Yes, expectations can change lives release yourself from your all expectations, and live life the way it comes to you. Take for example when you play a soccer game you are ready to play any stroke and always ready for the ball and never know the plan of an opponent but you are always excited and happily accept the soccer ball and play your move.

Similarly, take life too like a game and play excitedly all moves and never expect anything and set your focus on to the goal. Your focus will change the master plan with the working of the law of attraction rules.

Expectations also turned into thoughts and they are harmless unless we start believing in them. Our attachment with the thought attracts sufferings if they are wrapped into expectations.

Expectations are not bad they can bring either pleasure or suffering in the experience and you are attracting the nature of expectation into your life.

Once you are clear what experience you wanted to attract give your belief to that because God/ Universe is always on your side and provide you what you believe you should receive.

Do you ever have a feeling that things are not the way it should be or things are getting out of control or I never planned this experience for my life etc? All of the above feelings are because you are trying to match your journey with someone’s life experience release yourself from any expectation and give a chance to your life of a clean path where you welcome every experience with excitement and see how the story changes.

In all my coaching experience, I have seen how things will become easy when we just replace the expectations and they agree to boycott social media during the process and results are miraculous. Give yourself a fair chance to play the life game and see how the game changes.


  1. ♡ CHOOSE!!! EveryOne; is it Rigid and Inflexible Planning or Fluid and Flexible Planning After ALL The Only Constant is CHANGE!!! n’est cé pas tout lè mond 🤔 ?


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