It is mentioned in the BHAGAVAD GITA Chapter-6, Verse 5

A man must elevate himself by his mind, not degrade himself. The mind is the friend of the conditioned soul, and his enemy as well.”

To make the mind our friend we must understand how the mind works and its nature at all levels.

The mind operates at four levels:

Mind: It is the place where thoughts originate and we call it to mind factory.

Intellect: Here analyzing of the facts takes place before any decision.

Heart: When emotions are attached to a person or thing.

Ego: Ego can be identified with the accomplishments and becomes proud of success, wealth, learning, social circle.

Mind, Intellect, Heart, Ego are different levels where mind functions. It varies from each other one less other more e.g mind-intellect, mind-intellect-heart, mind-intellect-ego, mind-intellect-heart, etc.

As per Bhagavad Gita ” A man must elevate himself by his mind, not degrade himself” which means one should use the intellect to control the mind.

In simple words mind just need the pleasure and it automatically gets attracted to the pleasure. If we don’t introduce love and hatred, likes and dislikes, etc the dual feelings it will find pleasure in one thing only which is peace, happiness, the happiness of all, peace for all that mind is your friend.

I never said you leave your happiness but when to reset your mind with the focus happiness for all it will come back to you as I already discuss the law of the universe and how it works. You need to focus 100% where you leave to rest on the supreme power/Universe/ God.

The mind is your friend and enemy both depending upon your conscious self when your consciousness is in your control mind is your friend and when you are in the control of senses and mind it becomes your enemy.

Practice to control senses and befriend with the mind.

I repeat it is a skill which needs practice…

Happy friendship day…your best friend is your mind…you deserve the friendship of your mind….

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