We know that everything that happens to us begins with a thought and stress to begins with our thought only.

Stress is not something that happens in the outside world but it is our interpretation of the event which happens outside causes stress to us. It is our perception of threat.

It is so true that people never realize that their own beliefs, thoughts, and feelings raise their stress level and it can be so dangerous in a longer period and leads to depression, high anxiety, blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. As you already know that we have thoughts all the time either positive or negative and negative thoughts too are the trigger to stress so allow yourself to release all negative thoughts with the new positive thoughts.

Most of the time i have witnessed one feeling among people common in my sessions that they are worried or anxious for something that might can happen in their future that feeling too is the seed of stress which can be dangerous one day.

When you see more clearly the feelings behind the worries and anxiety and make a list you will realize there are few things which can’ be control and few which can control and take a necessary step and release yourself from that unseen danger which is anxiety and worry.

Anxiety and worry are simply bringing stress to your life gift yourself a stress-free life and live in your present, no past no future.

Managing stress is to reframe the interpretation of the situation with positive thoughts. Everything is a skill the more you practice the more easily it will become your habit and you witness a magical life… 

17 thoughts on “IS STRESS A THOUGHT

  1. “…gift yourself a stress-free life and live in your present, no past no future.”
    I love that statement. I want that!
    I have a hypothetical circumstance that could cause a person stress and anxiety in their present and future life, and was wondering what you think.
    I would like to ask a question about stress and worry caused by Ethical Dilemmas.
    What IF, you have an Ethical Dilemma, and your Code of Ethics goes completely against the norm. Your ethical dilemma does NOT pass the 3 Tests of deciding what to do when faced with an ethical dilemma, NEVERTHELESS, you know that by going with the norm, following the crowd, that it goes against your personal ethical code. But, because of this dilemma, and following your own path, you also know that it can, and will probably cause you a lot of stress and worry in the present and perhaps also, in the future. I suppose letting your decision on ethics cause you stress and worry is the person’s own problem because they have chosen to follow their ethical code, and chosen to go against the norm.
    β˜† After all of that, I guess my main question is this: IF you know that you can probably reduce your present and future stress by going AGAINST your ethical code, and following the herd’s answer to a certain dilemma, should you compromise your ethical code with the hopes to reduce your stress and worry? Or, do you think the act of breaking your ethical code would cause just as much stress and worry for a person to face, in the present and future? I’m just wondering if you have any thoughts on this sort of problem. Thanks!

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    1. Your ethical code is based on your belief system, and your interpretation towards particular event or your perception. Some times just focus on the feelings and follow the good positive feelings and stop immediately if you feel unpleasant feelings ignore future or any thing which holds your happy feelings…you will get your answer …When we talk about ethics or what is right or what is not right that check list has been prepared by someone in the past where everything was changed e.g let me keep my point in a different manner if we dig in the olden times before wright brothers invention flying was a dream and today aviation is the industry… and beliefs of the people in those two times are totally different…in the same manner your today is reality and feelings are the voice of your happiness follow them

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  2. Being a former pro athlete, stress is referred to as pressure.

    Those who handle the pressure usually triumph.

    Not everyone wants the basketball with tens seconds left.

    The pressure is hero or loser

    That is a heavy yoke only the extremely confident or talented person can shoulder

    Then we bring in psychological warfare and intimidation

    It is like walking a balance beam

    First it is six inches off the ground. No problem

    No we raise it eight feet in the air

    The same skill has now been complicated with danger

    The pressure has increased

    Any distraction is detrimental now

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      1. Absolutely and you to my friend..

        We cannot force control thought but we can help control thought through how functionally well our human body functions with thought though..

        Take control of our bodies functional wealth allows our subconscious body to play ball with thought my friend..

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  3. Thanks

    There’s an old saying no guts do guts interfere with our conscious self of course our conscious self develops feels more nervous especially around other’s when gut suffers suppression..

    We don’t directly apply pressure on ourselves our gut suppresses brain function which forces our conscious self to feel inferior especially around other’s.. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ‘

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