Yes, that’s true we receive signals from the universe all the time in some mysterious ways. The universe constantly working to make available all the opportunities, events, sources of your belief in your life.

One needs to connect all events to understand the signal of the universe because the universe doesn’t always make things obvious it has its way of working but signals are there.

If you watch closely and pay attention to all events in your life, you will realize that universe is sending you signals all the time but You have not noticed because of your ignorance.

The first event of your life is leading you towards the second, then the third, and goes on till you reach your dream goal. When you observe every experience of your life is taking you close to your dream goal. All the experiences are a signal of your dream.

But the question is ” How do I know about the signal”? It’s very simple when there is happiness then you are closer to your dream goal and if you are sad that’s the signal to change your path, always listen to your intuition.

The universe always responds to your callings but the point is are you listening.

Everything you see, you feel, you receive is the response of your thoughts, beliefs. Watch your signals…E.g you have a desire for the vacation and everywhere you see people are discussing their vacations and the fun they had. Similarly when you want to buy a car and immediately you notice that car in the city. So, above are the examples of signals of the universe.

The universe always sends signals that something good is coming in your way in many ways some unexpected achievement which is like dream for the world becomes real for you, you started enjoying your life, you feel only positivity around yourself, etc.


  1. … “when there is happiness then you are closer to your dream goal and if you are sad that’s the signal to change your path, always listen to your intuition.”…
    I must say this thing now that all this was happening with me..each and every time when i think about something, i usually found one or the other thing related to it going on around me but then i feel like I m overthinking πŸ˜‚πŸ˜….
    But after reading your post..i concluded that they were signals πŸ€”πŸ€—.
    Your blog post just gave words to my imagination 😊.
    Thank you dear😍
    Stay safe, healthy and happy always. πŸ’

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