Beliefs are the assumption we hold to be true.

Beliefs create our vision, our will to do things in a specific way.

Beliefs depend upon one’s perception and how they see things that are always going to be different than others.

Beliefs ignite one’s inner self to show them their unique abilities. Beliefs can make or change one’s life depending upon the placing of the belief. When one believes he has the potential to move mountain then no one can stop him or if one believes that he’s born to face challenges then he will receive only challenges.

A core belief which is everywhere these days is people are not trustworthy, the world is dangerous, people are fake, I can’t fix the world, happiness doesn’t exist, etc, If you see things are not the way you want them to then focus on your belief system and what communication is going on inside your head, you will get the path and why things are different.

We often see people go to fortune tellers to see what tomorrow holds or whether some particular event will happen in their future or not when things happen the way they plan with fortune-tellers they become the voice of that fortune teller and start spreading the power of his/her future predictions. Those voices of fortune tellers have already surrendered the possession of their belief system to the future predictor and forced others in different ways to follow their path and handover their possessions too and stop believing in the law of nature.

God/Universe/Higher power what name you call is one and we all are same for him and he gifted all of us the same potential but a delay is we doubt on his creation and handed over our possessions of a belief system to others.

The day you start believing in your potential and the power of your belief system you can create anything in the world, you can climb any mountain by simply believing in your potential.

When you are stuck somewhere in life despite all hard work and dedication just check your belief system and change the rules. See magic


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