiny by yourself.

Set the focus of your life on your karma and see how everything changes for you like a fairy tale…Karma is everything when it has supported intentions…Focus on karma…

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