Always listen to your feelings, never ignore them. Your feelings are the path that will lead to you to your higher self and you will discover a new you.

When you pay attention to your feelings you will write a new story of the life of your choice and live that life but everything starts when you pay close attention to all your feelings at all times.

Everything in the life is all about how you feel you must have experienced that some times in your work meetings without any reason you feel confident and everything goes well when you dig deep and try to find out the association of the feeling confidence with your emotion possibly you got some calls, favorite breakfast, met someone, or visited your memory, etc. it can be anything and then bring your attention to everything goes well in the meeting because the law of attraction is always on work.

When you start your day with a feeling of this day is going to be an amazing day believe my law of attraction takes command from your that thought and arranges the same for you. This is a miracle that is possible when you pay attention to all your feelings.

In life journey, you come across different shades of people and have different experiences but one thing is always there that is your feeling. Sometimes you feel people are not rational being with you from so long time still they don’t trust you or people are extra kind on just one meeting they have confidence on your potential and they trust you for big deals, don’t take anything on you, just pay attention how they treat you because they are reflecting who they are.

Don’t blame anyone for what happens to you or in your life, responsibility goes on to your feelings. Your feelings are the cause of what is happening in your life.

It is a cycle one event leads to another and the cycle goes on because the law of attraction is always at work and takes commands from your thoughts which generates on how you are feeling and there starts the cycle.

Every microsecond of your life brings an opportunity for you to change your life depending on how you are feeling.

The moment you change your feelings you change your life…

Pay attention to your feelings and change your story life is beautiful.

The universe is kind and has an abundance… YOU ask and you will receive…


  1. This is so true. Sometimes it may feel like the law of attraction is just too good to be true, but the truth is it influences everyday of our lives. The only question is ‘is it working for you or against you?’ I was astonished to find that waking up and setting the intention that today will be an awesome day (and feeling positive because of it) really does have the power to shape one’s day for the better.

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