Forgiveness is something we do to us, not to others.

When we hold on anger, hurt, pain that is going to harm us more rather other people.

Forgiveness frees us to live our lives in our way in the present where our anger, hatred, regret towards someone is giving up our power to that person and locked our self in that moment of past.

Forgiveness is not our kindness to others wrong, but we forgive people to love our self. When we hold the feeling of anger, hatred toward someone for a long then we surrender ourselves to negativity for someone’s action which is affecting our life more than theirs.

Release peacefully negativity toward others and shift your anger to forgiveness. Allow positive energy of the universe to hold you, embrace you. Forgiveness is an inner process where we let go of feelings and thoughts toward someone who we believe has wrong which includes our self.

Yes, that is also important to forgive ourselves for some action which we later regret. Forgiveness helps us to get free from the control of the other person who harmed us.

Forgiveness leads us to the feeling of empathy, limiting beliefs, a different perspective, for the one who hurt us. It is the best way to make other people realize that they have done wrong and when we forgive them they experience the feeling of guilt which is the most painful feeling. Whereas hold hatred and thinking of revenge is a never-ending cycle, which locks us in the past and darkens our present opportunities.

Our forgiving others for their sin is our step towards humanity and allowing our self to live in our present with happiness and attract success.

Forgiveness is not easy it makes you stronger and prepares you for future success.


  1. Forgiveness has been hard in a couple of harmful, traumatic events in my life.

    A girlfriend caused enormous public humiliation for me

    The male ego when betrayed funds forgiveness hard


    1. But you can’t allow that sad experience to spoil the taste of today, if you forgive you will release yourself from that betrayal and from other point she can be more dangerous if stayed more in your life take her as a one experience in the life not a life. Dawn comes after dark night…blessings are on the way be ready to receive


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