Your fortune, unstoppable success, happiness, abundance exists only in your mind, and nowhere else, the moment you understand it you will receive it in your life. e.g the child knows when hungry go to the mother and ask for favorite food and it will be on the table in no time.

This is not the child’s area to go in detail about the preparation of food and ingredients. The focus of the child is the favorite food, mother, and excitement of having it.

The universe/ God/ Supreme power has similarly designed humans and everyone will receive in their life the same where they focus their energy. There is nothing called reality or dreaming everything exists in the human mind you will get where your focus and beliefs are. Everyone experiences the same thing differently based on experience and belief system.

If you master yourself to hold exactly what do you want in your life, the kind of life in your mind all the time leaving possibilities are available circumstances you will experience the same in your life the thought you held and focus. You get what you focus on.

If you want to achieve your ambitious goals in your life set your focus on the possibilities of having it and rule is believe believe and believe that it’s coming to you exactly similar the way you want it to be.

Focus is amazing just set your focus on the life you want to create in your life and ignore everything, the more clearer your focus is the quicker you attract your focused life.

There is a science behind it that what you focus you will get in your life. The human brain is a very complex machine and has to process millions of data every day. There is a filter that manages that it should not get overloaded or crash and the part of the brain that helps the filtering process is called the REICULAR Activating System.

We form this filter by continuously telling our brain consciously or subconsciously what is important to us, our beliefs, our fears, and our focus.

Gradually with the time, we started attracting to our life what we focus on through the process of RAS.

The law of attraction is reacting to your continuous focus of thoughts…

Set your focus on what you want in your life…


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