Believe is the key to miracles, so always tune your self believe that something wonderful is about to happen.

Get yourself always ready for the next moment in your life which is holding wonders for you.

Yes, that’s true you are at the right place, right time, the right environment, right people that have been designed for you by super power/God/Universe.

Believe in one thing that you are the favorite child of God and God pampers you always. Sometimes in my coaching sessions, I noticed one similar thing which is when people say: I don’t have a Godfather or you need Godfather to rise professionally or you always need someone’s hand on you. I disagree with there limiting thoughts because they are not seeing the real picture which is very different from what they are visualizing. The real picture is we all have God within us, behind us, everywhere around us but we doubt his presence and our abilities.

Let me explain this differently: Have you observe parent while teaching some life-lesson to the child in a positive manner, where the child is not agreeing on parents statement then parent thinks let my child learn practically and hold themselves immediately with the belief that we can’t feel the temperature of a hot boiling cup of milk until we sip, so let my child feel in their way and then will explain the further concept.

So God/Universe/Higher power does the same when we doubt his presence and his creativity while making us full of unique potentials and the reason he sends us where we are at this moment to feel the situation/event/circumstances just to give us the experience of everything.

So let be wise and understand that we are his all-time favorite and born to make wonders on this planet. Our prime responsibility toward our creator is just to believe that he is always with us and holding our hands at all times, our every step is he advises.

Once you give your belief to God/Supreme power/Universe rest will be taken care of on its own.

What you believe that only happens not otherwise. When God/Universe/Supreme power is on your side you don’t need to be a worry for anyone. God/Universe/Supreme power cares for everything that happens to you and through you and your responsibility is to believe in his presence around you always and play all moves of your life fearlessly, never think of failing.

Failing is also the process to reach your success point. Believe today is the day when a miracle has to happen in your life…

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