Manifestations are powerful and work miraculously in different areas. There is no word possible or impossible but the reality is where is our focus that we are manifesting in our lives.

If the focus is on possibilities then we are manifesting all possibilities in the life and we feel we are fortunate ones or God/ Universe/ Supreme power is happy with us and on the other side when the focus is on impossibilities then we are manifesting that too and witness the whole world is against us no wonder where we go or what we tried everything is against because time/luck is not in the favor.

But the reality is something different and if you are aware of the law of the universe then understand what you manifest you attract in your life there is no other definition that supports possibilities or impossibilities. But the truth is you manifest and the law of the universe gives you.

Manifestations are helpful in the medical recoveries too when one is on the path of manifestations and believes in the miracle of manifestation.

Practice kindness, humility, positive perspective, gentleness all are the supporting attributes to start powerful manifestations. We always do manifestations but it is wonderful when you are aware of the fact that you are attracting in your life what you are manifesting.

Always be careful while manifesting or check what are you receiving if not okay then recheck where is the focus of manifestations and reset to desired manifestations and enjoy miracle in your life…

Manifestations are not difficult it is so much easier just like getting a glass of water when you know that where are the glass and water. Everything is easy in life when you know the secret behind getting the life you want is your manifestations.

The universe has abundance but you will receive when you ask and get the same what you have asked for.

Abundance is not different than air the way the universe has air for everyone in the same way universe has abundance for all but you will get when you ask and what you ask…

The greatest enemy of manifestations is limiting beliefs first step to release yourself from the limiting beliefs and manifest the life you want with full belief…


  1. Positive thoughts are like flash in the pan- quickly passing off to give way to negative thoughts that seem overwhelming and overpowering. Let me read you more to understand the perspective properly. And thanks for choosing to follow my blog- I write ordinarily on the matters observed everyday. Please do give feedback


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