The most powerful thing available to humans is the word power.

You can get an idea while observing people the words they speak are the same they are attracting to their lives.

Once you understand the words you speak are the same you attract to your life whether words of love or hatred, you attract the same.

Words are powerful and dangerous too, they can create or destroy it depends on how you use them.

The moment you understand that the reason behind every happy interaction, successful contracts, etc is the words you use always in communication no matter who is on the other side because you are attracting your words through the law of attraction.

Your words have the power of making or breaking the human motivation. Your words have the power to make someone feel very high on top of the world or make someone feel very sad, a failure, cry.

The common is words so what you want to attract in your life use that side of words. If someone is very rude or extremely kind in first interaction it is because you attracted the same words through the law of attraction. Have you ever noticed that if someone compliments you without any reason you feel happy and high for the rest of the day because of the power of words or vice-e-versa? Words are powerful and are careful about how you use them because you attract them too…

Your words have magnetic energy and they vibrate when you use them and you very well know that we all are made up of vibrations.

Choose your words wisely when you use someone who is not around you but energy is there and the law of attraction is at work…

You are attracting your words…


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