Handle your emotions or let your emotions handle you e.g when you react right away.

Reacting immediately to your emotional triggers can be a mistake and you need to forgive your emotional triggers.

Handling of emotions depends upon the awareness of the feeling, be aware of all your feelings and try to name your feelings and reason for particular feelings and how do you know about that feeling which part of yours is the communicator of that feeling to your brain.

Awareness is must don’t hide how do you feel from yourself, find out the reason for that specific feeling, stop blaming others, yourself, or your ignorance. Accept all your emotions gracefully with a relaxed mind to handle beneficially, use it as a fuel, not as a fire.

I am not supporting that you bury all emotions inside your heart they might explode and become destructive and put you at risk of heart disease. But my point is to handle emotions mindfully.

Acceptance of emotions is very important to handle them and later you can interchange the context of that emotion in a positive supporting way. Distraction plays a good role while handling emotion, distract yourself with some other memory. Go for a walk or excuse yourself for some time from that particular place so you can release unwanted emotions.

Communication is also important to handle the emotional outburst. Once you master the skill of handling your emotions then you can better understand other’s emotions too and the reason behind their action and their thought process which is the foundation of leadership skills in you.

Birth of humanity also starts when one recognizes the emotions of others and to understand others emotion one need to practice the skill of understanding and managing their own emotions. Everything is a skill and skill needs practice…


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