Thoughts are the vibrations that go to the universe and the law of attraction takes those vibrations as a command and works on it. So it is important to closely observe the intent of every single thought that generates in your mind factory.

Positive thoughts are always a fuel to create the desired future but you can’t deny the fact that you have negative thoughts too which also creates the future and it is important to find out first the various sources that trigger your negative thoughts.

In the journey of life, we come across negative thoughts, negative energies, negative situations that may not come always from within you but also from outside and through the network of people.

Just for an example when you tune in to the news channel and watch some crime news or political news immediately you receive the signal of anger in your consciousness and the process started because our minds take input and based on that, inputs become the part of our consciousness if we are not careful.

Thoughts and electric current are the same both can’t be seen but very powerful and carry energy which has powerful effects. So it is always important to watch what your mind is receiving that is creating your future too. The moment we humans are exposed to thoughts, energies, vibrations we can create any future we want of our desires.

Be watchful of your thoughts and give your belief. At the end of everyday watch different people you are exposed to, situations, conversations, etc. everything in detail because that is the raw material your mind received to create thoughts and if important delete all the facts which are not creating positive thoughts…Practice this very simple step to create your future…


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