Everyone has their perspective and we can’t decide whose perspective is right and whose perspective is wrong.

The difference of perspective is not based on right or wrong but it based on the different experiences of individuals and their journeys. It is not correct to say that someone has bitter experiences in life that is the reason their perspective is wrong.

We can’t justify any one’s perspective but to understand and respect every perspective is on to us. Perspective is the lens through which we see the world and everyone has their lens, all lens are right. Sometimes they can be blurry but not wrong so to respect and accept everyone’s perspective becomes one’s duty for humanity. But it is also important to understand that perspective is not truth but one’s experience so no one can reach any conclusion for the basis of perspective.

Everyone is entitled to their lens which is not of justification truth. One should not force others to see, understand, and accept things from their perspective because they have a better experience of life. We all are different then each other and universe teaches us this, when you see your fingers they all are in different size and every finger is equally important, you can’t decide which is least important and which is most important in the similar manner universe gives us different experiences of life which differentiate everyone’s perspective but never defines right or wrong.

We have so many fights, hatred, revenge just to protect one’s perspective and to prove that others perspective is wrong and ignorant of that every perspective is based on the different experiences.

If we understand the relationship between perspective and experience it would be a gift to humanity.

Perspective is just one’s experience not the definition of truth…..

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