You call every experience to your life by calling it through your thoughts and if you experience that nothing is in your control things, are out of control and every situation is against you.

It is because you are calling that experience through your thoughts by believing and the law of attraction is simply following your commands through your thought system.

You always have a choice in your life to believe what you want and this magical power is always with you and working for you whether you believe or not.

The moment you start believing this at that moment you exit the life of ignorance and enter the life of bliss where everything is magical and the universe is responding to your aware thoughts, the world around you is surprised too that what magic has happened in your life, which force is behind your new story of success. Believe me, it has happened many times in history and it will happen for you too.

The things/ people/ circumstances/ opportunities/ fear everything you witness in your life is the result of your belief system which generates the thoughts. The universe responds to your thoughts and you will receive it in your life everything you thought because the universe always responds to your commands.

The universe always is on work in a very unique way the moment you understand and believe you can create anything in your life. The most important secret is the universe has abundance and you can ask anything, there is no limitation for the universe..

.The choice is always in your hand of creating your life…

Create your life the way you want to and the universe will respond to it and bring it to you…


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