There are moments in your life journey when you feel discouraged or you have a feeling that God has not given you enough reason to live playfully or celebrate happiness or God is partial etc.

In your journey at that moment start counting your blessings give the name to your blessings like a new sunrise etc you will be surprised to witness the doubts vanishing from your journey as they were never there and you will be singing the songs of happiness, success because the secret of your life is disclosed that you are the favorite creature of God/ Universe/ higher power and he is always around you.

To count your blessings is a reminder for all of the things you are grateful for them in making you what you are today and how you give directions to the law of attraction in your life.

When you count your blessing you are appreciating what you all have in your life and your perspective is very positive in the process.

You already know that energy flows to your focus and the law of attraction arranges that life for you. When you count your blessings you activate miracles in your life …

Don’t miss any opportunity to count your blessings and gratitude is the best way to count your blessings.

Start practicing gratitude every day religiously and see miracles will find you on their own…


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