When you feel happy around you all the time, you simply attract happiness to your life by the law of attraction. Most people feel that happiness is a feeling of satisfaction, contentment a fulfilled life.

Happiness is a feeling that life is just the way you want it to be but is it possible always, is it easy or just a line that looks good in the books where you are reading the definition of happiness.

If you are already aware of the law of attraction and how it works then it is not difficult for you to attract happiness in your life. There are times/ phases in the life when the reasons who hold your happiness is out of control that is the moment to remember that the law of attraction is watching your thoughts and the next thought of your life can be the changing moment in your life either U-turn or continue the journey on the same path of happiness.

The choice of ignorance and awareness of the law of attraction is in your control and you are the driver at that moment who can drive either way and the law of attraction will simply follow your direction and bring the same in your life.

No matter that time, opportunity, situations, people everything is against you but you know the law of attraction and its power to change anything. Simply close your eyes and freeze yourself with happiness and ignore outside noises. You will be amazed to witness the miracle of feeling happiness when life gives you a reason to worry.

If you can feel happiness at any time in any situation you can always change your unpleasant experiences with the law of attraction into the happiest experiences.

It is not your duty to check how the law of attraction works but you must focus happiness all the time and the law of attraction is your kind servant simply takes orders from your thoughts and gives you the same, you only need to believe and rearrange your focus.

Remember the universe has abundance for you but you will get when you asked…Feel happiness all the time and attract happiness in your life…


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