Sometimes in the life we have a feeling in-spite of all good things, honest effort to nurture the relation with particular person that person is giving us back a fake relation. Many times question comes WHY should I take negative when I give positive? Answer to this question is very simple I am my soul and all my actions are the reflection of my soul not the reflection of others action. Most of the times we ignore the truth and feels bad, anxious, on others cold reaction on our warm feelings of love, understanding etc. We pat our feelings lets give this person one more chance or that doesn’t deserve me or that person is waste f time and energy. But the reality is our karma is driving our action and our soul is filled with love, kindness, gratitude, honesty and that is the reason we are able to give positive energy because we have all that inside us which has no connection with others action. Shift your focus and see you are giving what you have not borrowing from others and giving. You have all good inside you that makes you humble, kind human because of your karma and your soul. The soul which is inside you reflect in your karma. Later that kindness of your karma can change the world and make every one a kind human because with your karma you are activating law of karma which says do go good and good will come back, the energy which is going out will comeback, what you sow shall reap, everything is boomerang, understand your karma and let your karma be a light in the universe to make this planet a beautiful place. We simply need to accept and understand the law of karma: what is happening to us is because we deserve that, there is a energy which controls everything good or bad , our acceptance of the situations, experiences without asking why leads us to good karma…


  1. I like this perspective. Often it’s too easy to think: why am I so nice to people when I get nothing back? Instead it’s good to focus on the positive energies we give instead of what we receive. Thank you for sharing! πŸ¦‹


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