Visualization is very powerful it is a technique to visualize oneself in the future with a goal accomplished and feel the happiness of accomplishment.

The more strong your visualization the quicker your subconscious will take that, there starts the vibration of thoughts and rest leave on the law of attraction.

Through visualization, you can get what you want and your success journey will be unstoppable.

Visualization will convert your dreams into reality simply believe and start visualizing your future in your way. The moment you understand the power of visualization that day you will realize that no one is controlling your life but you are only controlling your life and creating it too through your visualization. Whatever is in your mind you are attracting through your visualization it can be holidays, better life, success, wealth, etc.

Everything is coming to you because you are calling it through visualization.

Visualization is to know the power of your mind and interesting is that everyone has that mind power to create anything yes anything.

Visualization is not different than daydreaming if you can daydream you surely can visualize and use it to create your new life where you understand how the law of attraction works. If you already a daydreamer you are nearer to create the life you want and believe that the universe is waiting for your orders and the universe has an abundance.

The most important step in the visualization process is that recognize that you are seeing your self in the future and feel your feelings. You have this power with you use it and create your life what you want…Β 


    1. Focus more on what makes you happy and god is sitting right in front of you and give you what you visualise…practice I too do visualisations daily or when ever I get time…believe me it works and there is a reason I am texting who knows this too is a universe/ Gods plan …try one more time for 7 days…it will work
      Stay safe happy healthy and wealthy

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    2. Just want to give you another powerful tip, do gratitude journaling… Give thanks for everything you want like you already have them, feel the grateful energy, try to write for 10 minutes… remember to write in the present tense.

      For example, I want a house at the beach, say things like…. Thanks for this beautiful home I get to live in. Thanks to that this home is on the beach. Thanks for the smell of the sea I get to breathe in every moment. Thanks for the waves I get to hear when I wake up. Thank you that I am this blessed to live in a house across from the sea…

      Present tense and adjectives are key… Most importantly feel the vibrations of gratefulness by being grateful.

      Much love and abundance. Hope this helps. Take care.πŸ€—πŸ’•

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  1. It’s such a great though provoking process and a very nicely Written.πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Words are just very true to their meaning.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘
    Thankyou so much for sharing this with us for a new insight ❀️😍
    Stay safe, healthy and happy always.

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