Emotions drive human behavior. When you sharpen your emotional skills you make your self stronger. Once you gain control over your emotions you become mentally stronger who decide his emotional state.

There is no hard and fast rule or some specializations, certificates, minimum experience to control emotional state, fortunately, anyone can be better at controlling his/her emotional state. It is also a skill like other skills that anyone can adopt with regular practice and dedication.

Generally, when you experience uncontrollable emotions you don’t say anything just stuck with that emotion and put a pause on to your emotional state, then you don’t feel anything because you paused yourself at that moment and your behavior your reaction towards any event/situation is the reflection of that uncontrollable emotion which happened in past.

So it is very important to strengthen your emotional state and handle your emotions for your benefits. One very simple way of handling uncontrollable emotion is to re frame it with some other emotion which fuels your emotional state at that moment. Never allow yourself to be carried away with any emotion and take decisions based on emotion which is not rational.

Emotions and decisions are connected and with every decision, you are writing your future. Sometimes while taking a decision you believe a particular decision is based on logic but that is not true, the decision is based on emotional state.

Logic is also an emotional state but while deciding if can feel your intuitions or our strong gut feeling then that decision is free from any uncontrollable emotion because you can’t experience two states at one time. But when one master the skill of being emotionally intelligent then decision taken by them will be positive decisions.

To be emotionally intelligent one needs to understand from where particular emotion is coming and how this emotion can affect your decision and this decision is going to reflect in the future. All the detailed understanding of emotion will show the path to handle and drive till you reach your decision which will create your future with positivity and success.

With continuous practice, you will master the skill of listening and understanding your emotion and then take conscious decision remembering that your future is based on the decisions you take today.

Everything is a skill and skill needs practice and dedication, master the skill of driving your emotions with understanding of your emotions.


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